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Find the bait, you'll find the fish. It's that easy, well most of the time.  We have been fishing the beaches and back waters for the past month in search of big tarpon and explosive mullet run action.  On most days we found the bite, but there was so much bait, it was hard to get a bite.

Our recent trip had us looking for bait and targetting snook in the mangroves.  It was incredible to be at one with nature, tucked in the mangroves with a nice breeze and no mosquitos to chase us out.

We loaded up on pilchards and worked the shoreline yielding snook, jacks and barracuda.  

Fish Species: Snook ,Tarpon
Bait Used: Pilchards and Mullet
Tackle Used: Light Spinning
Method Used: Spinning
Water Depth: Less than 10ft
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction: East
Wind Speed: 15 knots

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Michael Grimm

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