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I am testing anti-icing remedies way up north along with ice fishing applications as well.

Here is the recipe for Schetucket Smoked Atlantic Salmon as promised:

- Prepre fish by removing entrails and all slime,

place orange/lime/lemon slices with 2 sprigs of dill in cavity, wrap with maple cured thick sliced bacen and return to regrigerator for 45 minutes.

- While prepared fish is in refrigerator, fill the smoker pan with water, red wine vinegar(1/2 cup),maple syrup(3/4 cup), any red wine (1 cup), and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Mix well and set aside.

- Prepare smoker by soaking wood chips/dust approx. 45 minutes in clean bucket. Mesquite/Hickory/Cherry/apple/corn cob/maplewood, alder may be used alon or mixed together as one pleases. The mesquite will give a robust flavor

to any mix of woods with hickory and/or alder a favorite of North Country Woodsman. Experiment and enjoy!

- start fuel source, electric,charcoal,propane, so smoker is alomost hot, add chips enogh for three hours plus, place pam-sprayed racks in smoker and heat for 10 minutes. Smoker should be smoking and hot.

- add prepared fish cut in 1/2\'s one to each rack.

2 1/2 hours average smoking time for 8-10 lbs. of fish on two racks. Add more time for more fish and/or weight of one fish-approx. 3 hours for 11-16 lb. fish cut in two, one piece per rack.

***Use an electric smoker for controlled heat source and you can use a household light timer to shut-off the smoker automatically. Never leave a smoker unattended in any event!

- When done to prefered firmness, remove each rack with fish and plate. Horse radish, seasoned mustards and even cocktail suace for seafood make excellent garnishes. Enjoy!

Yours on the River,

Master Captain James

Fish Species: Atlantic Salmon
Bait Used: Dark yarn flies/Metal Spoons
Tackle Used: Flyrod/Noodle rods
Method Used: merging with natural drift
Water Depth: 20 ft to 3 ft
Water Temperature: 36 degrees (on Average)
Wind Direction: Downriver
Wind Speed: 13-26 mph
Winter Riverside
Winter Riverside

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James Wiesenberg

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