Fishing Reports by Captain Scott Avanzino

About The Author: Captain

Company: Paradise Outfitters

Area Reporting: Venice Louisiana

Bio: Capt. Scott Avanzino grew up fishing everyday with his younger brother Jamie, while living on the waters edge in Narraganset, Rhode Island. Capt. Scott spent his first 18 summers of his life chasing bluefish and stripers from the rocks and beaches lining Narragansett Bay, before discovering the fantastic offshore tuna fishery off Block Island, RI during his high school years. His exploits include numerous state records top 3 or higher and feature articles in regional and national outdoor publications.

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Fishing Venice For Yellows and Grouper Over Wrecks (8/05/2008)
[Venice,LA] Pretty tough conditions but we made a decent running of down to Venice into a tropical low that was forming off the coast..we stalled out trip out a few hours but ran around squalls using the GPS SatXM weather
Summer Is Over in Venice (9/03/2007)
[Venice,LA] End of the line for us..summer is over and the kids are back in school..last trip for the week on a long holiday was a busy summer but now we are slowing down..
Could Tuna Fishing Be Any Better (8/31/2007)
[Venice,LA] Where do I start..(you know its good when it starts like this),..we had everyone and thier brother out today in fact Kerry Milano even covered a trip for us..I dont know how he did but I am sure he whallopped them as well..Bill, Hunter, Scott and I were out today..
2 Yellowfins and Limit On Snapper (8/25/2007)
[Venice,LA] We had the Lake Area Electric crew today and Leger had the half that got on the wrong boat..both plans called for tuna and snapper..and it couldn't have gone any better for both species on my boat..we got 3 tuna right off the bat then a lucky shot.
Tuna and Wahooooo (8/24/2007)
[Venice,LA] Hunter and I were back from storm break to meet great conditions for a change..Bill's and Leger's crews opted out of their overnighter which should have went into today leaving both of them to do is always a little a hard to peg after a break but we did well all things considered.
Best Venice Tuna Fishing Of The Summer (8/11/2007)
[Venice,LA] Capt Scott had Scott Shroeder and pals out for another tuna crusher..they had another 9 yellowfins in what has proved to be the best tuna fishing of the summer..
Swordfish Fishing Gulf Of Louisiana (8/03/2007)
[Venice,LA] Capt Scott Leger and Capt Bill both ran successful day tuna trips..the bite was insane..Bill was done at noon with 12 yellowfins..Scott had 8 yellowfins..both
Tuna Massacre (8/01/2007)
[Venice,LA] Cant believe its August already wow..tuna will likely be the main target from now until March, dolphin bite has taperedoff althopughI heard from one private boat that they couldnt keep them off the lines while tuna fishing
Finatic Tuna Catch (7/25/2007)
[Venice,LA] This report com,es from Eric Capetta et al who went out on the Finattic last week with Capt Scot Leger and Buddy..
Venice Louisiana tuna,snapper, wahoo and mahi (4/26/2007)
[Venice,LA] Mixed bag catch between 3 boats fishing yesterday..out of Venice, Louisiana
Offshore Venice, Louisiana mixed bag (4/23/2007)
[Venice,LA] Grease wrenches, wahoo, marlin tuna and snapper
Swords, Tuna, and Wahoo In Venice LA (3/01/2007)
[Venice,LA] Venice goes off again..big yellowfins, swordfish and wahoo.
February offshore action off the charters (2/15/2007)
[Venice,LA] Been a busy two weeks with wahoo and yellowfin and blackfin tuna and mako sharks..
More Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo Fishing Action (1/23/2007)
[Venice,LA] Mid winter pattern in full swing for yellowfins and wahoo. Fishing has been prety good with alot of big fish taken out of Venice.
Jan Weekend Report Out Of Venice Marina (1/07/2007)
[Venice,LA] More wahoo and yellowfin fishing out of Venice. It's on!!
2 Yellowfin Tuna and 8 Wahoo! (1/01/2007)
[Venice,LA] Starting the new year off right catching wahoo and tuna..Yet another great trip to start out the new year right..I had a crew from Jensen Beach FL looking for wahoo..and just as you would suspect the first fish in the boat turned out to be a yellowfin tuna..had two bites on the surface today and both were tuna.
More wahoo and yellowfin in Venice, LA (12/28/2006)
[Venice,LA] Wednesday December 27th proves another great day for targeting wahoo and tuna.
Wahoo and Yellowfins Again in Venice LA (12/18/2006)
[Venice,LA] Weekend weather breaks and the fish are biting hard. More good offshore reports coming and no one is complaining about the indian summer either..already covered Thursday's Hunter went out with Roger, Frank, Manley and Wayne from TN and mopped up on the mulet ws key to 8 yellowfins from 50-110 pounds in 3 hours and Friday was about the same..
Yellofin Melee In Venice (12/07/2006)
[Venice,LA] 14 yellowfins cought 12-7-06 on a fun trip. Finally a fishing report..when I thought about it, it was my first trip back in nearly a month..Finally a break...and what better time to cure the cabin fever, than an all out tuna better medicine I am sure of it..havent seen a showing like we did this afternoon in a while..very pleasing to the was on and I mean's amazing how well they bite with a little rest time .....really didnt matter what you presented. It didnt matter if it even had the end we were tossing Frenzy Ballistic flyers with no hooks just to see the fish blow up on them.
Big Yellowfin Tuna Caught In Venice Louisiana (11/20/2006)
[Venice,LA] The nearshore yellowfin tuna bite in Venice Louisiana is shaping up.
Fall Yellowfin Tuna Running Out Of Venice Louisiana (11/16/2006)
[Venice,LA] We have had great success with yellowfins out of Venice is great right now. Pretty good week of fishing this week..we were able to get out 5 times and experienced some increadible yellowfin tuna fishing
More tuns in Venice, LA -tis the season (10/26/2006)
[Venice,LA] More yellowfin tuna caught this Wednesday..Both Hunter and I were scheduled for day trips on Wednesday but I planted the seed of a possible nite trip with my crew and lo and behold they showed up early enough to do it.. Not to dissapoint I headed south and 2 hours later, jumped on the boat to meet was looking iffy for Wednesday afternoon and the thought of taking a shot at a sword also appealed to me..left out about 5pm making two unsuccessful sword drifts..conditions were perfect had squid and bait in the lights but obviously not in the spot..the main target was tuna anyway..
Louisiana Tuna, Swordfish, and More (10/23/2006)
[Venice,LA] Fall winter fishing is increadible right now..plenty of fat yellowfin tuna and wahoo and a few swrodfish caught this week out of Venice Marina
Pending World Record Wahoo - Small Fry Girls (10/12/2006)
[Venice,LA] So much for swordfish,..forgot all about them..This is a fish we have had our sights on since this summer when I had another girl just miss beating the current 48 pound wahoo by 3 pounds..that and her mom touched the rod while she was harnessing up so we know the rules no help..Noelle is no stranger to offshore fishing having landed a small backfin tuna a month before her 3rd birthday as her first offshore fish.
Cobia, Tuna, Mahi and Wahoo in Venice (10/09/2006)
[Venice,LA] The first week of October brought windy conditions and wahoo and tuna bite offshore with some surprise dolphin and a pile of cobia..
Late Season Venice Wahoo Fishing Run (10/02/2006)
[Venice,LA] The surprise run of fall wahoo has been giving anglers lots of excitiemtn..tuna bite is also consistent as expected
Mixing It All Up Offshore Venice (9/19/2006)
[Venice,LA] Little bit iof everythign continues in Venice, LA..been focusing on tuna and grouper mostly
Fall pattern in full swing (9/11/2006)
[Venice,LA] Fall tuna run starts early - Yellowfin tuna and grouper best bet last 2 weeks
Yellowfins and Mahi Mahi In Venice (9/11/2006)
[Venice,LA] We spent the entire day trolling a small grassline in hopes for the grander marlin..we would catch a 20 pound cow dolphin before coming across a floating crate loaded with tripletail.
Labor Day Venice La Fishing (9/08/2006)
[Venice,LA] I had some friends who hooked and fought 11 swordfish two nights ago releasing 8 and keeping the largest a 160 pounder..everyone took advantage of Labor day..will post pics when I get them.
Wahoo and Red Snapper Fishing Venice (8/29/2006)
[Venice,LA] I had the brothers Ward the last 2 days..great company, fair weather and frustrating fishing..these guys go all over the continent hunting and fishing and they have been following my reports since booking the trip 4 months ago; so I really wanted to put the smashing on the fish for them..
Same Tuna Caught Twice by Same Captain (8/27/2006)
[Venice,LA] Just got an email from Dr. Randy..turns out the tuna we caught last week on 8-15-06 was one of the same fish we caught last year for the sonic tagging study at the Medusa Platform conducted by USF..
LA Sportsmans TV Fishing Report (8/21/2006)
[Venice,LA] Had LA Sportsman's Ad director, Otis Taylor, Seabrooke Marina and Shipyard's David Montz along with Cameraman Joe Bordelon and Host Kevin Ford of LA Sportsman TV today..
Yellowfin Tuna Bite Is Strong Off Venice (8/19/2006)
[Venice,LA] We absoultely packed the boat with fish today..Had Jared Langley bunch in from Oklahoma..the tuna bite was again strong
160lb Yellowfin Tuna Caught (8/18/2006)
[Venice,LA] A 160 pound yellowfin would be the prize of the 5 tuna they caught and when the bottomfish bite shut down on them after a few fish they came home early
Aug week 1 Venice Offshore Fishing Report (8/06/2006)
[Venice,LA] Exciting week..swordfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, snapperm grouper and jacks..
Overnighter Tuna Fishing Trip Venice (8/04/2006)
[Venice,LA] Lance had the Tony Schrdt bunch for an overnight outof Fourchon and slammed the fish as expected..
Louisiana Tuna and Swordfishing (8/03/2006)
[Venice,LA] Well I ruined the surprise. Great trip with my good pal John Hunsucker and Jack Dulaney and Jim and James and Don..Very hot day today. nothing would go right at the start..plan was to marlin fish and bottom fish with the possibility of drifting for swordfish..
Blue Marlin Mania Off Venice La (7/16/2006)
[Venice,LA] Billfish and dolphin and yellowfin tuna are all over the place offshore right now..I heard an eddy from the mother loop spun off two weeks ago and I guess it has made it way to the Central Gulf in range of us day fisherman..evidentslly there was a tournament out of the panhandle where 80 billfish were tagged, released or brought to the dock..including a near grander fish..