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I really needed this one. Two years ago David fished with me and got a bonefish. Today we were on the hunt for bonefish and permit under ideal conditions. But, I have to admit, I was still haunted by the big bonefish we lost on Monday so I was eager to make up for it and kick off my 4th of July weekend on the right note. David brought his friend Jeff and I took them to a bonefish and permit spot but the tide was really high for bonefish. Part of the issue was that I was running an hour late because of the number of boats trying to launch in the morning. Just crazy! Anyway, we saw some bonefish schools but they were too far away so off to spot 2 where there were some bonefish but many more permit. They had a bunch of shots but the permit were trickier than usual so off to spot three. That was the magic spot as I was able to locate a number of schools of big bonefish tailing and mudding in a foot of water. One school moved up and started feeding and moving to the left. David make the perfect cast and the school moved over his shrimp. As it unfolded I saw a fish tail on his shrimp, a puff of mud and a screaming drag. Yes! I had to pole after the big bonefish that was making a really long run and then it turned toward us and wrapped around one of the PowerPoles. Oh no! I was able to work a miracle and free the fish and moments later David was holding the big bonefish in his hands. Wow, what a relief and he just got a bigger bonefish than last time. Cool! We ended the day with a few more shots for Jeff and then headed back to the ramp. What a great day, great weather and great guys! Happy 4th of July!

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Fish Species: Bonefish and Permit
Bait Used: Shrimp
Tackle Used: Spin
Method Used: Sight casting
Water Depth: 14
Water Temperature: 86
Wind Direction: ESE
Wind Speed: 8mph

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Mo Estevez

About The Author: Captain Mo Estevez

Company: Miami Bone Fishing

Area Reporting: Biscayne Bay

Bio: I was born and raised in Miami, FL and have been fishing my entire life. I specialize in light tackle sight fishing Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon as well as fishing for snappers, groupers, mackerels, and snook. I own a 16\' Hewes and accept anglers of all experience levels as well as kids. My primary goal is to ensure my clients have a great time enjoying our beautiful and bountiful Biscayne Bay. You can read my monthly column in Coastal Angler Magazine and am the host of the upcomimg nationally televised show Tailing Silver.

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