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Browse Recent Guntersville Lake Alabama Fishing Reports

fishing report 6-12-21 by Mike Gerry (6/12/2021)
Great week on Guntersville, the rain added some live!
fishing report 6-5-21 by Mike Gerry (6/05/2021)
A great week on the water, weather, catching and all was lots of fun!
fishing report 5-29-21 by Mike Gerry (5/29/2021)
It was a great week on Guntersville as the week produced day in and day out with great results
fishing report 5-22-21 by Mike Gerry (5/22/2021)
the wind made you think we moved back to march fishing but we overcame!
fishing report 5/15/21 by Mike Gerry (5/15/2021)
Great week on Guntersville! The June bite is on!
fishing report 5-8-21 by Mike Gerry (5/08/2021)
Great week, great numbers good size all is well!
fishing report 5/1/21 by Mike Gerry (5/01/2021)
The most consistent week of the year in my mind for sure!
fishing report 4-24-21 by Mike Gerry (4/24/2021)
Lots of change because of weather but the fish still cooperated!
fishing report 4/17/21 by Mike Gerry (4/17/2021)
Great week on the water weather changes moved the fish but the bite stayed strong
fishing report 4/10/21 by Mike Gerry (4/10/2021)
Great pick up in activity toward the end of the week , consistent weather was the key!
fishing report 4-3-21 by Mike Gerry (4/03/2021)
Constant change and up and down fishing!
fishing report 1/30/21 by Mike Gerry (3/27/2021)
It is getting better and more consistent every day!
fishing report 3/20/21 by Mike Gerry (3/20/2021)
High water muddy water forced us back to winter patterns, good week on the water!
fishing report 3/13/21 by Mike Gerry (3/13/2021)
The weather is improving and the boats on the water are gaining in numbers but have no fear we are catching fish!
fishing report 13/6/21 by Mike Gerry (3/06/2021)
The water temp is coming up the bass are moving and the best is near!
fishing report 2/27/21 by Mike Gerry (2/27/2021)
The water temps are showing signs of great fishing improvement ahead!
fishing report 2/13/21 by Mike Gerry (2/13/2021)
Winter hanging on in the south cold and nasty days this past week!
fishing report 2/6/21 by Mike Gerry (2/06/2021)
Cold water and tough wind this week added some drama to the day on the water!
fishing report 1/30/21 by Mike Gerry (1/30/2021)
Weather and more weather kept changing and so did the fishing!
fishing report 1/23/21 by Mike Gerry (1/23/2021)
cold water wind made for a few tough days, some good some not so good!
fishing report 1/16/21 by Mike Gerry (1/16/2021)
The winter is shaping up to be a a great time on Guntersville!
fishing report 12/12/20 by Mike Gerry (12/12/2020)
slow time of year but the good days are ahead!
fishing report 12/5/20 by Mike Gerry (12/05/2020)
The daylight is going away and the fish are slowing down, but have no fear we will son be past the winter solstice!
fishing report 11/28/20 by Mike Gerry (11/28/2020)
all said and done it was a good week on Guntersville come fish with me !
fishing report 11/14/20 by Mike Gerry (11/14/2020)
Some change this week as it warmed up some slowing the bite!
fishing report 11/7/20 by Mike Gerry (11/07/2020)
The fall bite just keeps getting better, perfect time to take a trip to Guntersville!
fishing report 10/31/20 by Mike Gerry (10/31/2020)
Fall fishing is finally here the frog bite is on and all is well!
fishing report 10/10.20 by Mike Gerry (10/10/2020)
the fall can be tough it can be easy and all in between!
fishing report 10/3/20 by Mike Gerry (10/03/2020)
the bright sun buried the fish in the grass making bites a little tougher this past week
fishing report 9/19-20 by Mike Gerry (9/19/2020)
The cool temperatures is really helping the fishing, come fish with us!
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