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Bio: Bass Fishing Guide Service Second to none. Living in the North Alabama Area since the 70\'s and fishing Lake Guntersville for over 35 years I feel the expertise offered to my customers is second to none. I challenge you to utilize my guide service and compare the knowledge, friendliness and good time on the water to anyone. I promise you no-one will take better care of you or work harder to see you have a day to remember on beautiful Lake Guntersville Alabama.Bass Fishing at its best!

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fishing report 10/10.20 (10/10/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the fall can be tough it can be easy and all in between!
fishing report 10/3/20 (10/03/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the bright sun buried the fish in the grass making bites a little tougher this past week
fishing report 9/19-20 (9/19/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The cool temperatures is really helping the fishing, come fish with us!
fishing report 9/12/20 (9/13/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The water is cooling down the fishing is picking up!
fishing report 9/6/20 (9/06/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] some up and down this past week but all is well
Fishing report 8/29/20 (8/29/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fall is approaching and the wind and rain is helping!
fishing report 8/22/20 (8/22/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the tale of 2 stories good early in the week tough at the end
fishing report Lake Guntersville 8/15/20 (8/15/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing is better than expected as the summer has been good and this past week was much of the same.
Fishing Report 8/1/20 (8/01/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It was a great week on Guntersville the heat has not been a factor lots of bites!
Fishing report 7-11-20 (7/11/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The heat never slowed down the bite as we had a great week on Guntersville!
Fishing report 7-4-20 (7/04/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Regardless of the heat and boat traffic the week was good to the fisherman!
Fishing report 6-27-20 (6/27/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It was a great week on Guntersville, wind early in the week made it tough to hold out there but great action!
Fishing report 6-20-20 (6/20/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] it was a great week on the water lots of bites lots of fish and great weather!
Fishing report 6-13-20 (6/13/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] We had an up and down week but lots of fun and some great customers!
Fishing report 6//6/20 (6/07/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Up and down week on Guntersville, lots of fisherman
Fishing report 5-30-20 (5/30/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It was a great week on Guntersville, its never easy but it was consistent.
Fishing report 5-23-20 (5/23/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some consistent bite this past week looking good for the next few weeks and bites will be fun!
Fishing report 5-17-20 (5/17/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Big pick up this week on Guntersville, all is well and having fun!
Fishing report 5-9-20 (5/09/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the up and down weather continued and so did the up and down fishing!
fishing report 5/2/20 (5/02/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] there is some consistency coming in the weather helping you catch fish easier on a daily basis!
Fishing report 4/25/20 (4/25/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It was a good week on Guntersville, the up and down weather was still chaning the bite but we caught good fish most the week.
Fishing report 4-11-20 (4/11/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Great week for numbers on Guntersville as the spawn goes into full force!
Fishing report 4-4-20 (4/04/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It heated up the later part of Friday and it was on!
Fishing report 3-28-20 (3/28/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Weather is such a key this time of year as the rain, fronts and change is a constant to address every day!
Fishing report 3-21-20 (3/21/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Great week on Guntersville the best fishing of the year without a doubt.
Fishing report 3-15-20 (3/15/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The fish have turned on the end of the week was a blessing from the fish Gods
Fishing report 3-7-20 (3/07/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the weather played a big role in the fishing this past week, the weather changed daily and so did the fishing!
Fishing report 2-29-20 (2/29/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing is typical winter the weather changes the fishing changes, but were doing well!
Fishing report 2/22/20 (2/22/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Big fish lots of fun but nasty weather lead the way this past week.
Fishing report 2/8/20 (2/08/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing was tough this past week very location oriented, right place or wrong place not much in-between.
Fishing report 2-1-20 (2/01/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The warmer weather gave us some relief and picked the fishing up this past week.
Fishing report 1-18-20 (1/18/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing remains strong in this spring type weather, the cold is coming but so far so good.
Fishing report 1-11-20 (1/11/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] January is starting out on-fire on Guntersville, come fish with me its a great time!
Fishing report 1-5-20 (1/05/2020)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The early January has proving out to be some good fishing on Guntersville!
Fishing report 11-30-19 (11/30/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] November has been the best of the fall so far; December will be until we turn really cold!
Fishing report 11-23-19 (11/23/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] November has been a good one and I believe it will continue through most of December!
Fishing report 11-16-19 (11/16/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the cold weather has picked the fishing up and the good times are back!
Fishing report 11-9-19 (11/09/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some great, some good and some not so good summed up the week!
Fishing report 11-2-19 (11/02/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Change and more change as some tough weather moved the fish this past week!
Fishing report 10-26-19 (10/26/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the up and down continue on Guntersville, you just have to roll with it!
Fishing report 10-19-19 (10/19/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There is signs that November will be the fall to remember!
Fishing report 10-12-19 (10/12/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It keeps getting better and better we need a little more cold temps and it will be right!
Fishing report 9-28-19 (9/28/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There was a great pick up in catching this past week!
Fishing report 9-21-19 (9/21/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The cooler nights have helped make the fish active, not everywhere but helped!
Fishing report 9-7-19 (9/07/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The tale of two stories on Guntersville this past week!
Finding Big Bass In Deeper Oxygenated Waters (8/24/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The heat and lac of water oxygen is making the end of August tough!
Fishing report 8-17-19 (8/17/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Another great week for dog days on Guntersville, the top water bite is on!
Fishing report 8-10-19 (8/10/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing for the dog days of august remains strong, a great year on Guntersville!
Fishing report 8-3-19 (8/03/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Great week some ups and downs but for a hot August week its all good!
Fishing report 7-27-19 (7/27/2019)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] the cool temps really picked up the bite this past week!
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