Fishing Reports by Captain Mac Byrum

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Area Reporting: Lake Norman, NC

Bio: Mac Byrum started fishing on Norman in the early eighties from his camper at Wildlife Woods campground. In 1986, he and his wife (Frankie) acquired a little piece of haven on the lake where they retired to in 1999. Mac has been fishing for catfish and stripers ever since, with a little time spent working at his part time job at Denver Sportsman (formally Rob and Don's Sportsman). In the mid eighties Mac joined the Lake Norman Striper Swipers and has been a member ever since. Also, Mac is a charter member of the Carolina's Catfish Club and a past president. His love of fishing and his willingness to share his knowledge of fishing is well known among his peers and those he comes in contact with. If you want to catch fish and also learn the latest techniques, Mac is your guide and teacher.

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Jigging for white perch (8/03/2008)
[Lake Norman,NC] Today I had two young fellows, ages 13 & 14 who had never caught a fish until today.
Perch Jerking (6/27/2008)
[Lake Norman,NC] Late June thru August is the time to get these fiesty little fighters. There are no limits on white perch and catches of 60 to 200 can be attained in a four hour trip.
Drifting for blues and flatheads (5/26/2008)
[Lake Norman,NC] Some suggestion to assist you in covering more areas and catching more catfish with little or no effort.
Catfish biting good on Lake Norman (6/12/2007)
[Lake Norman,NC] A four hour outing on LKN should produce 10 to 30 blue cats. Freshly cut bream, shad or white perch will produce the bite. Early AM is consider to be the best time due to boat traffic.
Ark. Blues Biting (6/03/2007)
[Lake Norman,NC] Large blues appear to be on thier spawn or heading to their spawning areas. But, the 3 to 15 pound blues are actively feeding.
More Action Out Of Lightweight Fishing Gear (12/11/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] If you want to add to your fishing experience go lite as it relates to fishing line and equipment. Lake Norman is the place to be for action as it relates to four to ten pound stripers. To add to this enjoyment, I suggest you use lite action rods and fill your bait casting reels with ten pound test line, with the drag set at four pounds.
Lake Norman Striper and Catfish Fishing Report (10/29/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] The Fall bite is coming on strong on Lake Norman. From first light to 8 you can catch your limit, most of the time, of stripers in the 3.5 to 5 pound class. After 8 rig up for some nice blue cats.
Stripers Beginning To School (9/28/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] From 30 minutes before sunrise to 1 to 1.5 hours after the striper bite is average to good. Top water lures and road runners at 10' if producing.
Catfish (blues & flatheads) (9/17/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] Cooler nights are improving the catch of larger cats and recent rains have had a postive effect on the water quality/color.
Catfishing Reeds Creek (9/10/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] Got away from the black water (mentioned in my first report) and found some fish that would bite. Almost full moon the night before, but we did not let that stop our fishing.
Catfish Fishing Lake Norman (9/04/2006)
[Lake Norman,NC] Bite is less than average due to lake turning over. Catches of 10 to 20 per four hour trip.