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The Bay is Alive with Fish by Hap Farrell (5/23/2008)
This report states that the striped bass have moved into Cape Cod bay in force. The best area is off the Brewster Flats.
Rock Harbor Fishing Report - 16 May by Hap Farrell (5/15/2008)
This Report informs you as to what is happening in the area of Cape Cod Bay. It tell where and when the striped bass may show up.
We are in the water! by Don Cianciolo (4/25/2008)
Yesterday we launched the Launched the Laura-Jay and are about to kick-off another fishing season. The winter itch was getting pretty bad for a while there, but now we are in and ready to roll.
The First Fish by Hap Farrell (4/18/2008)
This Report is about the first striper I landed this season. It also tells of the memories it brings back
The Fish Cometh by Hap Farrell (4/11/2008)
This article indicates that there are signs that the fish are on their way. If the weather improves and warms the water they will be here soon.
Giant Bluefin Tuna by Raymond Ransom (11/10/2007)
The Charter season is winding down, but the captain and his mate are still doing what they love to do. FISHING!!!!!
Cape Cod Tuna Fishing at its best by Raymond Ransom (10/10/2007)
We have experienced great tuna fishing off Chatham this season. Most charters catching 3-6 tuna in the 80lb. class. On our last trip we got lucky and caught a 275lb. fish as well as 3 other tuna on our trip.
School Bluefin and Stripers It's not over yet. by Don Cianciolo (10/03/2007)
Fishing in Cape Cod Bay and Stellwagon Bank is showing no signs of slowing down now that we are entering October. The School Bluefin action is still excellent, and we are seeing lots of fish both on the troll and with top-water casting action.
Romania Invades Cape Cod Bay by Hap Farrell (9/14/2007)
This is about two young ladies from Romania who fish Cape Cod Bay for the first time. Actually, it was their first time fishing.
The Season Winds Down, the Fish Don't by Hap Farrell (9/11/2007)
This is about the fall run in Cape Cod Bay. Where the fish will be and what they might do.
Ed Darien Gets Hooked Up by Hap Farrell (9/07/2007)
This is about Ed Darien and his party land some big bass on Billingsgate Shoals on Cape Cod Bay, They landed a big bass just a few ounces from 40 lbs.
Tourists May go, But the Fish Stay by Hap Farrell (9/05/2007)
This report is about the late summer fishing in Cape Cod Bay. It tells where to go and what lures to use.
Big Bass on light tackle by Raymond Ransom (9/01/2007)
We lit it up Friday catching large stripers on spinning gear. One of the fish measured in at just under 47" caught on 15lb. test. Just because the kids are going back to school it doesn't mean the good fishing is over, it's just getting going...
End of the Summer Blitz by Hap Farrell (8/28/2007)
This is about the movement of big stripersonto Billingsgate Shoals. That the tube & worm is working very well as well as jigging.
Bluefin Tuna Fishing Stellwagon Bank by Don Cianciolo (8/23/2007)
The Bluefin bite on Stellwagon Bank has turned on and is providing excellent fishing. The Bank is absolutely alive right now with huge whale shows, gannets, shearwaters, tons of bait, and Tuna. Save one day last week when someone must have snuck a banana on board the bite has been outstanding.
Good August Fishing by Hap Farrell (8/21/2007)
This report is about two groups fishing in Cape Cod Bay. Also, the action we had in the Bay and where it was.
Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing Cape Cod MA by Thomas DePersia (8/18/2007)
Capt. Tom DePersia of Bigfish II Charters out of Marshfield, Massachusetts reports a spectacular week of fishing on Stellwagen Bank and adjacent waters. The first giant bluefin tuna of the season was landed Wednesday on the Bigfish III by the Mark Simpson party of Pembroke, MA.
We Get the Wind & They Come Back by Hap Farrell (8/14/2007)
This is about the wind pushing the bass up onto a shoal area. It's what a north or northwest wind will do for the fishing on Billingsgate Shoals.
Lewis Bittle Takes on Cape Cod Bay, Again by Hap Farrell (8/10/2007)
This about an extended Family that takes a fishing trip from Rock Harbor. This is the first time they had been out in quite a while.
Fish on the Shoals by Hap Farrell (8/07/2007)
This report show what is going on in Cape Cod Bay and where the fish are. It is also about a young girl who loves to fish.
Billingsgate Shoal Fishing Comes Alive by Hap Farrell (8/05/2007)
This is about a young lady who loves to fish. It show how well she done at the age of thirteen.
The 2nd Rock Harbor Tournament by Hap Farrell (8/01/2007)
This report discribes a tournament held at Rock Harbor,It tells who won and what they caught.
Weather & Fish are Cooperating by Hap Farrell (7/31/2007)
It's about this last weeks fishing in the Bay. It tells where and what to use and what nay happen next week.
The Hubler Tourney by Hap Farrell (7/29/2007)
This is about a tournament to raise money for a good cause. It tell who won and where the money went.
Light Tackle Fishing by Hap Farrell (7/27/2007)
A trip using really light tackle on some really big bass. Where we used it and what type of tackle used.
The Fishing is Picking Up by Hap Farrell (7/24/2007)
This article give you an overall lookat what is happening in Cape Cod Bay. It tells where to go and what to use.
Fishing P-town by Hap Farrell (7/23/2007)
It's about a trip fishing off P-town and doing well. It's the first time these anglers had ever fished there.
A Good Day in the Bay by Hap Farrell (7/22/2007)
It's about the trip that two brothers and friends took fishing for bass and bluefish. It shows how they did by the end of the day.
Landing a Cow by Hap Farrell (7/19/2007)
It's about a guy, Dan Maloy, who has caught a number of stripers. This time he landed a really big bass.
Special Olympics Come To Rock Harbor by Hap Farrell (7/17/2007)
This report is abouot the Spcial Olympics that we host at Rock Harbor every year. It discribes hwat happens a long with local information.
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