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I am off this morning, however we have 3 boat out this morning with our Lady Pamela certified captains. I'll be back out there on the afternoon trips at 1:00, but just wanted to get you up to date on some really good fishing over the weekend.

This is my favorite time of the year as the temperatures are great and we have the widest variety of fish right now including mahi, sharks, sailfish, blackfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, tarpon, snook and much more!

The sharks have been the highlight as they are relentless chasing our catches down as well as when we target them. Just check out this monster bull shark. Now is the time to book your Shark fishing trips.

On a recent sailfish trip, we got up our kites with live baits and the conditions looked awesome. We were watching the long bait and it looked extremely nervous but not your typical sailfish type nervous. A sailfish will usually come from below or with the bill in the air and take the bait. This was much different. This was a shadow below like it was being stalked and then all of a sudden, BAM! A mako shark crushes the long bait. And as soon we pushed up the drag, she was on and jumping furiously.

Normally, we wouldn't stand a chance at a mako shark on a sailfish rig that consist of 30lb main line and 60 pound mono leader. Without any wire, it is very easy for the shark to cut the line with their razor sharp teeth.

But, this was our lucky day. With the circle hook doing exactly what it was designed to do, it made its way to the corner of the jaw and out of the way of those sharp teeth. With steady pressure by our angler, we didn't give the shark the ability to change the direction of the line after the jumps. Shortly later, our angler landed this beautiful Mako.

On the Lois Ann, we had some great catches by the junior anglers:

Fish Species: Sailfish, Mako Shark, Snapper, Grouper
Bait Used: Live Bait, Dead Bait, Strips, Chum
Tackle Used: Penn, Shimano, Diawa
Method Used: Trolling, Kite Fishing
Water Depth: 100-800ft
Water Temperature: 70s
Wind Direction: East
Wind Speed: 10-15 knots
Mako on kite bait
Mako on kite bait

Big bull shark
Big bull shark

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David Ide

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