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Lake Ontario summer fun by Shane Thomas (6/23/2008)
Fishing is supposed to be fun! And what fun weekend it was. Between the salmon, trout and walleye the fish kept us happy!
Lake Ontario Fishing Report 6/23/08 by Troy Creasy (6/23/2008)
Summer is here and what better time to take advantage of the tremendous fishing opportunities that our area has to offer.
June MIXED bag! by Shane Thomas (6/22/2008)
June is a great month to fish for alot of different type of species. We fish for anything that swims!
Lake Ontario, Salmon River, Oswego River, Oneida Lake, Fishing Report 6/1508 by Troy Creasy (6/15/2008)
Fishing is up and down right now. Brown trout are still cooperating most days in the near shore areas with black/silver Smithwicks, stingers and Raider spoons working well.
Lake Ontario Brown trout by Shane Thomas (6/15/2008)
Deep water brown trout fishing has been picking up-each day the fish seem to be moving 5-10' deeper looking for cooler water and bait fish.
Yankee Trollers West end Pro-Am Expereince by Richard Hajecki (6/10/2008)
Western Lake Ontario Salmon Pro-Am tournaments out of Niagara County and Orleans County. Top teams/Captains on Lake Ontario competing for the lake title.
Weekend Walleye by Shane Thomas (6/09/2008)
Hot weather has slowed the bite down. Water temperatures rose 10 degrees in just a few days! Conditions have changed drastically.
Rochester 6/7/2007 by Ken Biemiller (6/08/2008)
All is a little unsettled at the momonet as big storms haved recently rolled through and tropical temps have moved in this week. Thermocline will submerge and the hunting begins.
Another great night bit by Shane Thomas (6/05/2008)
Night fishing continues to very productive on double digit walleye and brown trout. Every night we're boating several of each in the 10+pound range and plenty smaller ones as well
Really BIG walleye by Shane Thomas (6/02/2008)
Water temperatures are rising and windy conditions continue to keep the bite HOT! The last few nights have been the BEST of the season.
Bad Weather equals GREAT fishing. by Shane Thomas (6/01/2008)
The fishing was GREAT despite wind gusts over 25mph out of the west. The trout and walleyes were certainly feeding well.
Walleye and Brown Trout Night Bite by Shane Thomas (5/30/2008)
Night fishing for walleye and brown trout continues to be excellent. Last night was fantastic once again.
Roc 5/28 by Ken Biemiller (5/29/2008)
Just a great Steelhead and King bite going on right now.
BIG Walleyes and brown trout by Shane Thomas (5/29/2008)
The Big fish keep hitting! BIG walleyes and loads of brown trout have been on the feed.
HOT BITE by Shane Thomas (5/27/2008)
Walleye and brown trout fishing has been great! Night fishing is key for these weary fish.
Lake Ontario, Oswego River, Oneida Lake, Niagara River, Fishing Report 5/27/08 by Troy Creasy (5/27/2008)
Well, the Hotspot over the holiday weekend had to be area of the buoys at nine mile point.
Rochester 5/25 by Ken Biemiller (5/27/2008)
Steelhead, Coho and King bite are hot right now and should hold up for a while. Some of the nicest Spring Steelhead I've seen (World Class)upwards of 12lbs.
Monster walleye and brown trout night fishing Lake Ontario by Shane Thomas (5/26/2008)
another night out on the churning seas of Lake Ontario - The fish were on fire! It was hard to keep the lines set.
Rochester 5/16-17 by Ken Biemiller (5/20/2008)
Silver fish are moving in from the west end. Great bite all weekend. Should be hot action here for the next couple of weeks.
Rochester Lake Trout Fishing by Ken Biemiller (5/14/2008)
Lake Trout bite is real good, but the salmon & steelhead are a little slow.
Rochester Fishing For Trout and Salmon by Ken Biemiller (5/04/2008)
Kings are in, nice mixed bag of fish biting.
Inside brown trout are mildly steady. by Ken Biemiller (4/29/2008)
Inside brown trout are mildly steady. Offshore steel head and coho salmon bite are picking up good steam and occasional kings are showing up.
Shakdown trip 4/12 by Richard Hajecki (4/20/2008)
First trip of the year to make sure everything is running properly for the upcoming season!
Crazy Yankee Sportfishing's 4/20 trip by Richard Hajecki (4/20/2008)
Our second trip of the year to make sure everything was functional after the long winter. Spring Salmon season is right around the corner!
3/15 Brownie Fun by Richard Hajecki (3/18/2008)
First Lake Ontario trip of the year, and it was a success! Brown trout fishing this time of year can be fast and furious with many fish in the 3-5lb range and trophies up to 12-15lbs.
Staged up king salmon! by Shane Thomas (9/12/2007)
Fall is almost here! Loads and loads of salmon are knocking at the door of the Salmon River in Oswego county NY.
Lake Fishing Report by Troy Creasy (8/27/2007)
They Are Here!!!!!!!! Salmon fishing on many parts of the lake continues to be outstanding. Anglers in the Oswego, Mexico and Pulaski area have been catching salmon from 200 ft. of water inshore to 60 ft.
King salmon back on! by Shane Thomas (8/15/2007)
August is the best month for salmon - now is the time to fish the greatestb of the great lakes- Lake Ontario offers the BIGGEST kings of all the lakes!
kings salmon comin east by Shane Thomas (7/31/2007)
It seems that the kings are coming eastward more and more everyday. July was GREAT but August is looking better and better for staging salmon.
Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake, Salmon River Fishing Report 7/10/07 by Troy Creasy (7/09/2007)
This past week, the salmon fishing on Lake Ontario has been on fire. Again, they don't stop biting!!
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