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Trout Fishing Reports
    Aug 2021 Florida New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2021-08-15 09:35:55)
    [Daytona Beach] Summer of 2021 has been fun with catching fish, some sight catching of surface striking game fish, as well as lots of variety of back waters intracoastal saltwater fish, fall will be here soon with seasonal changes to come.
    June 2021 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando by Michael Savedow (2021-06-27 11:06:24)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Summer fishing is here at East Central Florida, lots of bait fish, warm cloudy water, nice pretty mornings, are all summer patterns, more scattered fish so covering water in the backcountry, never know which spots will be the best on any given day, morning fishing to beat the heat during mid day and afternoon.
    Offshore Time by Mark Fann (2021-06-15 12:30:45)
    [Outer Banks] Offshore action has been hot! Lots of big yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna
    Crystal River, FL Fishing Action by Kyle Messier (2021-05-31 16:51:02)
    [Homosassa] From Tarpon to Redfish in the backcountry to Tripletail and Snook taking over our nearshore waters, the Nature Coast is the place to be for anyone interested in Florida Fishing.
    Bitterroot River: Unfishable 5/24/2021 by Cody Pinto (2021-05-24 12:30:30)
    [Southwest Montana] The Bitterroot is completely blown out right now. Better check a different river, because this one is gone.
    Its Finally Beautiful Here by Mark Fann (2021-05-23 14:17:41)
    [Outer Banks] Our weather has finally warmed up. Both the offshore and inshore action is heating up as well.
    Clark Fork River Fishing Report: 5/7/2021 by Cody Pinto (2021-05-17 17:00:18)
    [Southwest Montana] Clark Fork experiencing runoff. Hoping for better fishing here in a few weeks!
    Spring Is Finally Here by Mark Fann (2021-05-17 13:49:35)
    [Outer Banks] With the winds dying down and the temperature rising - fishing has really picked up.
    May 2021 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Backcountry Orlando by Michael Savedow (2021-05-16 10:38:20)
    [Daytona Beach] Summer 2021 fishing is here, warming water temperatures, summer species arriving with lots of diversity of more tropical fish, game fish and lots of baitfish moving north for the hot months of the year.
    April 2021 Florida Daytona New Smyrna Beach Orlando by Michael Savedow (2021-04-26 08:38:16)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Spring 2021fishing is in full swing in East Central Florida, warming water temperatures, bait fish arriving back as summer gets closer, surface attacks by gamefish on shrimp and bait fish, black drum feeding on shrimp and crabs on the bottom, summer is next , just around the corner.
    Interesting Week here on the Outer Banks by Mark Fann (2021-04-23 16:39:43)
    [Outer Banks] Our weather has gone from Spring to windy and cold. Has made the fishing this week a mix of okay to hot!
    Fishing is Heating Up on the Outer Banks by Mark Fann (2021-04-12 09:05:54)
    [Outer Banks] The offshore action has really picked up this past weekend and this trend will continue - our waters are finally warming up. The inshore red drum fishing has been great this week.
    Feb 2021 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (2021-02-24 11:23:11)
    [Daytona Beach] Spring is arriving, water temperatures on the rise, migratory game fish and baitfish returning from their winter in the south, Seatrout, Black Drum, Redfish, Snook, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish making for fun rod bending.
    Jan 2021 Florida New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2021-01-14 08:25:44)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Winter fishing conditions have set in at East Central Florida, cold clear water, very little surface activity with fish hugging the bottom. Drop baits down deep or on sun warmed flats during sunny days with fish and baitfish schools coming shallow in certain spots for the sun shine.
    Winter fishing the Nature Coast. by Kyle Messier (2020-12-20 16:05:13)
    [Homosassa] Although the weather maybe frightful, the fishing is anything but here in Crystal River, FL.
    Sunday Fun Day in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-12-08 16:20:27)
    [Shell Beach] Sunday, fun day in Shell Beach. Billy Bennett, Ellen Thomas, and Lynne Dawson were on the Blazer Bay and wanted to catch some redfish. Things started off a little slow, but once the tide started moving a little bit the bite picked up.
    Chilly Saturday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-12-08 15:20:04)
    [Shell Beach] Chilly Saturday in Shell Beach. I picked up Billy Martinez, Paul, Bradley, and Kelly at Billy’s camp, the Bayou Slam Camp in Hopedale. We started out looking for some trout, but the wind and cold water had them with lock jaw.
    Dec 2020 Daytona New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (2020-12-05 09:08:22)
    [Daytona Beach] Winter fishing patterns are creeping into the Mosquito Lagoon backcountry, a cooling and warming effect is slowly bringing in cold water this year, some years it's a fast drop in temps, not this year with the slow transition to chilly water.
    Crystal River Fishing with Ed Opler by Kyle Messier (2020-12-01 12:03:14)
    [Homosassa] Great backcountry fishing for Redfish in Crystal River and Homosassa, FL.
    Red Friday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-29 11:36:21)
    [Shell Beach] It was Red Friday in Shell Beach today. I helped Capt. Erik Olsen with part of a big family. These were some great people and both boats loaded the boxes
    Pre Thanksgiving Fun in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-29 11:25:01)
    [Shell Beach] Pre Thanksgiving fun in Shell Beach. Wednesday I had Camille, Derick, Larry, and Charlie on the Blazer Bay. Things started off a little slow, but managed to put a few trout and a few reds in the box.
    Ton of Fun in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-12 19:00:46)
    [Shell Beach] Ton of Fun in Shell Beach. Today I had Hunter Cazes, his son Hunter, Patrick Schindler, and his son Liam. They wanted to get the boys on some reds and that they did.
    Filling the Box in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-08 04:41:07)
    [Shell Beach] Filling the box in Shell Beach. Today I had the pleasure of taking Steven Matamoros and his sons Eric and Steven on their first charter. Started the day out with a little light rain, but the redfish did not care.
    Big Reds in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-04 10:27:44)
    [Shell Beach] Big reds in Shell Beach Sunday and Monday. I helped Capt. Mark with a big group from Mississippi. On day one my guys killed the redfish, only problem was they were on the larger size. Most just under 27” and we had to toss back a bunch over 27”.
    Pre Zeta in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-11-04 10:15:59)
    [Shell Beach] Pre Zeta trip in Shell Beach. I had the David Carney group on the Blazer Bay to catch some redfish. The still winds and super high water made things challenging, but they a great time putting together a nice box of fish.
    Super Star Kid Anglers by Kyle Messier (2020-10-18 14:03:18)
    [Homosassa] Couple of great weeks fishing with some incredible young anglers here along the Nature Coast.
    New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2020-10-18 08:41:46)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Fall 2020 is here, east breezes and lower temperatures feel great after our long Florida summer. Water temps are down a little, water levels up with the easterly flow. Surface striking game fish in the mornings are fun sight casting and catching with Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and Bluefish.
    Back to the Beach Today by Rory Rorison (2020-09-26 19:10:47)
    [Shell Beach] Back to the Beach today. Between the steady stream of storms and some needed maintenance for both me and the boat, I have been off the water for a few weeks. I brought the boat back down to Shell Beach yesterday and my buddy Paul gave me a hand, so we just had to go wet a line. In a couple hours we limited out on reds and picked up a dozen trout.
    Aug 2020 New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2020-08-27 08:24:44)
    [Daytona Beach] Summer 2020 is winding down, early signs of the fall baitfish migration begins with schooling game fish following behind showing up striking bait on surface with fun sight catching of Jack Crevalle the first to arrive.
    Working Hard in the 'Glades by Mo Estevez (2020-08-16 10:24:02)
    [Flamingo] This afternoon trip had high water temps and it started off slow but I got it turned around.
    Tough, but Fun Sunday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-08-11 18:11:20)
    [Shell Beach] Tough, but fun Sunday in Shell Beach. Sunday, I had Anthony, John, Angelo, and Jaden out on the Blazer Bay to catch some speckled trout. We got to our first stop at a reef I have been doing well on and there was a boat tied up to a pole right on the hot spot. We had lots of action, but few keepers to show for.
    Fast Trout Bite in Shell Beach Tuesday by Rory Rorison (2020-08-06 09:32:53)
    [Shell Beach] Fast trout bite in Shell Beach Tuesday with Pete Schmedtje and his son Elliot. The day started out as one of those days when nothing goes right, from flat tire on truck, to baitwell pumps not working. Then the wind that was blowing harder than predicted, but things got better from there.
    Last Thursday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-08-05 18:27:29)
    [Shell Beach] Last Thursday in Shell Beach I had the Jim, George, and Larry on the Blazer Bay. Things started off a little slow, but after making a few moves we got a couple good bites.
    Specktacular Sunday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-07-14 19:06:08)
    [Shell Beach] Specktacular Sunday in Shell Beach, with Stephen Lacoste and his guest Phil. For a change of lately, the West wind was not blowing over 15 as we left Campo’s. We headed deep into the Sound and made one stop.
    Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry New Smyrna Beach by Michael Savedow (2020-07-12 09:14:46)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Fishing has been normal during this summer of 2020 even though the rest of the world is not, charters running at about half the normal numbers with some people taking vacations, some people staying home. Catching lots of variety of saltwater fish in the backwaters including Redfish, Seatrout, Snook, Black Drum , Jack Crevalle and more.
    Redfish Fun in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-06-13 20:47:25)
    [Shell Beach] Redfish fun in Shell Beach. Today I had Forrest and Michelle on the Blazer Bay. This was Michelle’s first marsh fishing trip, and she put the first keeper red of the day on ice. We fished in the Biloxi marsh with Campo’s live shrimp under a Four Horsemen cork.
    Seriously, Fishing shouldn't be this GOOD! by Kyle Messier (2020-06-07 15:46:58)
    [Homosassa] From Tarpon on the flats to Snook, Redfish, and Speckled Trout in the backcountry, the Nature Coast of Florida is on FIRE!!!
    Speckled Friday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-05-30 17:14:47)
    [Shell Beach] Speckled Friday in Shell Beach. Onboard the Blazer Bay were Pat, Brian, David, and Nathan. Pat and Brian have fished with me for years now, but this was going to be Nathan’s first ever fishing trip. There was a rain shower over the area I wanted to go to, so we stopped short to try a couple spots with not much action. Finally, the rain moved on and we moved to the rig I wanted to start at.
    Flamingo Slam and More! by Mo Estevez (2020-05-29 11:00:10)
    [Flamingo] Quickly picking off a few trout, the next two fish landed were snook and redfish to complete the slam and we weren't in the good part of the tide yet! The rest was working on numbers and we lost count.
    May 2020 by Michael Savedow (2020-05-25 19:31:08)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Doing a few charters again after the social distancing slow down. Was a good bite through mid spring, now looking forward to the early summer pattern with warming water temperatures and increased bait fish numbers are appearing in the backcountry of Mosquito Lagoon.
    Glades Double Slam for First Timers by Mo Estevez (2020-05-17 21:57:48)
    [Flamingo] Newbies with no skill still got it done catching two grand slams after learning how to cast.
    Monday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-05-14 14:31:21)
    [Shell Beach] Monday in Shell Beach I had Al Fandrich and family out for a day on the water. With the extremely low water and a good breeze blowing we set up on the edge of the Sound in as protected an area we could find.
    Crystal River Fishing getting Serious by Kyle Messier (2020-05-14 14:16:04)
    [Homosassa] The local waters encompassing Crystal River and Homosassa are heating up with a variety of species open to anglers.
    Last Friday at Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-05-13 20:04:02)
    [Shell Beach] Last Friday at Shell beach I had Brian Renshaw, his son Tate, and Chris Talazac on the Blazer Bay. It was Tate’s 10th birthday and a fishing trip is what he wanted. As is typical when Brian books it was forecast to by windy, but at the first stop it was not bad.
    S FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing good but pandemics are no fun by Dave Hanson (2020-05-13 14:06:38)
    [Bonita Beach] Been getting out occasionally during these tough times--Fishing is good offshore when winds and seas allow. Inshore, the sheepshead bite is lessening, but catch-and-release redfish, snook, and trout are still fun.
    05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia by Scott Owens (2020-05-07 17:32:09)
    [St. Simons Island] A fishing report for spring and early summer in Coastal Georgia. Inshore, nearshore, and offshore. Go check it out.
    Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-04-22 18:16:52)
    [Shell Beach] Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach. Gary, Richard, and Paul jumped on the Blazer Bay and we took off in search of some speckled trout. Armed with Campo’s live shrimp we hit the Sound in nice conditions.
    April 2020 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando by Michael Savedow (2020-04-18 21:00:26)
    [Daytona Beach] Not many charters right now with the stay at home during the virus tragedy, here is my charter report from the couple weeks before the slow down began, we are hoping to resume charters in the near future.
    Big Sheepshead Inshore; Triggerfish Offshore by Dave Hanson (2020-03-18 14:24:45)
    [Bonita Beach] Fishing has been great for big triggerfish, which just came back into season, in the gulf. In the bay, large winter-time sheepshead predominate.
    Trout Thursday in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (2020-03-15 18:15:15)
    [Shell Beach] Trout Thursday in Shell Beach. Matt Lester and family were my guests for the day and a good day it was. They were in town from San Antonio and wanted to enjoy a day of Louisiana fishing. They were not looking to keep any fish to take home, so a lot of fish got really lucky, except for a dozen trout I kept for me and the wife. They had nonstop action from the start and all day long.
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