All South Carolina Fishing Reports

Charleston Redfish Action! by Michael Bales (5/30/2018)
[Charleston,SC] Excellent fishing In and around Historic Charleston South Carolina.
Charleston winter redfish report by Michael Bales (1/23/2018)
[Charleston,SC] Crazy weather is gone and the redfish are eating.
Trout Have Shown Up....Finally by Bob Sanders (9/06/2011)
[Beaufort,SC] After two winter trout kills, the trout have shown up.
Warm water good fishing by John Ward (5/31/2010)
[Charleston,SC] Inshore and nearshore fishing has really started to heat up with the rising tempatures. Still catching good numbers of reds, trout, and sheepshead, plus the sharks, cobia, spanish, blues and spadefish have shown up.
Fishing Report for Charleston,SC by Chris Wilson (4/15/2010)
[Charleston,SC] The fishing around Charleston is starting to get crank up as the water temps rise a variety of game fish will start to move into the inshore waters around Charleston ,SC!!
Bad weather, Good fishing by John Ward (2/10/2010)
[Charleston,SC] Cold water windy days, still producing good numbers of schooling redfish and sheepshead
Warmer weather and hungry Redfish!! by Chris Wilson (1/17/2010)
[Charleston,SC] The air temps are back on the rise so its starting to feel a little more enjoyable on the water Sight fishing for Redfish around Charleston shallow water mud flats.
Great Sight Fishing for Redfish in Charleston SC by Chris Wilson (1/05/2010)
[Charleston,SC] Sight Fishing for Redfish on the mud flats is in Full Swing!!! Fly/light Tackle Anglers are seeing great action on Redfish and Speckle Trout!!
Fish schooling up by John Ward (12/09/2009)
[Charleston,SC] Reds and trout are starting to school up for winter conditions. Large numbers of tightly packed fish in clear water.
Charleston Inshore Fishing still on Fire by John Ward (12/01/2009)
[Charleston,SC] Cooling water temps have the reds and trout in tight schools with big numbers
FinAddict Fly/Spin Charters fishing report for 10-26-09-09 by Chris Wilson (10/26/2009)
[Charleston,SC] The cooler weather has move into the Charleston area and the bait fish are on the move.The Redfish and Speckle Trout Bite has Turn On!!
Fall bite heating up by John Ward (10/17/2009)
[Charleston,SC] Charleston and Kiawah redfish and trout on lite tackle and fly fishing has been great. Hungry fish everywhere.
Charleston,SC fishing report by Rick Hiott (10/10/2009)
[Charleston,SC] They didn't show up for there charter,,,so I went anyway............And had a blast!
On Fire Fall Fishing by John Ward (9/29/2009)
[Charleston,SC] Good numbers of redfish and sea trout being caught with the cooler weather of Fall.
Red Drum Fishing by Shannon Currie (9/05/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in Murrells Inlet for Red Drum,Trout and Flounder
Tailing Redfish!! by Chris Wilson (7/29/2009)
[Charleston,SC] The Charleston Low Country is getting into Prime Tailing Tides Season for Redfish in the Grass!!
Fishing in Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet SC by Shannon Currie (7/21/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has got better since the bait has shown up.......
Tailing Redfish!! by Chris Wilson (7/16/2009)
[Charleston,SC] The last few weeks my clients have been doing well with Redfish Tailing on the Flood Tides in the grass with Fly/light Tackle.
Redfish and Cobias FinAddict Charters by Chris Wilson (6/28/2009)
[Charleston,SC] Well its sure feels Hot!! in the Low Country and so is the Fishing.We have had some good Tailings Tides for Redfish and a good Run of Cobia Action!!!
Nearshore Kings and Mahi in June by Englis Glover (6/28/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Great fishing the last 3 weeks!!! The fishing has been great on nearshore live bottoms.
Charleston,SC fishing Report by Rick Hiott (5/30/2009)
[Charleston,SC] I dont know why it took so long for the Giant red drum to show up,,,,but they are here now.
Charleston Harbor Fishing - Great Redfish and Trout On Flats by Chris Wilson (5/28/2009)
[Charleston,SC] We are seeing some great Redfish and Trout action on the Flats and Creeks and Cobia and AmberJacks on the inshore wrecks with more species moving in for the Summer months.!!
Charleston inshore saltwater fishing report May 16th (Pic's) by Rick Hiott (5/17/2009)
[Charleston,SC] The bite is on here in Charleston guys! The water temp is 73 degrees
The Menhaden Have Arrived In Charleston and The Bite Is On! by Rick Hiott (5/11/2009)
[Charleston,SC] The fish are wide open! The menhaden have arrived and the fish are on the bite!
Fishing Myrtle Beach by Shannon Currie (4/29/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] The Spanish are here so get out there. It's alittle early but they have showed up...
Spanish in Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet by Englis Glover (4/17/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Great Day for an early Spanish bite. We waited for the waves to settle then slipped out and got on them.
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing by Shannon Currie (4/05/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has been slow but we found a small school that was ready to feed....
Myrtle Beach Valentines Bottom Bite by Englis Glover (2/18/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fished out of Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet and had a great trip this weekend.
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing by Shannon Currie (1/31/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing is very slow here in the winter. Save your money till summer....
Myrtle Beach/ Murrells Inlet Fishing by Englis Glover (1/18/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] The bottom bite is on. Come get in on the action. We got winter deals going.
Murrells Inlet Fishing by Shannon Currie (12/14/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Might be cold but some fish still here if you willing to bundle up...
Coastal Eco-Charters - November Fishing by Michael Rutenberg (12/04/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Coastal Eco-Charters - November Fishing emphasizes patience, focus, and plastics.
Fishing Murrells Inlet / Myrtle Beach by Shannon Currie (11/30/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] The weather is a little tough,but for those that dare fishing is good.
Catfish Ahoy by Rick Hiott (11/24/2008)
[Beaufort,SC] Dozens of catfish spotted near the peer! Hurry before their all fished out!
Catching Report with pic's by Rick Hiott (10/15/2008)
[Charleston,SC] Charleston Catching report with pictures.
Charleston,SC Fishing Report by Rick Hiott (9/11/2008)
[Charleston,SC] We boated eight Red Drum anywhere from 27"-30" and got cut off by three others.
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing by Shannon Currie (7/19/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has been tough this year btu don't give up yet,we have a lot of summer left.....
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing Reports by Shannon Currie (6/19/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing is getting right in Myrtle Beach
Catfishing the Santee Cooper Lakes by Tom Gregory (4/27/2008)
[Santee Cooper Lake,SC] Water level is back to normal for this time a year. Water is warming up mid day is 67 deg.
Fishing Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet by Shannon Currie (3/16/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Myrtle Beach Fishing is going into high gear....
Big Red Drum offshore by Rick Hiott (12/17/2007)
[Charleston,SC] Capt Dan Utley and I offshore along with SC DNR Marine Biologists Glenn Ulrick Tagging Big Red Drum
Myrtle Beach Fishing by Shannon Currie (9/03/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in myrtle beach is the best from now to dec.
Murrells Inlet - Myrtle Beach Fishing by Shannon Currie (8/31/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Bait is showing up and the fishing is getting better.
murrells inlet/myrtle beach fishing by Shannon Currie (7/21/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] bait pods are here and holding fish using light tackle and wire leaders you can get in on some of the action, Good Luck!! Capt. Shannon
Miss Judy's South Carolina Connection by Judy Helmey (6/27/2007)
[Hilton Head,SC] The South Carolina and Georgia Coast line have a lot to offer where these two states meet! Artificial reef fishing can be very accommodating especially at this time of the year!
Inshore Fishing Charelston Harbor by John Ward (5/24/2007)
[Charleston,SC] The mixed bag of inshore species are starting to heat up with the rising water temps.
Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach Fishing by Shannon Currie (3/30/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in Murrells Inlet/ Myrtle Beach is seasonal but the time is now!
Wando River Fishing Report by Rick Hiott (3/29/2007)
[Charleston,SC] Thank God the water is warming up. We have 71 degree water temp here in Charleston,SC and its only going to get better!!
Beaufort And Hilton Head Fishing Report by Mike Upchurch (12/13/2006)
[Beaufort,SC] It has been a busy fall but I always get stacked up with folks over the holidays and the fishing couldn't be much better. The weather has been phenomenal and the fish cooperative. One of my friends from Shakespeare, Matt Fletcher was down for a trip and we had a good day with reds and trout.
Fall Bite In Beaufort SC by Josh Utsey (11/15/2006)
[Beaufort,SC] Not allot to say except live shrimp on a popping cork and your catching fish. The trout numbers have been astonishing and they just seem to be everywhere. They are still not the largest fish in the sea but the sheer numbers definatley make it worth while.
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