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Company: JR's Guide Service

Area Reporting: Central Texas

Bio: Central Texas largest, professional fulltime guide service. Bass, stripers, whites & crappie (seasonally)

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Post Labor Day Fishermen Take Back the Lakes (8/31/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Post Labor Day fishing will improve dramatically on all area lakes. Black bass will continue to feed primarily at noght until dramatic cool fronts drop surface water temps.
Improvement (8/25/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] All Highland & Central Texas Lakes are improving now that the rains have subsided.
Improving Conditions & Fishing (7/29/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] With the slow down of rain our lakes are all settling down and fishing is improving
Central Texas Guide Report (7/15/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Water is clearing and fishing has picked up.
LBJ & Canyoin Lake O.K. (6/04/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Creek points and shoreline producing on soft plastics, spinnerbaits and topwaters.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake (TX) Guide Report (5/10/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] This is a fulltime, professional guides current ac curate reports.
Motion Baits Producing On Lake LBJ (5/04/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] The topwater bite is in full swing. Motion baits as well as soft plastics are producing.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report (4/27/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Both LBJ and Canyon Lake is clear or clearing. Fish are over post-spawn blues and active.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report (4/18/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Lakes have cleared. Post spawn patterns dominate.
Water Is Clearing (4/13/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Water is clearing - fishing/catching improving. Largemouth are fair to good in 3'-8' along docks,seawalls and water willows on breaklines of flats using 1/4 oz. crawfish (No. 46) Rat-L-Traps, Curb's erratic jigs (swimmin' jig) and 5" watermelon-red Whacky Sticks.
Canyon Lake Water Level (4/13/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] With water level 5' above pool elevation baitfish are in flooded grass and stickups.
Rain Affecting The Bass Fishing (3/27/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Recent rains are affecting locations & techniques.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake Guide Report (3/22/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Primetime Fishing on LBJ, Canyon Lake and Choke Canyon.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake (TX) Guide Report (3/01/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Both of these lakes are just about to "break loose" on the best fishing of the year.
Warmer Weather Improved Success (2/22/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Largemouth are good in 15'-30' on mainlake points on Carolina rigged lizards, JDC drop Shot worms on drop shot rigs and bubblegum Scoundrel worms.
Warmer Stable Weather Kickstarted Pre-Spawn (2/22/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Largemouth are good to 9.4 lbs. in 6' to 15' along creek points w/brush or wood and stumps on breaklines of flats using Texas red Terminator spinnerbaits, Texas rigged Ring Worms with chartreuse tails and dead-sticking watermelon-red plastic stickbaits.
Big Fish but Not A Lot Of Bites (2/15/2007)
[Lake LBJ,TX] Not a lot of bites, but the ones you do get are BIG fish (over 6 lbs and up to 11 lbs)
Wintertime Patterns (2/15/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Wintertime patterns remain the most consistent.
Watch Your Line In Cold Water For Strike - Canyon Lake (2/02/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Cold water necessitates fishermen to slow down the presentations, be line watchers and work specific fish-holding locations.
Larmouth, Smallmouth, & Stripers In Canyon Lake (1/11/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Typical wintertime patterns and techniques are most successful. Largemouth are fair in12'-18' along bluff ledges inside of mainlake and secondary points on 3/16 oz. Curb's jigs, purple Scoundrel worms on 'shaky' jigheads and white suspending crankbaits.
Typical Wintertime Patterns On Canyon Lake (1/08/2007)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Typical wintertime patterns. Rain is needed to create current/flow in creeks.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake (TX) Guide Report (12/15/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Fishing on both lakes is best during "sloppy" weather; overcast, drizzle, etc. Largemouth are very good to 6 lbs. on seawalls and around stumps/laydowns in 4'-8' docks using Bleeding Shad Rat-L-Traps or Gizz 4 crankbaits, watermelon-red weightless plastic jerkbaits or Whacky Sticks, white/chart/blue Terminator "custom tungsten" spinnerbaits and pumpkin JDC Craw Worms.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report (12/08/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Improvement in activity of all species BETWEEN cold fronts. Fish are hunkered down & holding tight to cover during fronts.
Bass Biting Best Under Cloud Cover (11/28/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Bass are best under cloud cover and stripers are just beginning to show up schooling. Largemouth are good in 12'-20' along ledges and dropoffs of sloping points using drop shot pumpkin Devils Tongues, Texas rigged black-red flake Gambler paddle tail worms and 4" watermelon Scoundrel worms on 3/16th oz. "giggy" jigheads.
Mainlake Canyon & LBJ Guide Report (11/10/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Water temps. dropping, activity increasing
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake Guide Report (10/25/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Fishing improving noticeably, especially during sloppy weather conditions.
Lake LBJ & Canyon Lake Guide Report (10/20/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Cooler, wetter weather combine to drop water temps. and activate the fish. In other words - fishing is improved.
Canyon Lake Fishing Is Picking Up After Rains (10/11/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Fishing is picking up after rains and w/the onset of cooler nights. Largemouth are good at first light in 12'-20' along mainlake bluffs/points and some humps in the clearer creeks using green pumpkin 4" tubes on jigheads, Texas rigged 4" blue line finesse worms and JDC Skip N Pop topwaters right at daylight along breaklines.
Canyon Lake Full Moon Fishing Report (9/08/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Full moon and no current made it tough this week, but you can still be successful, depending on your definitation of successful.
Canyon Lake Lower End and Creeks Fishing (8/30/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] The back of creeks produce early around pods of shad.
Canyon Lake & LBJ Guide Fishing Report (8/23/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Canyon good until the sun is on the water. LBJ is best after dark.
Canyon Lake: Guide Report (8/06/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Typical Summertime Patterns. Some schooling fish working shaded areas early and late.
Canyon & LBJ Guide Report (7/28/2006)
[Canyon Lake,TX] Canyon Lake: Water gin clear; 80-84 degrees; 904.28':