The summer in South Florida is known for mahi. We also call them Dolphin or Dorado, but to me they will always be called "dolphin".  Especially in the heat of the moment, you'll hear me yell "Dolphin, Dolphin, Dolphin!".   Well unless I got someone on the boat that might thinking I'm referring to a porpoise.

There are a few ways to target them, but when it is calm out, the easiest is to "Run and Gun".  This means running your boat and finding signs of the fish.  Weedlines, weed patches, birds, floating debri, rips, etc.  Anything that holds bait, will hold the fish.

On a recent trip, we left the office mid afternoon and headed out to see if we could find them.  We hopped around patches and it didn't take long before some schoolies popped their heads out from under a big patch of weed to take our free baits.  We had plenty of baits and the school stayed with us for as long as we wanted.

It was just a matter of finding bigger fish, but we had a blast catching and releasing many fish and also practicing conservation.  Check out our recent video where we show you how we release these fish without touching them.  It makes a big difference in such a beautiful fish.

Tight Lines,
Captain Mike

Fish Species: Mahi
Bait Used: Live Threadfin Herring and pilchards
Tackle Used: Light To Medium
Method Used: Live Baiting
Water Depth: 600 to 1000
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 5 to 15mph

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