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Great Bass Fishing on the Flood Tide by Martin Costa (8/21/2009)
The Provincetown bass are eating on the incoming tide.
Big blues off the Path. by Martin Costa (8/19/2009)
Mixed bag of small fish on the Shoals. Bluefin around Number One.
The Trip by Hap Farrell (8/18/2009)
This is about a trip with friends just to enjoy the day and catch some fish. It was a great day with good people.
Provincetown bass action just getting better by Martin Costa (8/17/2009)
Took our bass limit real early into the 8 hour trip. Now what do we do?
Bass bite is back on in Provincetown by Martin Costa (8/17/2009)
After several days of slow to none bass action, the bass in Provincetown are hungry again.
A Family Affair by Hap Farrell (8/04/2009)
This is about a family that fishes together. There are three generations aboard the boat the Stunmai II.
A "Fisherman" by Hap Farrell (7/28/2009)
This is about a young girl named Emily Ewen and how she has come to be an excellent fisherman. He has landed a good number of big stripers using different methods.
Cape Cod Bay Striper Fishing by Don Cianciolo (7/28/2009)
Well, it looks like we are so far behind on our fishing reports that this is more of a mid-season review. I look at it this way though, if we had time to constantly update the site, that would mean that we weren't out fishing - and that certainly hasn't been the case!
Kathy's Fish... by Hap Farrell (7/15/2009)
This is about a women who out fishes her husband by landing a bigger bass. She supplied most of the fish for their dinner party.
Fishing Cape Cod Bay by Hap Farrell (6/24/2009)
This shows that the whole Bay is loaded with both bass and bluefish. They are mainly in the deep water now but should move soon.
The Bass Take Up Residence by Hap Farrell (6/16/2009)
This area, northwest of the #1 can has stayed active for two weeks now. It's the best area in Cape Cod Bay.
Using Lead Core Line... by Hap Farrell (6/09/2009)
This explains how to use lead core line and sheow water can be landed. It also show where the really big bass are hiding in Cape Cod Bay.
The Bluefish Have Returned... by Hap Farrell (6/03/2009)
The bluefish have shown up in on Stony Bar. The may also be along the Eastham shore.
Cape Cod Bay Revisited... by Hap Farrell (6/02/2009)
This is about a young lady, Anne MacDonald, who loves to fish. She comes to Cape Cod to test her skills against the fish found in the Bay.
Big Fish in the Bay by Hap Farrell (5/26/2009)
This tells of how good the spring bass fishing is in Cape Cod Bay. The kottman party has a really good trip.
Cape Cod Bay Comes Alive... by Hap Farrell (5/17/2009)
The first real amount of Stripers enter Cape Cod Bay. There is mixture of legal fish and small.
First Contact in the Bay... by Hap Farrell (5/09/2009)
This report states what has been found for early stripers in Cape Cod Bay. It show the season has started.
The Action Starts... by Hap Farrell (5/05/2009)
This is about the progress of the striped bass coming into the waters of the Lower Cape. It show that our season is getting off the ground.
The Season is Upon Us... by Hap Farrell (4/05/2009)
This is about the up coming season and what it will bring. It's time to get ready.
Winter Crazy by Raymond Ransom (3/04/2009)
The Cod fishing has wound down. The boat has been hauled out. Thinking about the upcoming season.
Back to Basics by Hap Farrell (8/31/2008)
This is about when there is a slow down in the striper catch or you have young kids on board you can use light tackle and target bluefish. It can be just as much fun as bass fishing.
The Deep Water by Hap Farrell (8/14/2008)
This is about a trip out of Rock Harbor where we fished in deep water looking for bass. Found one just legal fish then moved into a shallow water area to bluefish and found two move legal stripers.
A New Method of Bass Fishing... by Hap Farrell (8/01/2008)
This reports describes a method we are using to catch stripers in Cape Cod Bay. It describes how it works and its success.
On Their Way Home... by Hap Farrell (7/22/2008)
The bass have been on a vacation, but now they are on their way back home. With this northerly wind the bass are pushed up on to the shoals.
Little Lady - Big Fish by Hap Farrell (7/10/2008)
This about Emily Ewen and how well she does fishing. So far she has landed some big bass and is waiting for that 50 pounders.
The Bluefish Show Up... by Hap Farrell (7/04/2008)
This report tells of what has happened in Cape Cod Bay and what is going to happen and where. It also reports on a young mans fish.
England Invades Cape Cod, Again... by Hap Farrell (6/11/2008)
This tell of a man, Tom Preston who came to Cape Cod to catch a bass. He did it on some of the lightest tackle used in the area.
Fishing on the Fly by Hap Farrell (6/05/2008)
This report is about the newly arrive bass off the Brewster Flats. It shows how easily thy will take a fly.
Striper fishing is off to a fantastic start by Don Cianciolo (6/05/2008)
Striper fishing is off to a fantastic starts here on Cape Cod Bay. The Spring Mackeral run has lasted longer than normal, and with that there are exellent numbers of Big Stripers feeding on them only a few miles from the dock.
Memorial Day Fish Stories by Hap Farrell (5/27/2008)
This report describes how good the fishing was over the Memorial Day Weekend. There were schools of big stripers in the deep water on the north edge of Billingsgate Shoals.
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