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Browse Recent Wrightsville Beach North Carolina Fishing Reports

Fall Fishing is Hot Around Wrightsville Beach NC by Jot Owens (10/20/2008)
Fall is here and so is the great fishing!!!
The Air is Cooling Down; Fishing is Heating up Around Wrightsville Beach by Jot Owens (10/06/2008)
Fall temps falling,fishing keeps heating up!!
Strong Low Pressure Hampers Fishing by Rick Bennett (9/25/2008)
Weather is putting a hurt on fishing right now. When the weather clears, look for fall fishing to be in full swing.
Good ole' Fall Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach NC by Jot Owens (9/22/2008)
Fall Fishing is starting up around southeast NC!
Pre and Post TS Hanna by Rick Bennett (9/10/2008)
Summer fishing has been very good and as fall approaches it should get only better. Look for inshore action to get hot!
Fishing is Good around Wrightsville Beach, NC and Hanna is Gone! by Jot Owens (9/07/2008)
Hanna is gone and the water is clearing up. Fishing should get better in no time at all!!
Bonito and Blues Biting Hard off Wrightsville and Carolina Beach by Rick Bennett (8/27/2008)
Reds and spanish and flounder biting well. Fall action just around the corner.
Grays, Flounder and Bull Reds are biting in Southeast NC by Jot Owens (8/25/2008)
Fall fishing is starting to show, fishing will pick up more and more!
Great Nearshore Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach, NC by Jot Owens (8/10/2008)
There is some great fishing just off the beach of Wrightsville!
Hot Fishing in Hot Weather by Rick Bennett (7/30/2008)
When the weather gets hot fish early or late and fish deeper.
Great Mid-Summer Bite Around Wrightsville Beach, NC by Jot Owens (7/28/2008)
Great mid summer fishing around the beach and just off shore. Light tackle and fly fishing.
Where you dreams come true and your heart gets broken by Danny Wrenn (7/24/2008)
Fished for the last 10 nights and it's good.
Swell Fishing and The Flounder and Reds Are Biting by Rick Bennett (7/17/2008)
Big swells have hampered off the beach fishing, but inshore fishing is doing well.
Tarpon, Sharks and Reds Wrightsville Beach, NC Summer Trend! by Jot Owens (7/14/2008)
Light Tackle and fly fishing has really picked close to the beach!
Redfish, Flounder and Sheephead biting around Wrightsville Beach, NC by Jot Owens (7/01/2008)
Good Redfish bite around for the last two weeks!
Wrightsville Baech Fishing is HOT by Rick Bennett (6/25/2008)
Everything is biting hard. The weather is Hoot and so are the fish.
Hot Weather = Hot Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach, NC > Cobia by Jot Owens (6/16/2008)
Cobia, Spanish and King mackerel biting in good numbers aroud the beach!
Spanish are Biting Just Off Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches by Rick Bennett (6/03/2008)
The spanish mackerel bite is the best in years.
Cobia, Reds, Flounder, Spanish and King Mackerel; Summer Fishing! by Jot Owens (6/02/2008)
Summer fishing is here, warmer weather = Better fishing!
Red Drum at Night by Danny Wrenn (5/30/2008)
Landed one nice Red Drum on a Strike King Redfish Magic.
Wrightsville Beach by Danny Wrenn (5/29/2008)
Fishing out of Wrightsville Beach for a variety of fish on light tackle. Topwater and Metal Jigs.
Productive Mixed Bag Around Wrightsville Beach NC by Jot Owens (5/20/2008)
Good mixed bag fishing, a lot of different fish to chase in the area.
Spanish, Blues, Sharks by Brent Stanley (5/18/2008)
On Saturday, May 17, I had the pleasure of having Gregg Boots and his family aboard for a day of fishing. Dispite slow conditions due to a passing weather front, we managed to have a good day of fishing.
Great Light Tackle Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach NC by Jot Owens (5/08/2008)
Great fishing just off the beach. More fish showing up everyday with this nice weather!
North Carolina Gulf Stream Report- 4/30 by Owen Sewell (5/03/2008)
The Gulf Stream is alive and thriving with action.
Southeast Nroth Carolina Fishing Report- SPANISHHHH!!!! by Owen Sewell (5/03/2008)
The Spanish Mackeral have finally arrived and are here in good numbers and size.
Nice weather = Trout, Flounder, Red fish and Blues by Jot Owens (4/25/2008)
The Weather is getting better and better, and the fishing is picking up too!
Flounder, Black Sea Bass, Grunts, and tons of SHAD by Owen Sewell (4/22/2008)
Things are starting to get better every day, and the stability in the weather now should bring everything together. Our fishing charters have been going very well latly.
Wrightsville Beach Fishing Report 4/18 by Owen Sewell (4/18/2008)
The fishing is starting to heat up around here. It can only get better.
Winds and Fish, sometimes you get both! by Jot Owens (4/15/2008)
Winds and the fish are biting around here. But the forecast looks good!
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