Fishing Articles by Captain Mike Gerry

Effects of the virus on the Fishing Industry (7/04/2020)
[Bass Fishing] this is how I see the change of the fishing industry from all the problems the virus has caused!
Igniting the Summer Bite (6/29/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Many times you just have to find the right bait to ignite the summer bite!
The Art of Swim baiting (6/20/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The swim bait has become one of the most versatile baits ever, here are some tips to fish it!
The Power of Confidence (6/13/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to believe and confidence is the game changer!
A Constant Education (6/12/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The never ending process of learning on the water, all fisherman evolve be part of it.
The Significance of the Shad Spawn (5/31/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The beginning of the best part of the bass fishing season starts with the shad spawn!
Summertime Weather Affects the Bite (5/25/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Weather in the summer changes everything you thought you knew from the winter!
Scanning Key to the Summer (5/17/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes the best things are the things we don\'t understand!
Boat Houses and the Post Spawn (5/09/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some patterns to look for as the shad spawn becomes front and center!
How to fish a Spinner Bait (5/02/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on fishing a spinner bait during the post spawn time of the year!
Bass Love Edges (4/25/2020)
[Bass Fishing] One easy area to target are the edges of grass lines, humps and more!
Habits of Spawning Fish (4/12/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The habits of the spawning bass changes over time especially with all the pressure on crowded lakes!
Big Fish Time (4/04/2020)
[Bass Fishing] if you can take the constant weather change now is the time to catch a big fish!
The Advantage of Non Stretch Line (3/29/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes there is more to fishing than meets the eye and line stretch is one of those considerations.
Line size in the Winter (3/23/2020)
[Bass Fishing] There is no doubt in my mind that line size can be a difference maker!
An Outside look at the Classic on Guntersville (3/15/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on how the classic turned out on Guntersville
The visual Line of Fishing (3/07/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to open your eyes and observe what going on around you!
Randon Searching in the winter (3/01/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The advantage of searching and spending time viewing your electronics in the winter time.
Line Watching in the winter (2/22/2020)
[Bass Fishing] If you have learned to watch your line it is especially important in the cold of winter!
The affect of Pausing a Bait (2/08/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The Pause is one of the deadliest fish catching ways to put some good fish in the boat. Here are some tips!
Bottom Fishing in the winter (2/01/2020)
[Bass Fishing] some thoughts on fishing the bottom for bass as the cold water slows the bite over the winter months.
Dead Vegetation in the Winter (1/18/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Knowing and understanding the grass is key to winter fishing; here are some keys.
Early Spring Changes (1/12/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Spring changes things quickly your ability to adapt and understand is the key to successful fishing!
Confidence is Everything (1/06/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Being positive and finding a self esteem when fishing is tough, will get you over the though times on the water!
Transition between Fall and winter (11/30/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Where do the fish go between seasons here is some ideas on what to do!
Things to be Thankful for! (11/25/2019)
[Bass Fishing] As we approach Thanksgiving it never fails that the fishing industry has pushed fishing to new levels and we should appreciate it!
Keys to Fall Fishing (11/16/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some of the natural keys to fall fishing, you just need to look around!
Rod tip angle makes a difference (11/09/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on how to guide your rod tip through cover!
Some cold Water Baits (11/03/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some of the baits I turn too when the water temperature turns cold.
The Cold Winter (10/26/2019)
[Bass Fishing] What to do when it gets cold and nasty? Where to go and what to look for!
The Truth about Electronics (10/20/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to invest some study time into your electronics!
Why is fall fishing tough (10/12/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on what makes the fall bite so tough until the feeding starts!
Water Temperature in the Fall (9/28/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thing so think about as the temperature in the water changes!
A-Rig is Getting hot Again (9/21/2019)
[Bass Fishing] the a-rig is coming back to many tackle boxes!
Fishing Spot (9/07/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some ways to expand your fishing spot with just a little effort!
Flipping anyone (8/24/2019)
[Bass Fishing] A fall technique that proves itself every fall, and its time to get to it!
Rambling Around the Fishing Industry (8/17/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts as we move past 2019 I-Cast.
The Art of top Water fishing (8/10/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some things to make you a great top water fisherman, ideas, thougths sounds !
Baits for the Inexperienced Fisherman (8/03/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some baits that catch fish and will be easy to hook a bass for the inexperienced
The Truth Behind Reel speed (7/28/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some of the truths behind reel speed is it necessary and how does it benefit you!
Rigging for Deep cranking (7/25/2019)
[Crankbaits] Rigging can be everything when it comes to catching fish on a deep running crank bait.
Carolina Rig (7/25/2019)
[Bass Fishing] There are some very important keys to fishing a shallow Carolina rig!
Fall Changes (7/25/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some changes for fall fishing that you need to be aware of to catch fish.
Summer Chase for Big Bass (7/06/2019)
[Bass Fishing] The key to finding big bass in the heat is find the oxygen and here is some tips !
Schooling Bass (6/23/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes its just fun to target the schooling fish and here are a few tips!
Creating a Bite (6/15/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some times the bass just don\'t feed and when that happens you have to create a bite!
Fishing Grass Lines (6/08/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to find the obvious and fish them hard but understanding the good and bad is important!
Safety First (6/04/2019)
[Boating] Sometimes you just have to understand that boating is different than driving a car most people don\'t know the rules!
The Affect of Current (6/04/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Current is the trump card when things are tough, understanding how to use it to your advantage is key!
The Jig Bite (2/25/2019)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts o the early spring jig bite, this will help you!
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