The live bait spawn happens every spring where we get loads of pilchards up on the flats and off the beaches.  This allows us to load our cast nets full of bait and head offshore.  If you have ample baitwell space, you can load your boat and have the ability to live chum, increasing your odds of bringing up fish.

On some days, threadfin herring have been preferred as they are bigger and entice predators in a way a pilchard does not.  Putting them on the kite, bottom or flat line is extremely effective.

Working the depths of about 80 to 250 have been the story.  Each day is different as some days we get the bites in about 90 feet and others consistently in 150.  That is why we drift and spread out the kite baits covering multiple depths.

Just about all our trips except one, we had a blackfin tuna.  

The sailfish have also been in the mix and some days they are so abundant that we are shaking them off in order to get more shots at blackfin tuna.

There have also been some really big kingfish around.  They have been smoking the flat lines pilchards and sky rocketing the kite baits.

This really is the best time of the year.  You can purchase live bait or follow our youtube channel to learn how to catch it on your own.

Get out there and create some memories.

Tight Lines,

Captain Mike

Fish Species: Tuna, Sailfish
Bait Used: Live Pilchards, Threadfins, Pinfish
Tackle Used: Light to Medium Spinning and Conventional
Method Used: Kite fishing, Drift Fishing
Water Depth: 90-250
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: E-SE
Wind Speed: 5-15mph

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