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Browse Recent Shetucket River Connecticut Fishing Reports

Schetucket River Wade/Raft Trip(s) by James Wiesenberg (11/20/2008)
Gourmet coffees/Hot Mulled Cider and Four Star Lunch-the perfect interlude to November Atlantic Salmon Fishing! Note: December 1st on offers limit of one(1) Fish per day.
Woodstock Dam Atantic Salmon Fishing Report by James Wiesenberg (2/06/2007)
I put clients on hold to test commercial and homemade anti-icing remedies. Frozen guides/reel rollers/slides and lines made for a frustrating fishing experience the previous week. Will return to the river at the end of February with clients and remedies; salmon smoking info in full report.
Shetucket River Fishing With Master Captain James by James Wiesenberg (1/30/2007)
Ice in rod guides and stiff lines plagued us on monday. Had three good size fish surface and fin us with light bumps but no hook-ups. Thanks to our Manitoba clients for toughening-it-out with no complaints- a Bald Eagle and Shore lunch with the Mountain Meadow Triple Choclate Brownies eased their disappointment...
Shetucket River Salmon Fishing Report by James Wiesenberg (1/25/2007)
Bright flies and hammered spoons drifted exactly the speed of the rivers' drift producing fish up to 14 lbs. Plenty of water , on average, to present deeply fished offerings is the trick this week to hooking up with a large fish. Surface and shallow water fishing has been slow with smaller fish caught when successful.