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Puerto Vallarta fishing reports March 2010by Daniel Cruz (3/13/2010)
Puerto Vallarta Yellowfin tuna fishing with Captain Steve Torres 11 Yeelwofin tuna's fihsing past El Banco
Puerto Vallarta fishing reportby Daniel Cruz (2/07/2010)
We are at the time of the year when the bigger tuna's and black Marlin have moved for warmer water this is the season for Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Roosterfish, Grouper, smaller yellowfin tuna's and lots of mahi mahi. / Dorado.
Puerto Vallarta fishing reportby Daniel Cruz (1/03/2010)
Puerto Vallarta fishing Report with PV Sportfishing. Aboard the Sirena with Captain Steve Torres.
Tuna bite and mahi mahi biteby Daniel Cruz (11/09/2009)
The tuna and mahi mahi bite is here in PV!
Crazy Currents, Changing Conditions is Challenging Puerto Vallarta Anglersby Stan Gabruk (11/03/2009)
Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is on the upswing. Conditions have changed a little this week, but that's to be expected as currents dictate the ¨flow¨ of things when it comes to fish.
Puerto Vallarta fishing reportby Daniel Cruz (11/01/2009)
Mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, sailfish and big black marlin it is high season and everything is out there you can do a short day inside the bay and still catch a dozen dorado!
Tuan and Marlin biteby Daniel Cruz (10/08/2009)
Puerto Vallarta fishing for Marlin and yellowfin tuna on a trip on the Sirena with Captain Steve Torres Crew Freddy Rodriquoz, and freind Mark Martin.
Don't Give Up on Yellowfin Tuna, the Season is Not Over Yet!by Stan Gabruk (9/21/2009)
Normally Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta is a no brainer, especially at this time of the year. Normally we see Yellowfin Tuna in the 200 to 300 lb range at this time of the year, but this year is one of those special years called El Nino. Most people hear the name El Nino all the time, but in reality have no clue what it really means.
Water Temperatures Spike as Gamefish Go Deep!by Stan Gabruk (8/29/2009)
We Still Guarantee Your Catch or 30% of your money back.
High Season Sportfishing in Puerto Vallartaby Stan Gabruk (8/21/2009)
Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Sailfish are now dominating the fishing grounds!
Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle of Puerto Vallartaby Stan Gabruk (8/13/2009)
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Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna on Trackby Stan Gabruk (7/28/2009)
The Americans are still not down in force, but High Season for Fishing is here amigos. Soon that Angler who´s been sitting in his living room watching ESPN
Puerto Vallarta fishing July/22/09by Daniel Cruz (7/23/2009)
Puerto Vallarta fishing for Yellow fin tuna, dorado, sailfish and marlin.
Big Fish, Deserted Fishing Grounds, Cheap Charters, Where are You?by Stan Gabruk (7/03/2009)
Big Fish, Deserted Fishing Ground, Blue Water, Cheap charters, it couldn´t be better condidtions! With tourism down, you too can have the fishing grounds all to yourself, Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing at it´s best!
Puerto Vallarta fishingby Daniel Cruz (6/30/2009)
Puerto Vallarta fishing fro blue Marlin and mahi mahi! the bank, corbetena and the both points are boiling right now this is the begining of a beautiful Puerto Vallarta fishing season.
Seasonal Rains Have Begun, Fishing Improves Gradually!by Stan Gabruk (6/24/2009)
Fishing is improving as we begin Summer with warmer waters and tropical storms. Plenty of bait and fish makes Puerto Vallarta the place to be right now. Cheap boats, cheap hotels, Where are you??
Puerto Vallarta Sailfish Frenzyby Daniel Cruz (5/19/2009)
Puerto Vallarta sailfishing on the Sirena
Puerto Vallarta fishing report March/20/2009by Daniel Cruz (3/23/2009)
Puerto Vallarta fishing report with Captain Steve Torres aboard the sirena 2006 luhrs yacht
Wild, Weird and Surprising Action for Puerto Vallarta Anglers with Motivation!by Stan Gabruk (2/27/2009)
You want it, it's out there right now. But remember Moby Dick has gone south for the winter, but his cousin is definately in the area!
Puerto Vallarta fishing tuna biteby Daniel Cruz (2/25/2009)
Puerto Vallarta fishing tuna bite the tuna's are boiling!
Changing Seasons Bring Tourist and Fish Alike!by Stan Gabruk (1/16/2009)
Puerto Vallarta is definately moving into the Winter Season, but there are still very nice sized Yellowfin Tuna still lingering at El Banco where the bait is thick and the water is warm enough. Dorado and the occasional Black Marlin to 650 lbs, that's right, I said Black Marlin!
Puerto Vallarta fishing reportby Daniel Cruz (1/14/2009)
Puerto vallarta Fishing report on the 2006 luhrs sportfish with Captain Steve Torres Grand slam day
It's A Mixed Bag at Our Famous Fishing Grounds Right Now!by Stan Gabruk (12/12/2008)
Water Temperatures are all over the place, making it a great time to boat several different species of fish here in PV!
Puerto Vallarta fishingby Daniel Cruz (12/09/2008)
Puerto Vallarta fishing report went out friday 12/4/08 1 tagged sailfish, 6 dorado
The Roosters (fish) are Back, There's Something to Crow About!by Stan Gabruk (12/01/2008)
Rhe Rooster Fish are back in the Bay and areas north. They took a summer vacation, but the action is hot and the weather is great... So where are you??
Puerto vallarta fishingby Daniel Cruz (11/20/2008)
Puerto valalrta fishing with Fish In PV Sportfishing, huge marlins, dorado's, and sailfish are all hot right now here In Puerto vallarta
It's a moving target out there right nowby Stan Gabruk (11/06/2008)
With so many Mahi Mahi in the Punta Mita Area, Marlin are being drawn in closer. This makes your day cheaper and shorter! So why head out to deep water locations for the same fish?
No Slowdown for Demand for Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing Chartersby Stan Gabruk (10/27/2008)
If you're not interested in boating a Monster Yellowfin Tuna or Marlin, then Mahi Mahi is just what the doctor ordered! They're big, plentiful and waiting for you righ tnow amigos! So what's holding you back? Get your butt to Puerto Vallarta!
WK Oct. 12 Fish Are Where You Find Them !by Stan Gabruk (10/15/2008)
Fishing has come alive after the Hurricane passed us last week. Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna are waiting for you to arrive!!
It's Mahi Mania at El Banco!by Stan Gabruk (10/05/2008)
Mahi Mahi have invaded the fishing grounds up to 65 inches, YellowFin Tuna over 300 lbs, Marlin in the 700 lb range. What else do you need to know, get down here now!
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