Lake LBJ: Water clear 56 degrees; 824.93':

Largemouth are good to 7 lbs. along stumps and laydowns on breaklines of flats in 5'-9' w/watermelon-red soft jerkbaits, wtrmelon.-red lizards, Texas rigged blue flake Whacky Sticks and creature baits w/chart. tails.

White bass are good trolling Shad Raps and vertically jigging Tiny Traps and Pirk Minnows under birds.

Crappie are good around boat docks and brushpiles in 12' using live minnows and white Curb's crappie jigs.

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Canyon Lake: Water clear; 58 degrees; 902.68':

Largemouth are fair and improving inside of secondary points and transition areas of bluffs in 8'-15' using smoke-red flake tubes on jigheads, 3" watermelon-candy Gambler BB Crickets and white, suspending Rogues.

Smallmouth are very good in 4' to 12' over mainlake points and bluff ledges using crawfish Rat-L-Traps,smoke JDC craws and pumpkin Robo worms on jigheads.

Stripers are good at under birds trolling Gizz 4 crankbaits, Down Deep Shad Raps and white 1/4 oz. Curb's striper jigs.

White Bass are good to very good vertically jigging 1/4 oz. Pirk Minnows, trolling Shad Raps and Diawa Shad Masters in 8'-12' of water.

Crappie are good suspended in 12' to 20' using live minnows and white Curb's crappie jigs.

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Fish Species: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Stripers
Bait Used: Lures Only
Tackle Used:
Method Used: Casting and Vertically Jigging
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 57
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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