Fishing Articles by Captain Mike Gerry

Spinner bait bite in the Fall (7/09/2022)
[Bass Fishing] Nothing catches more fish in the fall than a spinner bait!
Heat of the Summer (6/05/2022)
[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on where to fish when the water turns hot!
Deep Cranking Time (6/03/2022)
[Crankbaits] The lure of the deep crank bait is addicting, try it you\'ll see what i mean!
Submergent Vegetation (5/15/2022)
[Bass Fishing] When the grass grows we are in the start of a great 2 to 4 weeks of some great fishing!
May and June fishing (5/07/2022)
[Crankbaits] Sometimes its all about the time of year, May and June!
cold spells in the winter (3/14/2022)
[Bass Fishing] The cold spells can really mess up your pattern in the winter, you have to adjust!
Advantage of Fluorocarbon Line (3/06/2022)
[Bass Fishing] The pure fact that sometimes line makes a difference, come fish with me!
Patterns for Early Spring (2/21/2022)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on early spring patterns and locations on Guntersville!
Cold Water and jerk Baits (2/01/2022)
[Bass Fishing] Some keys to winter jerk bait fishing, its that time of year!
Jerk Bait Bite is Near (11/07/2021)
[Bass Fishing] With the cold water comes the jerk bait and its fun! Come join us
Key Fall Baits (10/10/2021)
[Bass Fishing] some key baits for the active fall feeding bass!
Some Fall Techniques (10/02/2021)
[Bass Fishing] The fall can be great but your competing against lots of natural bait!
Boat Houses Anyone (9/26/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Fall and fishing is all about shallow fishing an boa houses!
Fall Largemouth (9/22/2021)
[Bass Fishing] The fall is unique doing things a little different will pay off!
Advantage of Vertical Fishing (8/28/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some times in the fall you must pull out your vertical baits to get them to bite!
Try something Different (8/21/2021)
[Bass Fishing] As we get into fall fishing being creative and trying a different pattern might be the key!
Adjustments for fall fishing (8/14/2021)
[Bass Fishing] The fall can be a tough time of year adjustments are what it is all about!
Frog Mats in Detail (8/11/2021)
[Bass Fishing] The success is in the details, look close and be observant!
Search Baits in the Fall (7/24/2021)
[Bass Fishing] The fall is time to cover water and search baits are key!
wind and fishing (7/17/2021)
[Bass Fishing] sometimes you have to make the wind your friend!
Frog Mats (7/12/2021)
[Bass Fishing] With all kinds of grass to choose from what do you fish?
Jig Profile (7/03/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Size and look is more important then color, match the hatch!
Don't give up on Bladed baits (6/19/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on bladed baits in the heat of the summer, don\'t let the heat scare you!
Ledges (6/14/2021)
[Bass Fishing] the lure of ledge fishing is as strong as ever!
Summertime Changes (6/05/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on what to look for and accomplish in the heat of the summer!
Jigging spoons Anyone (5/30/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some times in the heat of the summer jigging spoons are a great option!
Boat Houses and Summer (5/23/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Its no secret that boat houses always hold fish and the summer is a great time to prove it!
Rot Tip (5/15/2021)
[Bass Fishing] When worm fishing the rod tip angle can be everything, read below!
Summer Time Thoughts (5/09/2021)
[Bass Fishing] What decisions do you have to make to have a successful summer time trip?
Retrieve can make a Difference (5/01/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Retrieve speed and cadence can make a big difference in your catching!
Always Get Better (4/24/2021)
[Bass Fishing] If your not getting better your getting worst and that applies to bass fishing!
Bedding Facts (4/17/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some facts about bedding fish, that hold up every year!
Its Time! (4/10/2021)
[Bass Fishing] It\'s time to get to your plastics and work the spawning beds!
Getting The Big Bite (4/03/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to use the biggest baits in your box to get the big bite!
Where to fish next (3/27/2021)
[Bass Fishing] What to do when you seem to run out of locations to find fish!
Fishing Targets (3/20/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Targets especially hard targets are ideal patterns for the winter!
Restocking Guntersville (3/17/2021)
[Bass Fishing] A much needed restocking program is about to begin on Guntersville!
Mud Lines (3/08/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Muddy water creates mud lines and these define where the fish are located!
Carolina Rig (2/27/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some spring tips for fishing a Carolina rig in the spring time!
Monster Bass Baits (2/13/2021)
[Bass Fishing] If big fish is your thing then there are ways to target the big bites!
Safety First (2/10/2021)
[Bass Fishing] With the spring breaks about to kick in and the crowds picking up here are a few safety tips!
High Pressured Lakes (1/30/2021)
[Bass Fishing] There no doubt about it todays fishermen face more crowds than ever before!
High Water lakes (1/24/2021)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on the high water time of year!
Different Rattle Trap Presentations (1/16/2021)
[Crankbaits] Some thoughts on how to work a rattle bait and get the most out of it!
Rattle Trap time of Year (12/17/2020)
[Crankbaits] Its time to get those rattle baits out and get on the water!
Are the Good Times Over? (12/06/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on the crowded lakes of that today\'s fisherman are challenged with!
What is Retrieve speed (11/28/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on how to purchase your Christmas gift when it comes to reels.
A Bait from the Past (11/14/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Every now and then it is time to dig out some of the good old successful baits from the past!
December on Guntersville (11/09/2020)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on how to handle the changes we see on Guntersville in December!
Its finally time for the frog bite (10/31/2020)
[Bass Fishing] The frog bite is on, Guntersville is doing its thing!
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