I set the alarm for 6am, however the anticipation had me up at about 4:30am. I loaded my truck and hit the road, greeting with an orange sunrise over the ocean.

Some may say we don't have seasons here in Miami, but the fish beg to differ as they migrate into our area for some of the warmest waters in the country. For fisherman, this means sailfish, mahi, tuna, and kings!

Today, we started with temperatures in the upper 50s. It was brisk, yet refreshing. I absolutely love it.  A warm sweatshirt and coffee in my hand as I roll out of the inlet is heaven.

I met Mark and his wife at the Haulover boat ramp. I knew right away that they were ready to catch fish. I loaded the boat with all my gear including a portable baitwell  to help us carry more bait.

We purchased live bait from Fish Man Joe and were on our way.

I was a bit suprised to see the seas a bit stacked up, about 3 to 4 footers in the stream. The previous day, it was a lake out there from the light west winds, but today we had a North wind of about 10 to 15knots.  Great conditions for kite fishing.

We made our way Southeast looking for signs of fish and current.  There was no current to be found, but the birds put us on the mahi. We were also seeing massive schools of ballyhoo showers. It is quite a sight to witness as mother nature unleashes mackeral from below and frigates from above. I hope to capture it one day on camera.

While on the drift we picked up two nice mahi for the cooler.


Back at the ramp, we heard of some sailfish and kings caught by some of the fleet out a bit deeper.  Overall a great day with great people. Mark and his wife are taking their fresh catch to a local restaurant for dinner.

Tight Lines,

Captain Mike


Fish Species: Mahi, Kingfish, Sailfish
Bait Used: Live Pilchards
Tackle Used: Light to Medium Spinning
Method Used: Drift and Slow Trolling
Water Depth: 100-200
Water Temperature: 77
Wind Direction: North
Wind Speed: 10-15

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