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Trout Fishing Reports
    Thursday Trout haul at #ShellBeach by Rory Rorison (2018-03-19 14:26:32)
    [Shell Beach] Most of the action lately has been on Sheepshead and Bull Reds out in Breton Sound. The action has been crazy fast and the catching as easy as it gets. My crew yesterday, Joe and Paul, wanted to look for some speckled trout on the edge of The Sound. With the fish still transitioning to their spring hangouts the trout were very scattered.
    Nice catches offshore and inshore by Dave Hanson (2018-03-17 14:17:54)
    [Bonita Beach] Fishing has been good when weather has cooperated. On good tides inshore, big sheepshead, permit, pompano, and drum have been prevelant, along with occasional snook. Off shore, red grouper action is good, but keepers are occasional. Lane snapper, mangrove snapper, and occasional mutton snapper and yellowtails are around, along with grunts, porgies, porkfish, and shark.
    Crystal River,FL Fishing Action by Kyle Messier (2018-03-12 13:05:51)
    [Homosassa] Incredible inshore fishing action for Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Sharks here along the Nature Coast.
    March 2018 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (2018-03-12 11:00:27)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] The fishing on Mosquito Lagoon has been good between the fronts.
    Feb 2018 New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2018-02-27 08:33:44)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Early spring here with transitioning patterns and higher water temperatures in the New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando area.
    Anna Maria Island Feb Fishing Report by Matt Ercoli (2018-02-23 22:15:40)
    [Anna Maria Island] Spring Fishing In Full Swing with warming temperatures.
    Incredible Nature Coast Weather and Fishing by Kyle Messier (2018-02-18 13:01:46)
    [Homosassa] WOW what a difference a month can make in Florida. Warm weather and excellent fishing is finally here.
    Winter is here, time to find the Right days to fish by Jot Owens (2018-02-02 09:44:18)
    [Wrightsville Beach] A Rollercoaster of weather lately but we've had some warm very nice days mixed in. Pick the right days and you'll catch fish. Here is the target fish I like to pursue during February.
    Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay by John Rivers (2018-02-01 11:25:13)
    [Tampa] Cold Water Fishing and Low tides is what's been going on in Tampa Bay
    2018 Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry New Smyrna Daytona Beach Area by Michael Savedow (2018-01-30 10:43:10)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] A chilly winter of 2018 has cold water temperatures sending backcountry and flats fish into a solid winter pattern this year after several mild past winters.
    Brrrr! Crystal River, FL fishing report. by Kyle Messier (2018-01-28 14:58:16)
    [Homosassa] Its cold but the fish do not seem to mind. Ready for it to get warm here in Florida.
     Shad Attack! Orlando Fishing Report  by John Kumiski (2018-01-27 10:53:01)
    [Orlando] Fished the Mosquito Lagoon, the Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Johns River (twice) this week. The shad bite is strong. The saltwater fish, not so much.
    Jan 2018 by Patrick Rood (2018-01-09 18:54:42)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Cold weather has set the fish into there winter time patterns on Mosquito Lagoon.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2018-01-05 22:18:52)
    [Palm Beach] Sheepshead on the seawalls, snook active mid day, peacock bass gathering in deep holes.
    BRRRRRRRRRRR! by Mike Peppe (2018-01-05 14:00:47)
    [Sebastian] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
    Flyin By by Mike Peppe (2018-01-04 10:06:53)
    [Sebastian] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
    Palm Beach Jupiter fresh and saltwater inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2017-12-23 09:05:04)
    [Palm Beach] Snook caught along docks and channel edges, redfish roaming the mangrove shorelines, peacock bass striking lure along shorelines.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2017-12-14 21:54:36)
    [Palm Beach] Snook season cloeses December 15, tarpon in the back bays, peacock bass striking lures along shorelines
    Major Cold Front puts fish in winter mode - Tampa Bay Fishing Reports by John Rivers (2017-12-14 20:29:39)
    [Tampa] Major Cold Front Hits Tampa Bay, Puts Fish In Winter Patterns.
    December 2017 Mosquito Lagoon Report by Patrick Rood (2017-12-12 07:13:28)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] The winter time pattern is upon us here on Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach FL.
    Great inshore Grouper Action! by Kyle Messier (2017-12-10 15:39:00)
    [Homosassa] Awesome fishing action in Crystal River, FL. Groper nearshore and Redfish and Sheepshead in the backcountry.
    Dec 2017 New Smyrna Backcountry Daytona Mosquito Lagoon by Michael Savedow (2017-12-10 11:10:22)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Winter fishing arriving with chilly water patterns in December in the backcountry and Mosquito Lagoon at New Smyrna and the Indian River
    Late Reports From the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-12-09 07:44:11)
    [Shell Beach] Late reports from the Beach. Last Friday I had a fun trip with my old friend Gary. We made one stop in Lake Robin and limited out on trout along with a bunch of bass, a few sheepshead, and 1 red.
    Winters approach by Mike Peppe (2017-12-07 14:08:21)
    [Sebastian] As we wait for the winter cold the trout have been lit up.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2017-12-05 19:39:18)
    [Palm Beach] snook along the docks, tarpon rolling along channel edges, jacks busting mullet on sea walls.
    Cooler Temps make for some very good fishing by John Rivers (2017-11-27 16:51:11)
    [Tampa] Fall brings cooler temps and the inshore Tampa Bay fishing heats up!
    Fishing Continues to be Great! by Taylor Cowieson (2017-11-20 19:09:06)
    [Bradenton] Fishing in Sarasota bay and Tampa bay has produced a variety of catches. Fishing has been good with lots of fish being landed.
    Happy Thanksgiving Space Coast Fishing Report† by John Kumiski (2017-11-19 07:57:27)
    [Orlando] Fished three different places this week, with varying success. Had two good days though, with trout, flounder, redfish, and snook in the mix!
    Nov 2017 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (2017-11-14 09:33:42)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Catching redfish and other species in New Smyrna Beach and on the waters of Mosquito Lagoon.
    Cold Front Fishing at the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-11-11 07:48:25)
    [Shell Beach] Cold front fishing at the Beach Thursday. I had Don, Robert, and Stan on the boat and we started off a little lat waiting for the rain ahead of the cold front to push through. Definitely chillier and breezier than earlier in the week, but at least it felt actually like fall.
    Saturday Fun at the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-11-07 09:19:22)
    [Shell Beach] They stayed the night at the First Cast lodge and we got an early start to try and beat some of the crowd. We headed down near Bakers Bay and got on a couple slow but steady bites. I figured it was better to stick out the slow and steady instead of looking for faster action elsewhere with so many boats out on the water.
    Fantastic Friday at the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-11-04 20:35:38)
    [Shell Beach] Fantastic Friday at the Beach for the Jim Walther group. After picking the guys up at Jim's camp we made our way towards Delacroix. We started out fishing where a pass off Oak River goes into a shallow lake. Jim throws out and first bam a solid 3 pound trout was in the boat. The next two trout were just the same. It looked like it might be a monster trout slam, but that was it for there.
    Monday meat haul at the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-10-31 19:33:20)
    [Shell Beach] Monday meat haul at the Beach for Carl and Jan Tarvin. The morning started off a little chilly, but warmed up nicely and so did the fish. We fished an area close to the house that I have not fished for a awhile and it turned out to be a good move.
    Crystal River, FL Fishing Action!!! by Kyle Messier (2017-10-29 11:47:10)
    [Homosassa] Great mixed bag fishing action in Crystal River and Homosassa, FL.
    Pretty day at the Beach today by Rory Rorison (2017-10-27 18:50:22)
    [Shell Beach] I helped Capt. Ed run a bachelor party group. 3 jumped in my boat and the rest with Capt. Ed. They went outside looking for big reds and had fun catching and releasing most and brought back a few with some sheepshead. We hit the marsh for trout and whatever else would bite. Our first stop produced a lot of action.
    October Fishing For Bradenton Inshore by Taylor Cowieson (2017-10-27 09:06:49)
    [Bradenton] This report contains information from recent charters in October and also a forecast for the end of the month fishing.
    Windy Wednesday at the Beach by Rory Rorison (2017-10-26 10:38:49)
    [Shell Beach] Yesterday I ran part of the Jimmy Woods group for Capt. Jakamo. The latest front left behind a chilly morning with lots of wind and a strong falling tide. We headed to a lee shoreline of an interior lake behind Hopedale and were greeted by diving birds and shrimp jumping all over the place.
    Oct 2017 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (2017-10-10 07:45:32)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] The current conditions on Mosquito lagoon and the waters of New Smyrna Beach FL.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2017-10-09 20:55:16)
    [Palm Beach] tarpon active chasing mullet schools, snook ambushing baist along seawalls, jacks schooled up chasing mullet in palm beach
    Sept 2017 New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2017-10-01 12:14:30)
    [Daytona Beach] Early fall patterns have arrived at East Central Florida waters, high clear water with big east winds, fun fishing will continue as autumn moves in.
    Crystal River Fishing Action. by Kyle Messier (2017-10-01 10:06:44)
    [Homosassa] For those anglers looking for slams this time of year the Nature Coast of Florida is the place to be.
    Hernando Beach Fishing Report by Josh Fritz (2017-09-28 18:05:26)
    [Hernando County] Hernando Beach Fishing Report. Fall is in the air the early mornings are nice and cool but heating up quickly giving us a nice taste of Fall. The fishing is just epic and will only get better. Red fish are schooling up in large numbers 15 to 30 fish in a school. Mid incoming and first part of the outgoing tide is producing a great red fish bite. Live green backs rigged with a 25 pound floralcarbon leader in 1/0 to 2/0 circle hook is my go to inshore set up.
    Fall Fishing Mullet Run by Woody Gore (2017-09-26 10:40:54)
    [Tampa] The mullet run has been kicked off my Hurricane Irma and we are catching a variety of fish here in Tampa Bay.
    Milwaukee Fishing, Multi Species Action! by Jim Hirt (2017-09-25 08:41:37)
    [Milwaukee] The fishing was good last weekend. We are finding colder water and schools of baitfish in 30 to 100 feet of water.
    Hernando Beach Fishing Report by Josh Fritz (2017-09-15 16:38:33)
    [Hernando County] Post hurricane Irma fishing is very good, The water clarity is dirty but this will clear up in about a week. Today Friday the 15th of September was our first day back on the water in 6 days. The bait was easy to get with the live well being blacked out by 7am, We left the dock at 7 30 am from Aripeka and had our first snook by 7 45am. It was non stop action for 4 hours catching red fish, snook, trout and baby tarpon. It was a great day back on the water and the fish where hungry.
    2017 Mullet Run Run Coming To Palm Beach by Craig Korczynski (2017-08-24 20:05:47)
    [Palm Beach] snook sriking DOA C.A.L. 4 inch jerk baist in the inlets. tarpon active along channel edges. Peacock bass active along seawalls.
    Aug 2017 New Smyrna Mosquito Lagoon Daytona Beach Orlando Area by Michael Savedow (2017-08-20 09:05:18)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] Summer 2017 is winding down after a great season with lots of fishing trips and good catching all summer long.
    Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (2017-08-16 21:05:54)
    [Palm Beach] Snook along ths sea walls, jacks striking live baits and top water plugs, peacock bass striking doa shrimp on the shorelines.
    August 2017 Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (2017-08-14 17:23:52)
    [Mosquito Lagoon] The fishing has been good on Mosquito Lagoon and in the New Smyrna Beach area.
    Milwaukee, Fishing The Pockets For Kings!! by Jim Hirt (2017-08-09 07:10:23)
    [Milwaukee] I fished anywhere from 70 to out over 150 feet. Follow the temperatures and fish the zone.
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