Freshwater Conch - been in FL for 22 years now and have gone through 4 boats. When my first mate passed, I downsized from my Cape Horn 31T to my Present 284 Mako (price was just too unbelievable NOT to buy). Serves me well.  I normally am alone on the water.  Most guys my age are either crippled or crazy.  I fit in to the latter category.  Love trolling but when things get calm, I use the electrics in 900 feet of water or the jigs at the wrecks on the way out.  I live easy, fish hard and sleep like a bear.  Easy going  environment onboard, guests are always welcome to come along.  Bring your own chow, pitch inon the gas used and you're good to go. 

Fish Species: Does it swim?
Bait Used: Mostly pilchards - However if it bites a Sabiki, that the bait
Tackle Used: Love my Accurates, shimanos and Van Steals
Method Used: Primarily Trolling, However do Jig when calm enough
Water Depth: 50 to 900
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed:

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