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The shark fishing is worth a full report in it's own.  We are getting several shots each trip.  With the abundance of bonita and kingfish around, the sharks are hungry and waiting for one to slip up.  Instead of waiting, we make it easy for them.

Using 2 baits at different depths of 100 and 200ft, and then 2 on the kite baits on the surface, we cover the entire water column.

Using 10/0 circle hooks and triple hook rigs is your best bet.  We are using eithe whole or half kingfish with the best success.  

Barracudda's make great shark baits as well when you can't get the bonita or kingfish easily.

Once getting out the spread, we are getting bites as quick as the sharks pick up the scent.  It is important to find current as well as try different baits at different depths.  Some days they want to eat a kingfish and other days they want a live bait such as a blue runner.

Once getting the fish on, our anglers have done a great job and we quickly tag and release the fish healthy to fight another day and provide scientist with information on helping to protect the species.

Now is a great time to book a shark fishing charter.  Come on out.

Tight Lines,
Captain David

Fish Species: Sharks, Bonita, and Kingfish
Bait Used: Bonita Strips and Kingfish Chunks
Tackle Used: Medium to Heavy
Method Used: Drifting, Kite Fishing, Trolling
Water Depth: 100-300
Water Temperature: HOT!
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: Light

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David Ide

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