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Ice Fishing In Northern Minnesota - Ball Club Lake by Gus Sheker (11/09/2009)
[Ball Club Lake,MN] Gear up for the up coming ice fishing season.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 11/8/09 by Phil Hart (11/08/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] How about pre-winter angling? This past weekend found lots of folks on the water during the mid-day time period. Hunt in the early morning, fish mid-day, hunt before sunset, it doesn't get any better.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 9/13/09 by Phil Hart (9/14/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Absolutely beautiful summer weather has visited the Northland over the last couple of weeks, warming the water to 70 degrees plus.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 9/6/09 by Phil Hart (9/06/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] What a wow week of weather--picture perfect temps, mild winds and lots of sun--all this after a soggy August that included lower than average temperatures and over 6 inches of rain.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 8/30/09 by Phil Hart (8/30/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Recently weather patterns and lower-than-average temperatures hint that fall has arrived.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 8/23/09 by Phil Hart (8/23/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fall-like weather this past week really keeps vacationers, shopkeepers and fisherman on their toes. As our moods change so it is with other creatures.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 8/16/09 by Phil Hart (8/16/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Summer arrived in the Northland and was greeted by most folks with open arms until we came within a hair of 90 degrees. Grumbling from anglers was heard--too hot, too sunny, no wind--most often the curse for good fishing conditions
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 8/9/09 by Phil Hart (8/09/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Another spring-like week has passed by with a summer week predicted to replace it. The weather folks predict temperatures in the mid-80's--could this happen, stay tuned.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 8/2/09 by Phil Hart (8/02/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Once again our beautiful area showed some promise that Summer may make a showing, but it didn't happen.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishhing Report 7/26/09 by Phil Hart (7/26/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Weather fronts producing low pressure conditions combined with determined anglers added up to a good walleye harvest for most.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 7/20/09 by Phil Hart (7/19/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] This past week was quite extraordinary; unfortunately I'm speaking of the weather, not fishing.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 7/12/09 by Phil Hart (7/12/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] We had a very pleasant week of nice "Up North" weather for folks--day-time 70 degrees and night-time in the 40's. The below average temperatures have resulted in cool lake temperature, which in turn has stretched out the Mayfly hatch and kept active fish in shallower waters than expected.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 7/5/09 by Phil Hart (7/05/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] As the lake turns from windy to calm, so does the fish bite. The lake is slowly warming up after a cold windy week, and the mayflies have blown away.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 6/21/09 by Phil Hart (6/21/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] A beautiful week of summer weather is taking its toll on anglers this past week. Sweatshirts have given way to shorts and tank tops. Sun lotion and bug repellent have become a necessity as does lively bait.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 6/14/09 by Phil Hart (6/14/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] What a weekend--one might believe Summer is here! Friday a fast-paced storm blew through leaving behind a gorgeous, second to none, sun-filled, warm weekend.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 1/11/09 by Phil Hart (6/07/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Cool weather and spring-like conditions keep anglers guessing. Today's water temperature, June 7, is 54 degrees on the surface.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report by Phil Hart (5/31/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] If catching fish is your game, and you had a vast wardrobe to choose from to handle the weather changes, it was your week.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 5/24/09 by Phil Hart (5/24/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] The weekend everyone's been waiting for arrived in a beautiful weather fashion.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 5/18/09 by Phil Hart (5/17/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] A mixed week of weather equals mixed results--one day 70 degrees, nest day in the 20's struggling to reach 40 degrees.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report May 11, 2009 by Phil Hart (5/10/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Wow, what an opening day for Kabetogama. The weather did test anglers' determination, as part of the day featured light snow, sleet and cold rain. The end of the day was cool, but cleared off for a beautiful, sunny, mid-50's Sunday.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 5/4/09 by Phil Hart (5/04/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Here at Kabetogama our wishes were answered, the ice was off the lake for all intent and purposes on May 1st, that's unofficial, but who cares the ice is gone.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report March 29, 2009 by Phil Hart (3/29/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] This past week anglers were doing their best to find and catch a few crappies, with a few folks looking for walleyes on Namakan.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 3/16/09 by Phil Hart (3/16/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Anglers this past weekend were mostly concentrating on crappies, results are mixed. Some folks tried Kabetogama, while others preferred to try Namakan and Sandpoint where you can still keep walleyes and pike as well as fish crappies.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 2/22/09 by Phil Hart (2/22/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fortunately for us here in the northland, Our Canadian border lakes have an extended season to take advantage of.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 2/15/09 by Phil Hart (2/16/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Huge temperature swings and mixed precipitation spoiled all mid-week fishing in our neck of the country. This past weekend the temperatures hovered around normal and anglers managed to get some hours in. Reports were spotty and it was overall a quiet weekend for fishing.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report January 25, 2009 by Phil Hart (1/26/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] The pace has slowed down considerably since the holiday weekend.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 1/18/09 by Phil Hart (1/18/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] No catches to report this week, except one really nice walleye - see the picture - 31.5". The forecasted warm weather and accompanying cold may solidify some of the slush making traveling on the ice less formidable.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 1/11/09 by Phil Hart (1/11/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Angling and spearing continue, with some success in the well traveled areas of the lake. Pike remain the most active fish, walleye bite has been spotty as have favored destinations.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 1/4/09 by Phil Hart (1/04/2009)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] his past week has given us lots of snow, over 10", which is not helping the slush and ice formation problems on our big lakes. Well traveled areas on Kabetogama and Namakan are packed and travel is not a problem.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 12/28/08 by Phil Hart (12/28/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Another week of mixed bag weather, minus 25 to plus 25 and snow with a little freezing rain. This adds up to difficult ice traveling. Anglers and spearers made paths to the previously traveled locations and found easy travel and a pretty good bite.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 12/21/08 by Phil Hart (12/21/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] More snow, more cold all the more reason to shift gears from watching winter to enjoying it. You can get on the ice to spear or angle, spearing is wrapping up somewhat as anglers start getting out to their walleye holes.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 12/15/08 by Phil Hart (12/14/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] The park expects to stake portions of the lakes next week meaning they are safe for snowmobile traffic and grooming of the lake trails may follow shortly.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 12/8/08 by Phil Hart (12/07/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] An Abundance of cold weather and several small snowfalls have made this area a winter wonderland. Angling and spearing has contributed to small villages on the ice. At present the spearing enthusiasts out number the anglers as per usual, early in the season.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 12/1/08 by Phil Hart (12/01/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Winter like weather has been around the last couple weeks providing safe ice in most bays.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 11/17/08 by Phil Hart (11/16/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Soft water anglers may find it time to put away their gear for the season. The current forecast includes some cool single digit temperatures that will surely ice up the shorelines. Anglers in the meantime should get their house in shape(fish house that is) and prepare for the winter season.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 11/10/08 by Phil Hart (11/09/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Walleye bite was again strong and the target for most anglers. The nice weather gave way to wind and rain and few if any ventured out on the lakes.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 11/3/08 by Phil Hart (11/02/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] What a Great week, lots of indian summer. Lots of quality walleye fishing, many happy anglers. Anglers had to occasionally dodge the wind in order to get boat control, but it paid off more often than not.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 10/26/08 by Phil Hart (10/26/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] A typical mixed bag of weather week didn't stop anglers or seriously affect their success. Walleyes seem to be the main target for most folks, and at the time they offer the best bite.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 10/20/08 by Phil Hart (10/20/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Walleye bit still remains strong with a few more keepers showing up.(under 17"). The structures near the deeper waters seem to hold the best populations.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 10/13/08 by Phil Hart (10/12/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Kabetogama and Namakan are still lurking with hungry walleyes which is evidenced by their attack on jigs and minnows.
Walleye Action Strong On The Lakes by Phil Hart (10/06/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Great fall weather, Great fishing. Walleye action still going strong as the lake still remains 57 degrees.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 9/29/08 by Phil Hart (9/28/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fall is settling in and the leaves are turning to brilliant amber shades. Anglers are enjoying the fall colors from the water while at the same time they are reeling in walleyes.
Fall fishing on Rainy Lake! Walleye & Crappie going strong!! by Woody Woods (9/23/2008)
[Ranier,MN] Crappie fishing has really picked up as well as Fall Walleye patters are also starting! Beauty Walleye and Slab Crappies!
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 9/15/08 by Phil Hart (9/16/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] After a spectacular Spring & Summer Fishing Season on Kabetogama and Namakan, the angling pressure on the fish has let up. The fall anglers are reaping benefits of fall fishing with the walleyes and sauger bite remaining strong.
kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 9/8/08 by Phil Hart (9/07/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fall weather settles in, gloves go on, couple layers of clothes feel good and it's fall weather fishing time.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report August 25, 2008 by Phil Hart (8/25/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] As September closes in, and cooler weather dominates the weeks ahead, serious anglers will be hitting the waters.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report August 18, 2008 by Phil Hart (8/17/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Wow, it's 87 degrees as I write this report; yesterday's 83 degree bright sun and good fishing reports despite the non-typical weather.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report August 11, 2008 by Phil Hart (8/09/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] We experienced one of the most beautiful weeks the area has seen in decades--great temperatures, including cool nights and only moderate winds.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report August 4, 2008 by Phil Hart (8/03/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Here we are in August already but no sign of the usual dog day. Kabetogama still offers great fishing along with Namakan and the inland lakes on the peninsula.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report July 27, 2008 by Phil Hart (7/28/2008)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] A mild, warm weather week has been enjoyed by all and makes for a pleasant fishing experience throughout the park.
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