The mullet run is one of mother nature's most majestic sights to see as fishermen.   Tarpon cart wheeling  baits, sharks from beneath and pelicans from above are just some of the phenomenon.  We dream about it all year and if you catch it on the right day, you just may get your personal best fish.

Every fall, the mullet migration begins usually when the water temperatures decline slightly around September.  The massive bait schools use safety in numbers to go down the beaches before they eventually turn east and spawn in deeper water.   The spawners are carried up into the gulf stream and it happens all over again next year.  But this year, the migration was kicked in the butt by the distubrance, Hurricane Dorian.

Everyone has their own way of fishing the mullet run. Some like to soak dead mullet heads on the bottom.  Others like to use lures.  But for me, I love to match the hatch and fish a live bait from the BEACH.  Ya thats right, get on them from the sand.  Hooking up to a monster fish from the sand is unlike catching them on the boat.  It is something everyone needs to experience.

Fish Species: Tarpon
Bait Used: Mullet
Tackle Used: Medium
Method Used: Live Baiting
Water Depth: Shallow
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: West
Wind Speed: 10

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