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Daytona Area, NewSmyrnaBeach MosquitoLagoon by Michael Savedow (8/20/2015)
Another great summer winding down, early fall patterns coming soon, Redfish and Seatrout hunting on Mosquito Lagoon
Aug 2015 by Patrick Rood (8/10/2015)
Sight fishing redfish and trout in the New Smyrna beach and Mosquito lagoon area.
NewSmyrnaBeach MosquitoLagoon DaytonaBch by Michael Savedow (7/19/2015)
Redfish, Seatrout, Black Drum, Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Jacks, Ladyfish, and more have all been biting this summer of 2015, good water and big baitfish numbers all making for a great catching pattern in Mosquito Lagoon.
July 2015 by Patrick Rood (7/13/2015)
Fishing New Smyrna and the Mosquito lagoon area. for redfish,Trout,Tarpon and other inshore species
New Smyrna Beach Edgewater Backcountry by Michael Savedow (6/21/2015)
Summer fishing is here, early morning bite, lots of bait fish, cloudy warm water, good catching
June 2015 by Patrick Rood (6/12/2015)
Report by Spot N Tail Charters for new Smyrna Beach and Mosquito Lagoon.
May 2015 by Patrick Rood (5/11/2015)
Fishing in and around New Smyrna Beach FL.
DaytonaBeach MosquitoLagoon NewSmyrna Backcountry by Michael Savedow (4/28/2015)
Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon spring fishing has been lots of fun with great catching and summer patterns are just around the corner.
April 2015 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (4/12/2015)
New Smyrna beach fishing and Mosquito lagoon fishing has been on fire for the month of March and looking even better for April.
March 2015 by Patrick Rood (3/10/2015)
Fishing in the waters of New Smyrna Beach,Daytona Beach and Mosquito Lagoon. For Redfish,Trout and Black Drum.
NewSmyrnaBch Daytona Inshore Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2/22/2015)
Mosquito Lagoon waters are winter cold, Redfish and Seatrout school up for some of the best sight fishing of the year.
February 2015 by Patrick Rood (2/10/2015)
Fishing New Smyrna Beach and Mosquito lagoon for Redfish and other species on the shallow grass flats.
January 2015 by Patrick Rood (1/12/2015)
Shallow water fishing for red fish and other species in Mosquito Lagoon.
2015 NewSmyrna/DaytonaBeach Redfish Flats by Michael Savedow (1/08/2015)
Mosquito Lagoon backcountry and flats fishing for Redfish and Seatrout with winter pattern tactics.
Early Winter Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry NewSmyrna DaytonaBeach by Michael Savedow (12/11/2014)
Winter patterns begin as water temperatures are dropping in East Central Florida
Nov 2014 by Patrick Rood (11/10/2014)
The Fishing is hot on the waters of Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach FL.
Oct 2014 Daytona/New Smyrna Beach Redfish Flats by Michael Savedow (10/25/2014)
Fall fishing is great on Mosquito Lagoon flats and backcountry for redfish, seatrout, and more saltwater fish.
Summer2014 NewSmyrnaBch Daytona Backcountry Redfish by Michael Savedow (8/13/2014)
Redfish Seatrout Black Drum and much more in Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry
August 2014 by Patrick Rood (8/12/2014)
Fishing report for New Smyrna Beach,Mosquito Lagoon and Daytona Beach FL. August 2014
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (5/10/2014)
Some good fishing this week on the Indian River Lagoon, the Econlockhatchee River, and of course, big trout on the Mosquito Lagoon.
St. Johns River and Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (5/03/2014)
This week we feature a joint St. Johns River and Mosquito Lagoon fishing report. It's pretty rare to hook a seatrout and have it go on a hot run that peels line off the reel. That happened this week. But I get ahead of myself...
New Smyrna Daytona Beach Backcountry Guide Report by Michael Savedow (4/20/2014)
Fun fast fish catching in the inshore saltwater backcountry at New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon
April 2014 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (4/14/2014)
Fishing report for Daytona Beach,new Smyrna Beach and Mosquito Lagoon
spring bite palm beach is on by Craig Korczynski (4/07/2014)
snook taking jigs, peacock bass on beds, tarpon on the roll
MosquitoLagoon Redfish DaytonaBch Orlando NewSmyrnaBch by Michael Savedow (2/26/2014)
Backcountry sight fishing on the grass flats, fun and challenging
Giant Seatrout by Drew Cavanaugh (2/16/2014)
Brace yourself for some great fishing coming ahead. The forecast for the next few months appears to be outstanding!
Mosquito Lagoon and St. Johns River Report by John Kumiski (2/02/2014)
It rained for five days this past week. In spite of that we got out a couple times and caught some fish.
Jan 2014 by Patrick Rood (1/13/2014)
Fishing Report for New Smyrna Beach and surrounding area
The Last 2013 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (12/30/2013)
It hash't been great, but we've been catching fish in the Mosquito Lagoon to end the year. Happy new year to everyone!
Winter Flats & Backcountry Redfish and Seatrout by Michael Savedow (12/24/2013)
Fun winter fishing Mosquito Lagoon Flats, Edgewater & New Smyrna Beach Backcountry
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