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The past couple weeks have given us flat calm seas and steamy temperatures just about everyday. Although the rain has been pretty common in the afternoons, it has certainly not affected the bite.  In fact, when it rains, the surface temperatures cool down and we get more bites closer to the surface.  So don’t be scared of what the weather man says – remember they get paid to be wrong! When it’s not raining, it has been hot.  After all, we are in June and now approaching July. Using planers and down riggers is a must when it is hot out as the fish are rarely on top.  Fishing wrecks for amberjacks, black grouper and sharks is always a high percentage fishing method this time of year.


Our sport fishing trips have mainly been catching mahi, kingfish, bonito, barracudas, sharks and some blackfin tuna.  The bite has been in about 100 to 250 feet.  We have been running further out to find the mahi and most days it is hit or miss.  There has been so much sea weed out her, that you really have to know what you are looking for to find the ones holding the fish.  The frigate birds have been the best bet to finding schooling mahi, however by analyzing the weed patches for bait and signs of life, we have been getting lucky.   But like I said, sometimes we run all over the ocean and struggle to find the fish.  If you want to target mahi, I certainly recommend a full day right now until the bite picks back up.  Some brisk SE winds should get the bite going again.  I’ll let everyone know when they are thick around here again soon.

Wreck Fishing

Trolling live bonita around wrecks has yielded big sharks, barracuda and a couple wahoo that got off.  We look forward to trolling bonitas more this week as it is that time of year where we get some real surprises on bonita.  Just about everything eats them and it is always excited to hear that drag scream.  Early this week, we had this cool barracuda find the bonita and didn’t pass it up.  This crew was awesome to fish with and I say it all the time, we have the best customers in the industry!

If you have never trolled big live baits, it is something to see.  We start by catching what we call “bullets” which are small bonita or speedos.   We use “tuna tubes” to keep them alive as they require constant water through their gills to stay alive.  We then motor out to deeper water and deploy them using a 3 hook stinger rig.  This is extremely effective fishing.  Here is a video we made on how we catch and rig them up.  This is part 2 of the series.  If you are a recreational fisherman, we highly recommend you give this a try, especially in the summer months.  You’ll have the opportunity at bigger fish that normally wouldn’t eat a small bait this time of year. They have a heard time resisting a live bonita swimming by.


Aboard the Lois Ann, the drift fishing has been red hot!  Our anglers of all ages and experience levels have been doing amazing. Remember you don’t need any experience to fish aboard our drift boat.  We provide everything including your rods, bait, tackle, license, and even have a cook on board now.  On fathers day weekend, we had very special groups out with us.  The fish cooperated on just about every trip and it was an amazing day day of family fun.  Here is a video we put together from our special junior angler Jayda.   She did great battling the rain and catching 3 kingfish.


Back at the marina, we have been extremely busy keeping the boats in tip-top shapes as well as all our gear. As the largest fishing fleet in the state, much of the reason your trip is so exciting is because of all the time we put in at the dock.  Keeping our engines running flawless, tackle in best conditions, upgrading electronics, etc.  It is all part of our job to give you the best chance at catching a trophy with your short time on board with us.

As we push deeper into the summer, the drift fishing aboard the Lois Ann is going to keep getting better and better. For only $45, it is a great time for everyone.  However if you are looking for bigger game fish, try our sport fishing boats and get a chance at mahi, tuna, wahoo, king mackerel and even a summer time sailfish.

That’s the report for now.  I am running the afternoon trip today. Follow me on social media including instagram and youtube for Reeltime reports.

Tight Lines
Captain David

Fish Species: Kingfish, Grouper, Mahi, Wahoo, Sailfish
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