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Good water, brisk air and fast sinking lines have made for excellent action. Shore breakfasts have included french toast/homemade maple syrup/lots of butter, freshly baked apple pastries, hot mulled/spiced cider with this months specialty coffe: eggnog. Lunches and dinners have included venison roast/suasage, wild rice/pumpkin soup, our famous Mountain Meadow Triple Choclate Brownie with rumflavered cider and coffees... what a way to welcome a sunrise or sunset while celebrating the river!

The key to successful hook-ups has been fishing deep at exactly the same speed as the rivers flow at that particular run. Black nosed dace imitation flies as well as large stones and bright colored/large Salmon flies are ok but the "Schetucket Special" series developed for this river has outfished other patterns this week. It is not always the case but the addition of this series has added another round to the ammo when all else fails. The series is available for purchase by calling Captain James 203 415-4647 after 9 P.M. EST. The series comes with a wood presentaion box with a wood Salmon silouett on the cover. This info is included after many have made the request for purchase of same. Red or green felt lining is available per your request.

When noodle rodding use a 10 lb. test mono with frequent changes of the ball-bearing swivel- maybe after 20 casts is a good marker. Remeber a fish over 12 lbs. is going to run through the rough stuff and you need to be aware of abrasive damage to your line. After every fish brought to net do re-tie your swivel with a 90%-strength knot.

Remeber- this is a righteous fish that has been in the river surviving and after a 1,000 casts we don't wish to lose the photo or tablefare to careles fishing practices...

Next week: Smoking your Atlantic Salmon and Recipes for Succes and Tablefare!

Yours on the river,

Master Captain James

Mountain Meadow Outfittrers and Charters

204 415-4647 after 9 P.M. EST

Fish Species: Atlantic Salmon
Bait Used: Captain James
Tackle Used: Flyrod/reel/sinking line/9ft. leader, 2 ft.-6 Lb. tippet as well as noodle rod /
Method Used: flyfishing and noodle-rodding
Water Depth: 5-20 feet
Water Temperature: 38 degrees, on average
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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James Wiesenberg

About The Author: Captain James Wiesenberg

Company: Mountain Meadow Outfitters and Charters

Area Reporting: CT,MA,RI,VT,NY,NH

Bio: Join Master Captain James for Saltwater Light tackle and fly fishing from Trophy Weakfish to Tuna/Shark as well as CT Atlantic Salmon on the Schetucket River; Shore/Raft Fishing. Follow the seasonal round along the Northeast Coast for Trophy Stripers merging into freshwater adventures. Waterfowl for Sea and Puddle Ducks as well as Woodcock/Grouse and Black Bear/Deer Hunting. Digital photos/video and gourmet fare with every trip. Enjoy our Mouintain Meadow Triple Choclate Brownie and Choclate chip cookies as you and yours celebrate a sunrise or sunset sipping hot mulled cider or own own specialty coffees. Your success is our success!

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