Fishing Reports by Captain Ron Santee

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Company: Capt. Rons Fishermen

Area Reporting: Raritan Bay/Sandy hook

Bio: Following in my fathers footsteps, I have been a licensed Captain for 30 years. Our family has been in the fishing business since 1955. Fishing is not a job, it's a way of life!

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Tough fish again today for Stripers.. (11/30/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] After a two week bite, things have slowed till the next run of fish come through....
Way too nice a day today for the bass to bite! (11/29/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] I'll take the snot any day compared to today's good weather, just for the bite...
The wind didn't stop the bite today!! (11/27/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Heavy jigs and a slow turn of the handles produced the Bass today...
Good fishing continues as the season rolls on! (11/25/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Not the wild, hot bite of the past few days,but good fishing on Bass and Blues..
Another Banner Fall fishing Day with Bass and Blues! (11/24/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Took a couple drifts to get the customers in the grove, but it was non-stop action after that!!
Mondays NE'ster turns on the bite for the only boat out today!!! (11/23/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Great bite on Stripers up to 21 pounds! Lot's of limits with a 21 pound pool fish.
Not as many keepers today, but the action was good! (11/22/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Could have sunk the boat with bluefish, but we kept on searching for the Stripers....
The Hot bite continues with the best fall run in years! (11/21/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Loads of Bait, Bass and Blues. It doesn't get any better than this!!
Couple days in a row of excellant jig fishing. (11/20/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] The fall run won't last forever, right now, it's the best it could be!!!
Excellant Jig Fishing on Stripers and Blues once again Today!!! (11/19/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Gotta love the fall doesn't get any better than this!!!
Very good jig fishing for Stripers today... (11/18/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Huge area of Bass from Sandy Hook all the way to Island Beach...The bite is on!!
Jig fishing and bait have been working for the Stripers. (11/17/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Best of the action came later in the day as the tide began to slow. Jig fishing was best..
Weather has us at the dock till Sunday! (11/13/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Sunday should be the next trip for us...will the fish still be here or did this weather send them on an early departure??? Who Knows....
The NE'ster that didn't turn on the bite!!! (11/11/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] After yesterdays fishing, thought today would be a banner day with the NE' was I wrong!!
Bite was back on today, all day on Striped Bass! (11/10/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fall fishing the way it should be with fish up to 19 pounds!!
After yesterdays hot fishing, today was a bummer! (11/09/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Whole new ballgame today with way too many "endangered Species"!!!
Excellant Sunday Fishing after a tough start! (11/08/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Tried to fish local today, but the traffic wouldn't allow the bite to happen. Took a ride and........
Some Bigger fish starting to show as the fall run continues. (11/05/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Couple fish in the 20 pound class have made thier way into our area......
Fall Striper fishing at it's Finest!! (11/04/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Lot's of action, plenty of limits for the best time of the year to fish New Jersey!!
Excellent Striper fishing in the Nasty NE'ster Today (11/02/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good all day bite on fish from 24 inches up to 16 pounds in the nasty weather!!!
Beautifull fall day on the water... (11/01/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good action on Bass and Blues, with some nice keepers to boot!
Hard Southerly against the tide hurt us today! (10/31/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Rough conditions made it almost impossible to put a catch together today....
The Striper Bite Continues!! (10/30/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Two days in a row with hungry Stripers as the Fall run continues!!!
Nasty Ocean=Hungry Stripers!!! (10/29/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Bass love the rough stuff, today was no differen't with several limit catches!!!
Much better fishing in the slop today!! (10/27/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Nasty day but the Stripers were hungry for the 12 customers that showed today!!!
Down hill fishing since Monday...what's up!!! (10/21/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Today is proof that good reports come back to bite me in the A**!!!!
Not the hot bite of yesterday!!! (10/20/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Poor conditions in the AM certainly hurt our production today.
Stripers and More Stripers!!! (10/19/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] The fall fishing has begun, many limits today on Striped Bass.
Finally Caught Some Stripers (10/09/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Finally caught some Stripers after paying our dues for weeks waiting!!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Thursdays Fishing (10/01/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good action on Bluefish and Sea Bass today for the few who came to fish!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Tuesdays Fishing (9/29/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Another light gang today enjoyed some great fall fishing.....
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Saturdays Fishing (9/26/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good morning bite on 6 to 10lb fish. Died after a couple hours though.....
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Wednesdays Fishing (9/23/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good all day fishing today for Bluefish. Both bait and jigs worked great!!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Mondays Fishing (9/21/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Still waiting for colder water and the fall fishing to take hold...Patience!!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Tuesdays Fishing (9/15/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good jig fishing today with Bluefish, Albacore and Bonito.
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/New Pool Leader 11.2 pounds!!! (9/02/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Scott Ure, Kearney, N.J. landed our largest fish to date to take the lead in the Big Pool...11.2 pounds!!
Good action all day fishing in the ocean today. (8/30/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good action all day fishing in the ocean today.
Another storm is killing both the fishing and the business!! (8/28/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Another storm is killing both the fishing and the business!!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Wednesdays Fishing (8/26/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Roll layed down, the bite was much better today with all day action.
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Tuesdays Report (8/25/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Last ditch effort bailed us out today as we found a bit of a bite on the change of tide.
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Mondays Report (8/24/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Still a good swell in the ocean from Bill definatly hurt the fishing. By mid-week all should be back to normal.
Big Fish Today - Fluke Over 9 Pounds! (8/20/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Went searching for the bigger fish today, glad we did as the big one topped out over 9 pounds!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Mondays Fishing (8/17/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good Fluke fishing continues as the action was non-stop today....
CaptRon/Fishermen/Sundays Report (8/16/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Had to do some searching today to find a bite, glad we did, as some quality fish came aboard!!
Fish never turned on through any part of either tide today!! (8/15/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fish never turned on through any part of either tide today!!
Very good fluke fishing for our Charter today! (8/14/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Very good fluke fishing for our Charter today! Nice all day bite...
Good Action On Fluke (8/13/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good action again today despite not so good conditions. Steve Had his limit, plus the pool fish!
Capt. Ron/Fishermen/Wednesdays Report (8/12/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Hard current with the wind chased us back into the bay today...
Very good Fluke Fishing On Artificials (8/11/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Had a nice all day bite on Bait and artificials today!
Capt.Ron/Fishermen/Mondays Good Bite! (8/10/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Thought we were in trouble this morning with wind against the tide, but the bite proved us wrong on the conditions!!
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