Fishing Reports by Captain Michael Dennis

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Company: Cape Fear Guide

Area Reporting: Cape Fear Coastal Regions

Bio: Capt. Mike Dennis was an employee of the E.I. Dupont Company from 1974 to 2001.His love for fishing was started by his father Bobby Dennis who took him fishing countless times as a young boy. Capt. Mike has fished off the Carolina Coast since 1974 he has owned and operated boats all of his life and has a great respect for the Atlantic Ocean Capt Mike is a resident of Carolina Beach his only job is fishing.Capt.Mike offers inshore live bait charters for red drum,speckle trout,flounder & nearshore species such as spanish mackeral.

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Carolina Beach Inshore Fishing (7/28/2020)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Carolina Beach Inshore fishing with the Cape Fear Guide, Capt. Mike Dennis had a couple of awesome days fishing in Snow's Cut for Flounder & Red Drum. The bite was spectacular catching Red Drums over the slot with a few being in the slot size. When we did not have a Red Drum on we were catching large flounder had a couple of fish at the 10 lb. size with some 8 lb. with few smaller fish.
Red Drum On The Cape Fear River (5/30/2012)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Finding red drum bite in Buzzard Bay on falling tide along oyster beds,and sand bars using carolina rigs with menhaden.When bite stops move out to Islands in the Cape Fear River to find action.
NC Inshore Fishing (8/16/2010)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Hot water tempertures,have slowed bite,but fish are starting to bite again.
Cape Fear Red Drum (6/09/2010)
[Wilmington,NC] Wind was really blowing, this past Sunday,rode south to samll creek off Cape Fear River found red drum biting !
NC Speckle Trout (5/31/2010)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Found speckle trout & flounder biting in the Cape Fear River.
Cape Fear Fishing (5/08/2010)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Spring time inshore fishing in the Cape Fear Region has started.
Carolina Beach - Speckle Trout (10/22/2009)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Speckle trout are showing up at Carolina Beach Inlet,jigs are working well.
Red Drum Bite (8/21/2009)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Fish are hard to find but when you finally locate them the bite is on !
Red Drum Bite is Hot (8/06/2009)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Red Drum were biting as fast a you could get the baits in the water !
Cape Fear Guide Red Drum (6/27/2009)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Found red drum scattered on shoreline,feeding hard!
Speckle Trout & Flounder (6/09/2009)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Rock Wall Jetty south of Fort Fisher hokding speckle trout & Flounder.
Cape Fear Guide Fishing (4/10/2009)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Cape Fear Guide runs first Spring charter on April 8,2009. Black drum bite excellent,for first time anglers.
Carolina Beach Charter (6/14/2008)
[Carolina Beach,NC] No bad luck today,fished Friday 13th,at Carolina Beach,N.C. bite was outstanding for Spanish mackerel.
Carolina Beach Dolphin (5/31/2008)
[Carolina Beach,NC] Dolphin were on fire at the 30 mile range off Carolina Beach,N.C. May 30th.
Large Flounders (5/26/2008)
[Buzzard Bay,NC] Fished in about 6' of water next to a rock wall,using live menhaden on Carolina rig.Flounder bite started on the falling tide.
Carolina Beach Flounder (5/21/2008)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Light lined small menhaden at rising tide,water depth 2'.
Cape Fear River -NC (4/27/2008)
[Cape Fear River,NC] I fished the rising tide,found large Black Drum,Red Drum & Virgina Mullet biting shrimp on the bottom.
Cape Fear Bluefish (4/18/2008)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Look for birds diving to the water surface.Cast plugs that have good action on retrieve.
Cape Fear River -NC (4/16/2008)
[Cape Fear River,NC] Falling tide yielded the best bite all season on these Virginia Mullet,fresh cut shrimp on light bottom tackle is the key to a good catch.