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Browse Recent Canyon Lake Texas Fishing Reports

Canyon Lake, Texas Striped Bass Report by Steve Nixon (5/07/2018)
The fish catching has been on fire with stable weather and water temps climbing.
Improvement by Jim Files (8/25/2007)
All Highland & Central Texas Lakes are improving now that the rains have subsided.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report by Jim Files (4/27/2007)
Both LBJ and Canyon Lake is clear or clearing. Fish are over post-spawn blues and active.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report by Jim Files (4/18/2007)
Lakes have cleared. Post spawn patterns dominate.
Canyon Lake Water Level by Jim Files (4/13/2007)
With water level 5' above pool elevation baitfish are in flooded grass and stickups.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake (TX) Guide Report by Jim Files (3/01/2007)
Both of these lakes are just about to "break loose" on the best fishing of the year.
Warmer Weather Improved Success by Jim Files (2/22/2007)
Largemouth are good in 15'-30' on mainlake points on Carolina rigged lizards, JDC drop Shot worms on drop shot rigs and bubblegum Scoundrel worms.
Wintertime Patterns by Jim Files (2/15/2007)
Wintertime patterns remain the most consistent.
Watch Your Line In Cold Water For Strike - Canyon Lake by Jim Files (2/02/2007)
Cold water necessitates fishermen to slow down the presentations, be line watchers and work specific fish-holding locations.
Larmouth, Smallmouth, & Stripers In Canyon Lake by Jim Files (1/11/2007)
Typical wintertime patterns and techniques are most successful. Largemouth are fair in12'-18' along bluff ledges inside of mainlake and secondary points on 3/16 oz. Curb's jigs, purple Scoundrel worms on 'shaky' jigheads and white suspending crankbaits.
Typical Wintertime Patterns On Canyon Lake by Jim Files (1/08/2007)
Typical wintertime patterns. Rain is needed to create current/flow in creeks.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake (TX) Guide Report by Jim Files (12/15/2006)
Fishing on both lakes is best during "sloppy" weather; overcast, drizzle, etc. Largemouth are very good to 6 lbs. on seawalls and around stumps/laydowns in 4'-8' docks using Bleeding Shad Rat-L-Traps or Gizz 4 crankbaits, watermelon-red weightless plastic jerkbaits or Whacky Sticks, white/chart/blue Terminator "custom tungsten" spinnerbaits and pumpkin JDC Craw Worms.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report by Jim Files (12/08/2006)
Improvement in activity of all species BETWEEN cold fronts. Fish are hunkered down & holding tight to cover during fronts.
Bass Biting Best Under Cloud Cover by Jim Files (11/28/2006)
Bass are best under cloud cover and stripers are just beginning to show up schooling. Largemouth are good in 12'-20' along ledges and dropoffs of sloping points using drop shot pumpkin Devils Tongues, Texas rigged black-red flake Gambler paddle tail worms and 4" watermelon Scoundrel worms on 3/16th oz. "giggy" jigheads.
Mainlake Canyon & LBJ Guide Report by Jim Files (11/10/2006)
Water temps. dropping, activity increasing
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake Guide Report by Jim Files (10/25/2006)
Fishing improving noticeably, especially during sloppy weather conditions.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake Guide Report by Jim Files (10/20/2006)
Cooler, wetter weather combine to drop water temps. and activate the fish. In other words - fishing is improved.
Canyon Lake Fishing Is Picking Up After Rains by Jim Files (10/11/2006)
Fishing is picking up after rains and w/the onset of cooler nights. Largemouth are good at first light in 12'-20' along mainlake bluffs/points and some humps in the clearer creeks using green pumpkin 4" tubes on jigheads, Texas rigged 4" blue line finesse worms and JDC Skip N Pop topwaters right at daylight along breaklines.
Canyon Lake Full Moon Fishing Report by Jim Files (9/08/2006)
Full moon and no current made it tough this week, but you can still be successful, depending on your definitation of successful.
Canyon Lake Lower End and Creeks Fishing by Jim Files (8/30/2006)
The back of creeks produce early around pods of shad.
Canyon Lake & LBJ Guide Fishing Report by Jim Files (8/23/2006)
Canyon good until the sun is on the water. LBJ is best after dark.
Canyon Lake: Guide Report by Jim Files (8/06/2006)
Typical Summertime Patterns. Some schooling fish working shaded areas early and late.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report by Jim Files (7/28/2006)
Canyon Lake: Water gin clear; 80-84 degrees; 904.28':