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The redfish and black drump are eating in Ponce Florida by Frederic Robert (1/26/2010)
is the time to jump on your boat,the redfish and black drum eat
Daytona Beach Area report 1/24/10 by Chris Myers (1/24/2010)
The weather has finally returned to normal after a cold start to the month. Fishin this week was excellent for redfish on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon
Cold temps invade the by Jeff Dorobiala (1/14/2010)
Water temps are extremely low and crystal clear. This will cause redfish and LARGE seatrout to tighten up into big schools.
Flats Fishing Report Near Daytona Beach by Chris Myers (12/31/2009)
Redfish, trout, and black drum are on the flats right now in Mosquito Lagoon. Sight fishing is best on sunny days when you can spot the fish cruising in clear shallow waters
Dec 09 - Mosquito Lagoon, New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet Backcountry by Nathaniel Lemmon (12/05/2009)
Winter time clear waters and schooling fish settling in, making for the best sightfishing of the year for redfish, speckled trout, and snook.
The Fish Just Keeping Eating! by Frederic Robert (11/17/2009)
today is another day, you dream to have ,when the fish is just eat,eat
30 Pound Redfish & Keeper Black Drum by Michael Savedow (11/12/2009)
Drifting near Ponce Inlet with Blue Crabs for Bull Redfish 25 to 30 pounds. Fishing the backcountry for keeper size Black Drum.
Mosquito Lagoon Report - November 6th, 2009 by Drew Cavanaugh (11/06/2009)
Fall has arrived. Changes should bring on the great winter fishery Florida is known for.
Fishing still hot in Florida by Joe Porcelli (10/11/2009)
From the Mosquito Lagoon to the offshore reefs the fishing is on fire
October 09 - New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet, Mosquito Lagoon by Nathaniel Lemmon (10/08/2009)
Red hot fall action on the inshore and nearshore waters of Central Florida.
Ponce Mullet Run Fall Season Fishing by Frederic Robert (9/07/2009)
yes is the best time of the year to fish when the mullet run
Drifting The Inlet For Permit by Frederic Robert (9/01/2009)
it was another nice day , drifting the inlet and surprise some permit was here
Sept 09 - Mosquito Lagoon, New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet Backcountry by Nathaniel Lemmon (9/01/2009)
September is one of the best opportunities of the year to score on a quality backcountry super slam of Redfish, Speckled Trout, Snook, and Tarpon.
This Is The Best Time Of The Year To Fish Daytona Area by Frederic Robert (8/20/2009)
this is the best time of the year, the temperature of the water is over 80
Fishing For Snook In Orlando by Frederic Robert (7/13/2009)
this is the time of the year to jump on the boat the temperature of the water is perfect
The Sharks Are Here In Daytona Beach by Frederic Robert (6/08/2009)
Now is the time to go fishing, and no swimming, the sharks are here and we see some big one
Mosquito Lagoon, New Smyrna Beach, Ponce Inlet Backcountry by Nathaniel Lemmon (6/04/2009)
Everyday tarpon fishing for resident juveniles, with the first wave of migrating adult fish getting close. Peak of the year speckled trout fishing taking place. Consistent everyday action for schooling redfish on the flats.
Fishing Report For Daytona Beach by Frederic Robert (5/27/2009)
It was another nice day on the water, fishing ponce,next daytona, newsmyrnabeach, 1 hoo from orlando
Dayntona Fishing For Redfish by Frederic Robert (5/20/2009)
for daytona fishing charters, i fish inshore for big redfish,tarpon,snook,sharks,trout
Fishing For Tarpon In The Indian River and East Coast FL by Frederic Robert (5/18/2009)
the best time of the year is here the tarpon and big redfish
fishing report daytona beach fl cobia by Frederic Robert (5/01/2009)
this is the best time ,temperature 71, bait are here and cobia to near shore daytona beach ,new smyrna beach
Spring is here, Loads of fish have returned to East Central Florida by Michael Savedow (3/25/2009)
With winter behind us, large schools of Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and Bluefish have returned from the south to join our resident fish, Seatrout and Redfish to make my Backcountry Saltwater fishing trips nonstop action.
March 09 - Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, Ponce Inlet Backcountry by Nathaniel Lemmon (3/02/2009)
Winter patterns still showcasing excellent sight fishing on the inshore waters of East-Central Florida. Redfish, trout, and black drum dominating the opportunities with snook action picking up after recovering from a cold weather fish kill.
orlando fishing guide for redfish snook tarpon sharks by Frederic Robert (2/21/2009)
Its a litle cold but we still catch some nice fish
Cold days mean later starting times by Michael Savedow (1/23/2009)
Sight fishing for schooling Redfish during the late morning into the afternoon on the coldest days. 30 minutes south of Daytona Beach.
FISHING REPORT:DAYTONA by Frederic Robert (1/22/2009)
this is another day , where at the beginning , the temperature, and the barometer is very bad but we caught some nice redfish
Cold temps arrive by Jeff Dorobiala (1/19/2009)
Fishing the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon. Less than 30 minutes from Daytona Beach and 1 hour from Orlando for redfish and sea trout during the winter.
Reds schoolin' by Jeff Dorobiala (1/13/2009)
Fishing report for the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon just south of the Daytona area. Less than one hour from Orlando.
Daytona fishing for snook by Frederic Robert (1/09/2009)
today we decide to go near ,and fish the dock, for snook, and the back water off edge water
January Report -- Redfish, Snook, Trout & Tarpon by Nathaniel Lemmon (1/02/2009)
Typical winter patterns of big schools and lots of fish in the boat. Water is crystal clear and the light tackle and fly rod sightfishing has been epic. Great action for redfish, snook, trout and even some tarpon.
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