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Browse Recent Guntersville Lake Alabama Fishing Reports

Fishing report 7-13-19 by Mike Gerry (7/13/2019)
An exceptional week on Guntersville very unexpected with hot temperatures.
Fishing report 7/6/19 by Mike Gerry (7/06/2019)
Good week on the water, some good numbers days with good size and productive fishing!
Fishing report 6-29-19 by Mike Gerry (6/29/2019)
the heat started to take effect on the fishing this past week its turning summer and it will be more work!
Fishing report 6-22-19 by Mike Gerry (6/22/2019)
A little different this past week the BASS elites were all over the lake and it could have affected it.
Fishing report 6-15-19 by Mike Gerry (6/15/2019)
The best of the year is here on Guntersville, but you can enjoy it from the couch!
Fishing report 6-8-19 by Mike Gerry (6/08/2019)
Fishing has been absolutely terrific its been a great week on guntersville and hopefully will continue!
Fishing report 6-1-19 by Mike Gerry (6/01/2019)
Fishing is still keeping up its good and where having lots of fun, come join us!
Fishing report 5/18/19 by Mike Gerry (5/18/2019)
Fishing on Guntersville is as good as it gets, you just have to go fishing, and you will enjoy!
The Fish Are Getting Bigger on the Lake by Mike Gerry (5/04/2019)
Fishing is at its best now is the time to get to the lake!
Fishing report 4-27-19 by Mike Gerry (4/27/2019)
Great week of fishing lots of bass lots of bites lots of fun!
Fishing report 4-20-19 by Mike Gerry (4/20/2019)
Some of the best fishing of the year is upon us, its on!
Fishing report 4-13-19 by Mike Gerry (4/13/2019)
fishing is at its best right now, the best of the year is here!
Fishing report 4-6-19 by Mike Gerry (4/06/2019)
The spawn is on and changes are in the wind, fishing is good folks!
Fishing report 3-30-19 by Mike Gerry (3/30/2019)
fishing is looking good, more bites more fish and more fun!
Fishing report 3-23-19 by Mike Gerry (3/23/2019)
The up and down continued this past week you just had to fight through it.
Fishing report 3-16-19 by Mike Gerry (3/16/2019)
Fishing took a hit this week as the current just did not let you get to the fish!
Fishing report 3-9-19 by Mike Gerry (3/09/2019)
The weather was the deciding factor but once you figured it out it was on!
Fishing report 3-2-19 by Mike Gerry (3/02/2019)
If you braved the high muddy water the results were very good.
Fishing report 2-23-19 by Mike Gerry (2/23/2019)
High water, pouring rain and muddy conditions made the bite tough!
Fishing report 2-16-19 by Mike Gerry (2/16/2019)
The good the bad the great but winter fishing is upon us.
Fishing report 2-9-19 by Mike Gerry (2/09/2019)
the best early February I've seen in many years, no doubt.
Fishing report 2-2-19 by Mike Gerry (2/02/2019)
The cold hurt but by the end of the week things looked normal!
Fishing report 1-26-19 by Mike Gerry (1/26/2019)
cold weather changed the bite sowing down and being precise was key!
Fishing report 1-19-19 by Mike Gerry (1/19/2019)
Guntersville is producing fish and lots of them and big fish!
Fishing report 1-12-19 by Mike Gerry (1/12/2019)
the best January I can remember and its just starting!
Fishing report 1-5-19 by Mike Gerry (1/05/2019)
Fishing is getting better everyday and the spring is looking great!
Fishing report 12-22-18 by Mike Gerry (12/22/2018)
The Christmas holiday is upon us and the fishing is pretty good!
Fishing report 12-15-18 by Mike Gerry (12/15/2018)
Tough week, lots of changing weather and hard times for most!
Fishing report 12-8-18 by Mike Gerry (12/08/2018)
Some consistent but cold added to some good days on the water.
Fishing report 12-1-18 by Mike Gerry (12/01/2018)
Tough week the elements making being out there tough on the body!
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