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Light Tackle Jigging with Wire by Hap Farrell (7/11/2007)
This report show that light tackle can be used while jigging with wire. It takes away the stigma of heavy gear used when jigging with wire.
StunmaiII Fishing Report by Hap Farrell (7/10/2007)
It tells of familly fishing on the Stunmai II for striped bass. It also indicates the big fish have shown up.
Weather in the Bay by Hap Farrell (7/10/2007)
This report consists of the affect of weather on fishing in different areas. It also goes into the activities in the Sunken Meadow area and the north edge of Billingsgate Shoals.
Striper fishing in Cape Cod Bay by Don Cianciolo (7/06/2007)
Well, looks like this week's fishing report is going to be more of a June recap. We've been out straight (which is not a bad thing) so I got behind on the reports again.
Rock Harbor's 1st. Tourney of 2007 by Hap Farrell (7/03/2007)
This is a summery of the activity over the last week. Also what the results of a throw together Tourney at Rock Harbor.
SBFT Bite is ON in CC Bay!! by Scott Bradley (7/03/2007)
Casting to breaking bluefin is a rush! Hook one of these fish on a spinning rod and hold on!
Changing Weather & Fish by Hap Farrell (6/26/2007)
This report brings up the fact the Changes in weather can change the activity of the fish. Also describes a tournament taking place at Rock Harbor on the 3rd of July.
Decent Sized Striped Bass Move In by Dave Waldrip (6/26/2007)
Larger Striped Bass have moved into the area of Race Point and the fishing was pretty good
Bluefin bite by Raymond Ransom (6/25/2007)
The tuna fishing has been hot and heavy!!! The Whale activity and Tuna bite has been very steady considering it's only the middle of June.
Fishing For Stripers, a Family Affair by Dave Waldrip (6/24/2007)
Fishing was a little slow again at Race Point but the day was memorable for 7 year old Jimmy
The Summer Season Starts by Hap Farrell (6/19/2007)
This is a report on the fish activity in Cape Cod Bay. It shows where to fish and what to use for the best rests in landing bass and bluefish.
The Harbor Swings into Action by Hap Farrell (6/12/2007)
The report tells of the activity in Rock Harbor and the boats that fish from there. It tells where they are fishing and the methods used.
Cape Cod 2007 Season by Don Cianciolo (6/12/2007)
Well, so much for keeping up with the fishing reports last season. We started off strong with a report right after our first trip, and then it stopped right there. We are definitely looking to improve on that this year.
The Goose Hummock Goes to Sea by Hap Farrell (6/10/2007)
This is about taking the crew from the Goose Hummock Tackle shop fishing. They don't get out together much to fish. Thihs time they did and enjoyed it.
Big Fish Today by Scott Bradley (6/09/2007)
Landed the biggest fish of the season, so far
CC Bay Beraks Open by Scott Bradley (6/07/2007)
Spectacular June Fishing in Cape Cod Bay. Today, 40 Bass to 42" on light tackle. Book now
The Fish are on the Move by Hap Farrell (6/05/2007)
This report discribes the movement of the striped bass in the east end of Cape Cod bay. It trys to tell fishermen where to look and what to use.
Bass and Blues at the Race by Scott Bradley (6/04/2007)
Lots of Bass and a few Bluefish at Race Point
Memorial Day Weekend Left Its' Memories by Hap Farrell (5/29/2007)
I tell what has happened over the Memorial Day Weekend in the area of Cape Cod Bay. I discuss what methods we used and what we landed for fish.
Stripers are in!!! by Raymond Ransom (5/29/2007)
Sunday mornings trip started out with a bang we traveled out of Bass River on a six hour trip. After 20 minutes of steaming we put the lines out and within minutes had a 36" striper on board. The trip just kept getting better from there.
The Stripers Have Arrived. by Hap Farrell (5/22/2007)
This is a report of the activites of the fish in Cape Cod Bay for the last week. It tells what has happened and where and what might happen later.
Rock Harbor Fishing Report by Hap Farrell (5/15/2007)
This is an account of the activities of the Stunmai II while fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay. This trip was the first of the season and it was a good one.
Brewster Flats Fishing - Early May by Hap Farrell (5/11/2007)
The edge of the Brewster Flats is one of the first places the sring run bass show up. Most of these fish are schoolies but a few legal fish are landed.
River Road, A sign of Spring by Hap Farrell (4/24/2007)
This area, River Road Landing, is a popular spot to find early striped bass. The first run of sunny days usually bring the first fish up Meeting House River in Pleasant Bay. The run has started.
Upcoming Bluefin regulations by Bruce Peters (4/23/2007)
"Bluefin Tuna Fishing Report" The NMFS-NOAA proposed 2007 Bluefin tuna retention limits and fishing days, quota etc.
Where is Spring by Hap Farrell (4/11/2007)
A day taken to check out areas for spring fishing. The weather has been cold and wet a it seems the bait and fish are late. Basically, we have not had a spring.
Early season Cod Trip by Raymond Ransom (4/04/2007)
It was a cold, slow start but we managed to catch a few nice fish. Jigging for Cod off Nantucket Island.
Introduction To Capeshores Charters by Bruce Peters (3/31/2007)
This is not an actual fish report. It is my first report to introduce myself.
Awaiting a new Season In Cape Cod Bay by Hap Farrell (3/28/2007)
Talking about upcoming season and how the cold winter water will affect the seaons fishing. Hopefully, giving a a good season in Cape Cod Bay.
Giant Tuna A No Show - Great South Channel by Jack Riley (10/10/2006)
Traditionally giant bluefin move in to the shipping lanes east of Nantucket in the Fall to chow down prior to their southern migration. Not this year. Could it have anything to do with the herring seiners?
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