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The large propane heater and shore lunch -piping hot chicken/rice soup, buttonball turkey breast w/tomatoe, hot mulled cider and of course "The Brownie"(plenty on hand for our clients to take home), along with the bald eagle, warmed our friends from Manitoba for their first Atlantic Salmon trip. Three fish turned and gave us the fin but no takers for our offerings. Ah, the fish of a thousand casts...

Mark and Bruce learned quickly how to cast merging with the flow of the river and applied some new techniques for keeping the ice off the guides as long as possible. We were plagued by icing-up and embrittled lines but these hardy clients braved whatever came our way and cast into the flow right into dark. It was a quiet walk back to our vehicles but everyone kept vigil along the river as it rose almost a feet evry 15 minutes; we were ready for just one more cast!

On the river again this week, will post success info and smoking recipes as promised last week.

Yours on the river,

Master Captain James

Fish Species: Atlantic Salmon
Bait Used: 1/2 ounce Pheobes-Silver/Gold/Blue and Silver
Tackle Used: Noodle/Salmon rods
Method Used: Merging with the drift
Water Depth: 7-22 feet
Water Temperature: 39 degrees
Wind Direction: downriver
Wind Speed: 12-18 mph (with Onsite Gauge)
Our friends from Manitoba
Our friends from Manitoba

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James Wiesenberg

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