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Company: Bay de Noc Charters

Area Reporting: Little Bay de Noc

Bio: I have fished my whole life. Moved to Little Bay de Noc in November of 1996 when my dad and brother and I bought Sall-Mar Resort. Have been chartering for walleye on both Little and Big Bay de Noc the last 8 years or so. I have been featured on national TV on the "The Next Bite" tv show with Keith Kavajcez. Was also named one of the best walleye guides in the country in the June 2005 issue of Field and Stream. I'm am on Warrior Boats pro-staff and love it when parents bring their kids on my charters!

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Still good bite despite extra boat traffic from FLW (7/31/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Pretty decent bite this morning despite all the FLW tourney guys running all over the place. Most of the ones I've spoke to are not catching too many fish. If they would put their lines in the water they might catch some fish!!!
slow start, big come back!!! (7/27/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Started off very slow today, but we switched tactics and it payed off big time...
Pleasantly surprised today... (7/24/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Too calm today, but we still caught some fish! Wasn't the fastest action I have seen, but not the slowest either...
Lots of action today (5/20/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Wasn't sure what to expect today with all the weekend boat traffic on the bay, but it turned out to be a very good day!!!
Need more wind!!! (5/19/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Still ended up with some nice fish even with the fairly calm conditions...
Walleye were smokin' this morning!!! (5/16/2012)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The walleye surprised me this morning with a really good bite despite the passage of a very strong cold front...
Tougher bite today... (8/21/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Maybe not a tougher bite, but tougher conditions making boat control difficult!
August 19th, 20th 2011 (8/21/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We had to deal with some strong winds on the first day fishing with the Otten's, but it was worth it.Yesterday, it was much calmer(too calm)and the fish more fickle, but we still caught some nice ones...
Had to work for them! (8/16/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Tough for me yesterday, but we kept at it and finally found some nice fish!
Fairly good bite going... (7/27/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We struggled on Tuesday after the cold front, but today was better...
Baaaaaaaaaa..... (7/23/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Sheepshead, Sheepshead, and more Sheepshead!
One day to the next..... (6/07/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Small ones yesterday and bigger fish today. Funny how it can change so fast for no obvious reason...
Windy May 26th walleye... (5/27/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] With 30 mph winds, I wasn't even sure we were going to make it out. But we did, and it payed off!!!
Less wind + better bite = Limit on Little Bay De Noc (5/16/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] What a difference the weather makes. Calmer winds today sure made boat control much easier, I know that!
Windy opening day walleye 2011 (5/15/2011)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Scrounged up a few, but it was tough. The high winds made boat control almost impossible...
Put the bait right in their face! (8/19/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Didn't know what to expect after the strong cold front went through, but the fish are still biting!!!
More windy walleye! (8/15/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] I hate west winds, but at the same time the high winds made the fish bite!
Fishing Memories??? (8/12/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Perverence + memories paid off for me and my clients today. Caught some nice fish!!!
Cold front=Cold Bite (8/06/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] I was afraid the cold front would slow things down a bit, and sadly, I was right!!!
Wind just right! (8/02/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The bite was "so-so" until the wind came up today. But once it started to blow, the game was on!
We beat the winds!!! (7/28/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] I was hoping to catch some fish before the winds got too strong. Catch some fish we did!
Hot Summer = Hot Bite (7/28/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The bite is nothing short of fabulous at this time. It's costing me though, as many trips are turning into half day trips because of limiting out so fast!!!
I love summer! (7/24/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Sure am having fun fishing this summer. The warmer water (compared to last year)is making for some very hungry fish!
Talk about fun... (6/26/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We actually had 8 fish on at once today! Now that's fun!!!
Lots of food, but fish still biting... (6/25/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Even with lots of mayflies and alewives present, we are still coaxing the fish into biting. Hopefully the good bite will continue...
Rockaby Walleye (6/24/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We had some stiff winds to deal with today, but my clients and I kept after them and eventually caught our limit...
Yo-Yo going on Little Bay de Noc (6/18/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] One extreme to the next my last few trips as far active fish and the weather. But that's fishing...
On to plan "D" (6/12/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Had a hard time finidng keepers today. But my clients had patience and we finally found some nice ones!
Little Bay de Noc bite went south!!! (6/08/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Man I hate the north winds. It just makes the walleye scatter in all directions it seems. But at least we caught a few...
Fastest action ever on my boat... (6/04/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We had the most non-stop action this morning that I have ever seen on Little Bay de Noc.
Slower for keepers... (6/04/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We had to sort through lots of fish to get our keepers yesterday, but still a pretty good day.
Still where we left them... (5/29/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Found the fish right where we left them yesterday. You have to love jig fishing!!!
Persistence pays off... (5/28/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Could not buy a keeper for along time today, but we kept after them and it payed off.
New Lure Tested Out For Walleye (5/23/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Tried out a new lure system a good friend and I have been working on. It worked pretty good!
May 21st Report LBDNoc... (5/21/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Much better bite today. I think the cloud cover help out since it was the first cloudy day we have had in over a week.
Cold start, but it heated up. (5/15/2010)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The bite was slow at first, but once the wind kicked up and the water warmed up some, the fish started biting...
Tough bite! (10/21/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] We saw a tough bite today. Marked plenty of fish, but few takers....
Leadcore Gold... (10/13/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The weather sure stunk, but the bite was good!!!
A little slower on Sept. 5th... (9/06/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The bite definately dropped a little. But still worth fishing!!!
Round Island Walleye Fishing Report (9/04/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Now we're talking... The bite I expected yesterday was just one day late!!!
Breezy Point Walleye Fishing Report (9/04/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] I actually thought the bite might have been better with the south winds we had. It's not that it was bad. just not as good as I expected. But we still caught some quality walleye...
Smallmouth and walleye = fun time (8/30/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The past couple days we had lots of fun with smallmouth bass and some big walleye at night. I hope the good bite keeps up!
Quality Walleye (8/28/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Day two with the Otten family was even better than day one with some quality walleye coming to the net. Their freezer is now well stocked with walleye fillets to make it thru the winter...
The walleye did not let us down!!! (8/27/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] What a great day of "catching" we had yesterday. The walleye did not let us down!!!
August 18th Report LBDN (8/18/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] The past couple days have been brutal due to high winds. It has impacted the "catching " part of fishing. But we did catch a couple dandies!!!
August 13th Report LBDN (8/13/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] What a great morning on the water. We had our limit in just 2 1/2 hours!!! Then headed in for a fish fry...
August 10th Report LBDN (8/10/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Thanks to the west winds, we really couldn't jig like I wanted, so we switched to trolling. But it worked...
August 8th Report LBDN (8/08/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] Got a late start thanks to mother nature, but we still caught some fish...
Cooler Water Temps (8/07/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] With cool water temps. greeting us, we had to slow down and hit the weeds. Worked out pretty well!!!
Fishing For Walleye Near Gladstone and Center Reef (8/03/2009)
[Little Bay de Noc,MI] My streak of limit catches with a longtime client came to an end. But you know what, we still had a fun day on the water!
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