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What a spring it has been. I really don't want it to end, but when it does we will be switching gears to beach snook fishing which is some of my favorite.

The live bait has been nothing short of epic.  Each day has been better and better to find pilchards or threadfin herring along with pinfish and ballyhoo.  Really whatever bait you want it abundant right now.  I recommend you go early in the morning and find the birds.

Offshore the action has been in about 100 to 180 feet depending on the wind and current.  We have been fishing the kite as well as flat lines and it really hasn't mattered.  You can fish all flat lines and get into the fish solid.  

The best shot at blackfin tuna has been that last hour of daylight although the charter fleet has been getting them all day long.  I expect the bite to last a few more weeks and then we will swtich gears to targetting kingfish in the early am and then run offshore looking for mahi.  If it is anything like last year, I expect a ton of big weedlines to tell us where the mahi are holding.

In our most recent trip, we were targetting blackfin tuna, but kept getting distracted from sharks and kingfish.

While fighting these big sharks we missed some great opporunities on big tuna close to the boat, but it was fun to just see the fish going airborn on our freebies.

We took home a kingfish for some Ceviche and had a great time.

Get out there, and either buy live bait or catch it yourself and create some memories.

Tight Lines,
Captain Mike

Fish Species: Blackfin Tuna, Kingfish, Sailfish, Shark
Bait Used: Live Threadfin Herring
Tackle Used: 20lb Biscayne Rod & Shimano Saragosa 20000
Method Used: Drifting with 2 flat lines and 1 deep line
Water Depth: 100 to 200
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: South
Wind Speed: 5 knots
Big Shark!
Big Shark!

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Mike Grimm

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