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Browse Recent Mosquito Lagoon Florida Fishing Reports

Summer fishing is arriving in East Central Florida by Michael Savedow (5/04/2012)
Redfish, Seatrout and more on Mosqito Lagoon waters shifting into summer pattrerns
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (4/12/2012)
Several days of awesome weather have brought out some of the best fishing of the year. Looks as if things will just get better.
March 2012 Redfish/Daytona/NewSmyrna/Orlando/Florida by Michael Savedow (3/04/2012)
Warm winter bringing early spring fishing patterns to Mosquito Lagoon
January 2012 Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (1/12/2012)
Another fun year of fishing has begun here on Mosquito Lagoon Florida.
New Year's Fishing Roars In- Banana River- Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (1/10/2012)
The new year kicks off with some awesome fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River Lagoon.
Orlando Saltwater Fly Fishing December 2011 Green Seaducer by Drew Cavanaugh (12/06/2011)
Mosquito Lagoon fishing is beginning to improve. As colder days reach us sight fishing should reach prime in no time at all.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Demanding a Full Day's Work by John Kumiski (12/04/2011)
the few fish on the flats this week demanded a full day's work in order to get a couple
Late November Redfish and More by Michael Savedow (11/29/2011)
Mid November warm up brought back fall conditions but winter is knocking on the door.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing Consistent This Week by John Kumiski (11/27/2011)
fish were biting every day this week in the mosquito lagoon
Kayak Redfishing In the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River by John Kumiski (11/21/2011)
paddle fishing picking up; skiff fishing still works too!
Good Redfishing This Week- Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by John Kumiski (11/15/2011)
The water is dropping and clearing in the lagoons. The redfish are responding by feeding.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfishing- Returning to Normal? by John Kumiski (11/08/2011)
High winds and high, dirty water still hampering sight fishing efforts in Mosquito Lagoon
Bull Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (10/29/2011)
Well a few weeks ago I was able to get out and do some fishing with a colleague and myself. We had a great day!
Mosquito Lagoon Florida Redfish & Seatrout/Daytona/NewSmyrna/Orlando by Michael Savedow (10/17/2011)
Fall conditions are here with cooler temperatures and changing fishing patterns.
Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing Report by Chris Myers (9/03/2011)
Cloudy and high water has made sight fishing nearly impossible in most places. Trout fishing has been very poor and many of the other summertime species have yet to show up.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (8/26/2011)
Very hot days out mean very hot days of fishing.
Redfish & More on Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (8/12/2011)
Summer fishing has been great, now looking forward to Autumn conditions and less heat for the rest of the year.
New Smyrna Beach Fishing by Drew Cavanaugh (7/17/2011)
Summer time weather brings great days of fishing. Redfish and trout seem to be the choice here on the Mosquito Lagoon.
Redfish and Seatrout catching on Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (6/15/2011)
Summer fishing has been great on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon and in the backcountry of New Smyrna Beach
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish by Drew Cavanaugh (6/08/2011)
Central Florida redfish bite has turned on big time. Warming days will continue to bring on great fishing...
Summer fishing is on the way on Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (5/02/2011)
Summer Redfishing along with Seatrout is about to arrive on The Lagoon
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report - May 2, 2011 by Michael Bales (5/02/2011)
The fishing on Mosquito Lagoon is in full summer mode!! Topwater redfish and baitfish invasion!
Two Days Fishing, Two BIG Lagoon Redfish by John Kumiski (4/24/2011)
Some bruisers are swimming around in the lagoons lately
April '11 - Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, Ponce Inlet Area by Nathaniel Lemmon (4/10/2011)
Great spring action for speckled trout, redfish, and more.
Orlando Area Saltwater Report by Chris Myers (4/02/2011)
Fishing for redfish and trout are excellent. Redfihs are still schooling and will eat a variety of soft plastic baits and flies. Trrout are in 2-4 feet of water around schools of mullet.
Redfish & Seatrout fishing has been great this winter by Michael Savedow (2/07/2011)
Catching schooling Reds and Trout on the flats of Mosquito Lagoon and in the backcountry at New Smyrna and Edgewater.
Winter Flats Fishing Action. by Michael Bales (1/06/2011)
Mosquito Lagoon redfish & trout fishing is excellent this time of year. Clear, Low water conditions make for excellent sight fishing!
Winter conditions by Justin Price (12/12/2010)
Winter conditions in East Central Florida are here with are cold fronts only a few days apart from each other and record tempatures already prior to the begining of winter on the 21st of December. Fish are adapting to the changes and sight fishing Speckled and schooling Redfish could'nt be better.
December 2010 - Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, Ponce Inlet Area by Nathaniel Lemmon (12/05/2010)
Great winter fishing for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, snook and black drum on the coastal waters of Central Florida
Redfish catching continues as winter nears by Michael Savedow (11/29/2010)
Redfish patterns are beginning to change as the water cools with winter approaching
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