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As the cold fronts roll in, there is only one fish on our mind, The Silver King.  Well, that and sailfish, kingfish, mahi, tuna, wahoo and cobia. Ha.  That is the beauty of fishing in Miami. And as a live bait fisherman, the possibilities are endless.

I always say, Miami has some of the most underrated fishing in the world. Each day we have a high percentage chance of catching multiple trophy species right off our beaches to a few miles out offshore.

 And for Captain Tim and I, we live for this time of year.

The seasons are changing and the days are shorter.

The shrimp have made some early runs, so we have switched over to using them for bait, however not neglecting mullet - a tarpon favorite.

We have heard reports that the offshore fishing is on fire. With big kingfish, sailfish and mahi right on the reef. The local charter boats have been mugging them.

But we could only think about one fish, Tarpon.  Are they here yet?  We had to find out.

I had a ton of office work to get through, so we got a bit of a late start.  No problem.  I brought my 12 foot cast net so I could make quick work of the mullet and did just that. One and Done!  Enough mullet to fish the entire night in one throw.

As we made our way to the inlets and bridges ,we were starting to see flashes of silver and marking fish on the sonar. We knew the fish were here and we were completely amped to get tight.

We set out a spread of 3 baits and waited patiently on the trolling motor. It wasn't long before a massive fish took the short bait with authority.

I can't say I made quick work of her. I spent the better part of the hour on a back and forth battle.  And finally she came up for a healthy release. Just a gorgeous fish.

We estimated her at about 165 pounds.  She was big, strong and healthy.   She swam away perfectly. Such an honor to battle such an epic fish and even better to see them swim off. Quick round of high fives and back at it.

We set the lines out again and got tight within minutes.  This fish was more on the 150lb side and Captain Tim made quick work of her on his TLD 15.

When targetting the silver king, it only takes one fish to make a good day and two is that much better.

Tight Lines,

Captain Mike

Fish Species: Tarpon, Snook
Bait Used: Live Mullet, Live Shrimp
Tackle Used: Medium
Method Used: Slow Trolling
Water Depth: 10 to 40
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: East
Wind Speed: 10 knots

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Michael Grimm

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Bio: Avid fisherman with focus on teaching conservation. I love introducing children to fishing and outdoors. I'm available for charters on limited availability in the Miami area.

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