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Cow tuna, Sailfish and Marlin with PV Sportfishingby Daniel Cruz (10/02/2011)
Cow Tuna,Sailfish,mahi mahi, and Blue and Black Marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with PV Sportfishing.
Puerto Vallarta fishing reportby Pete Vines (8/26/2011)
summer fishing is here and the weather is hot but the fishing is even hotter.
Hot Marlin, Sailfish, and Tuna bite with video - Ana Maria Sportfishingby Daniel Cruz (8/19/2011)
Hot Marlin, Sailfish, and Yellowfin tuna bite in Puerto Vallarta with Ana Maria Sportfishing.
Ana Maria Sportfishing win Marlin Tournament July 16by Daniel Cruz (7/23/2011)
Captain Steve Torres and team Ana Maria win 1st place Marlin tournament in La July 16th 2011
Hot Marlin and Tuna bite Puerto Vallartaby Daniel Cruz (7/13/2011)
Hot Marlin and Tuna Bit in Puerto Vallarta Mexico big Blue and Black Marlin offshore and Yellowfin tuna over 100 lbs
Team Ana Maria set new Marlin Record San Blas Tournamentby Daniel Cruz (6/09/2011)
Team Ana Maria set new Marlin in record in San blas Tournament June 05/2011
March fishng report Puerto Vallartaby Pete Vines (3/27/2011)
fishing is heating up here in Puerto Vallarta and nuevo Vallarta
Marlin and Dorado Tournament report with videoby Daniel Cruz (1/29/2011)
Captain Steve Torres and Team Ana Maria win 1st Place in The Marlin and Dorado Tournament in Barra de Navidad January-2011.
January 19 2011 Fishing Puerto Vallartaby Pete Vines (1/19/2011)
weare still catching a lot of fish in several diffents places
Fishing in Vallarta Improves, Rooster Fish, Jacks and moreby Stan Gabruk (1/11/2011)
With red tide, dirty water, cold water conditions and super abundant bait there were few reasons to head out fishing. Now thankfully things have improved to the point where it makes sense to head out to the fishing grounds, finally!
Happy New Year 2011by Pete Vines (1/01/2011)
fishing is starting off good for 2011 with ssailfish snapper and marlin
Hot Puerto Vallarta fishing december 12, 2010by Pete Vines (12/12/2010)
Super hot fishing in Puerto Vallarta now
November Hot Puerto Vallarta fishingby Pete Vines (11/23/2010)
sailfish,wahoo are heating up here in Puerto Vallarta mexico
Puerto Vallarta fishing Tournaments November 2010by Pete Vines (11/05/2010)
fishing has been hot inside and outside the bay here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Crazy fishing in Puerto Vallarta October 15,2010by Pete Vines (10/15/2010)
super hot fishing right now in Puerto Vallarta and tournament in Nov 10 -13
Puerto Vallarta fishing in Octoberby Pete Vines (10/01/2010)
fishing is hot here in Puerto Vallarta for this October
Hot Tuna Bite Puerto Vallarta with video!by Daniel Cruz (9/28/2010)
Hot Tuna bite in PV 3 big game fihsing reports aboard the Ana Maria.
Black Marlin and Cubera Snapper Set up House at Corbeteñaby Stan Gabruk (9/07/2010)
When it comes to Deep Sea Fishing once we enter August we enter High Season for fishing. There are huge Black Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna to be had at Corbeteña or El Banco. The fishing grounds remind me of years ago when you could have the Rock (Corbeteña) to yourself and not worry about other boats snaking into your action!
Puerto Vallarta fishing august 31,2010by Pete Vines (8/31/2010)
hot fishing here In Puerto Vallarta for the month of august and will better for september
2nd Place Marlin video team Ana Mariaby Daniel Cruz (8/23/2010)
4th annual Marlin and tuna tournament, Captain Steve Torres and the crew of the Ana Maria take 2nd place Marlin.
Puerto Vallarta fishing august 22,2010by Pete Vines (8/22/2010)
fishing was hot most days catching all kinds of fish inside and outside our bay
La cruz fishing tournament august 13-14, 2010 last dayby Pete Vines (8/15/2010)
lot of marlin and some tuna caught here in Puerto Vallarta august 15,2010
La cruz fishing tournament august 13-14, 2010by Pete Vines (8/14/2010)
some nice marlin and tuna caught in tournament for booking see more at
Marlin fishing reportby Daniel Cruz (8/08/2010)
the Ana Maria released a Blue 2 stripers, and a sailfish while trolling to El banco to fish for tuna's the tuna bite
Corbeteña Turns into Fish City, El Banco Cools off, Marlin Save the Day!by Stan Gabruk (7/18/2010)
Corbeteña explodes this week with Black Marlin, Sailfish and Striped Marlin. El Banco cools off, Yellowfin Footballs unless you´re game for an eigh ty mile destinat ion fishing grounds of the Tres Maria Islands... Plenty of bait, but the water could be dirty...
Sailfish and Yellowfin tuna boiling in Puerto Vallartaby Daniel Cruz (7/01/2010)
Yellowfin tuna and Sailfish boiling in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, inside and outside of banderas Bay.
1st place Marlin May 30th2010 Mexicoby Daniel Cruz (6/06/2010)
Puerto Vallarta Captain Steve Torres takes 1st place Marlin in Topolobampo Mexico May/30/2010
PV Sportfishing March Videoby Daniel Cruz (4/08/2010)
Puerto Vallarta sportfishing video review March 2010
PV Sportfishing reviewby Daniel Cruz (3/31/2010)
Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing report Yellowfin tuna boiling outside El Banco.
638 lb Marlin Caught with 30 Tiburon Reelby Daniel Cruz (3/22/2010)
638 lb Black Marlin caught a on a 30 Tiburon Reel March/21/10
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