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River Fishing Reports

Browse popular river fishing reports by professional fishing guides. Each river is listed by state/province and below the links are the most recent river fishing reports.

River Fishing Reports
    Hot Klamath and Sacramento River Action by (2011-09-30 13:31:16)
    [Klamath River] The past week has seen excellent fishing on the Klamath River, then on 9-29-11 saw Sacramento River limits.
    San Juan River, NM by (2011-09-29 19:21:55)
    [San Juan River] The baetis hatch is getting stronger everyday! Fish small gray or olive baetis nymphs from 1:00 to 5:00 in the faster water.
    Klamath River Fishing has been excellent by (2011-09-23 11:34:50)
    [Klamath River] Limits and near-limits every day of bright Klamath River hard-fighting chrome salmon, fresh from the ocean. Kevin Brock will lbe back on the Sacramento River soon.
    Lower Madison is heating up by (2011-09-19 11:39:45)
    [Madison River] The lower Madison is heating up as water temperatures cool. The river in this section is normally too warm for good fishing from July to August, but really turns on in the fall. Fishing big streamers or crayfish patterns brings in the big fish, but blue winged olive hatches on cloudy days can produce good dry fly fishing.
    Fall fly fishing in Pagosa Springs, CO by (2011-09-01 11:11:56)
    [San Juan River] The fishing has been very good in the mountains with cooler waters due to the afternoon rains. The lower San Juan is fishing better than all summer. Check out the full report.
    12 days of limits - excellent salmon fishing continues by (2011-08-31 17:40:43)
    [Sacramento River] Sacramento River king salmon fishing is still going strong, with solid limits daily.
    Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, CO by (2011-07-19 18:18:16)
    [San Juan River] The fishing is very good, and I would like to thank the guides for all their hard work.
    McKenzie Salmon Red Hot by (2011-07-10 11:04:22)
    [Mckenzie River] With river conditions now excellent, Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout fishing is superb right now and should continue well into August!
    Red hot top water bite by (2011-07-10 04:37:43)
    [Neuse River] We have a sizzling summer top water striper bite on the Neuse and Trent Rivers near New Bern. Stripes are busting bait evey morning and crushing top water plugs.
    Great Trout fishing in Colorado. by (2011-06-30 10:37:21)
    [San Juan River] Runoff is almost over, some of the best fishing of the year is on the way. The ant fall should be coming soon if we get some big rains!!
    Red hot striper top water bite! by (2011-05-16 09:55:59)
    [Neuse River] Post spawn striper fishing has been amazing, especially on top water plugs and flies.
    Spring fishing in SW Colorado by (2011-05-04 14:36:55)
    [Blanco River] Spring run off is on the way, but there is still good fishing in SW Colorado.
    04/24 Easter Bass For Aaron by (2011-04-24 16:31:23)
    [Shrewsbury River] Father and Son Teamed up to Limit on Bass to 36"
    Rogue springers heating up by (2011-04-10 17:47:32)
    [Rogue River] The spring chinook season on the lower Rogue River is off to a good start.
    Shadtastic by (2011-04-05 12:34:59)
    [Delaware River] Incredible Delaware river shad fishing on the delaware in perfect weather!
    Trophy Bass Fishing Lake Mary Florida by (2011-04-05 09:50:28)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing In Lake Mary FL.Only 5 minutes from the St Johns River.With Bass Challenger Guide Service
    Madison River fishing report by (2011-03-02 22:22:46)
    [Madison River] Madison River fly fishing has been productive.
    The Second Salmon of the Season is caught on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery by (2011-02-27 14:53:08)
    [Blackwater River] Only 2 rods out on the river yesterday. Tony O'Keeffe from Mallow was fishing at Kilmurry with his father Dan and caught this 6.6lb. fish on Flying C on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry. Sea-lice can be seen in the picture - two on the top of the tail and one below the adipose. There were more on the back & the head of the fish. They also caught a few kelts.
    WHITE SALMON CANYON WALK IN by (2011-02-05 20:31:46)
    [Klickitat River] The White Salmon River is another isolated cayon I run Guided walk in trips on.
    Klickitat White Fishing-Released Steelhead 2-4-2011 by (2011-02-05 20:22:50)
    [Klickitat River] The Klickitat is one of Washington States most scenic isolated river.
    First Salmon of 2011! by (2011-02-05 19:15:17)
    [Blackwater River] The First Spring Salmon is Landed on February 3rd.!
    Chetco steelhead keep rods bent by (2011-01-16 12:57:50)
    [Chetco River] Steelhead fishing continues to be good on the Chetco, with lots of wild and hatchery fish.
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide Report by (2011-01-14 10:40:01)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River Only Minutes From Orlando Disney World and Daytona Beach With Bass Challenger Guide Service
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide report by (2011-01-12 20:28:30)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River Only Minutes From Orlando Disney World and Daytona Beach With Bass Challenger Guide Service Over 31 Years Of Guide Exp On The St Johns River
    Chetco River steelhead hits high gear by (2011-01-09 13:52:11)
    [Chetco River] Steelhead fishig has been prime on the Chetco River. Guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing has been getting clients into three to five steelhead a day.
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide Report by (2011-01-08 10:17:37)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River Only Minutes From Orlando Disney World and Daytona Beach With Captain Ed Bussard Bass Challenger Guide Service 31 years guiding on the St Johns River
    Catching bass on SteelShads in ST Johns River by (2011-01-07 06:02:06)
    [St. Johns River] Fishing the ledges in the ST Johns river proved to be a good choice with the SteelShad lure
    It's cold outside!!! by (2010-12-31 10:04:19)
    [Skagit River] well the weather has turned to bitter cold but the but has warmed sligthly!!!
    St. Johns River Running South by (2010-12-24 20:23:03)
    [St. Johns River] Normaly this condition does not do well for me but today was a exception
    Steelhead make early showing in Chetco River by (2010-12-22 22:36:25)
    [Chetco River] Steelhead fishing is off to a good start in the Chetco River, with large numbers of hatchery fish already in the system. Fishing has been good between storms.
    Smith salmon run still strong by (2010-12-02 11:44:02)
    [Smith River] Salmon are still entering the Smith River, while fresh steelhead also are showing up.
    East Central Florida Fishing Outlook, December by (2010-11-28 18:17:53)
    [Indian River] Saturday, December 11th - 10: 00 - 12:00 PM, Shad & Crappie Derby Anglers Registration Meeting at Mosquito Creek Outdoors. "Free Seminars" instructed by Captains Tom Van Horn, Chris Myers and Charlie McCullough, "Preparing for the Shad Run & Crappie Season", anglers giveaways and more, located in the Outback at Mosquito Creek Outdoors, 170 South Washington Ave., Apopka Florida,
    2010 Salmon Season Report from Blackwater Lodge by (2010-11-22 16:40:40)
    [Blackwater River] Finally, I have completed a report on the 2010 Season on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery. This can be found on:
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guides report by (2010-11-01 22:13:23)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River Only Minutes From Orlando Disney World and Daytona Beach With Bass Challenger Guide Service
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide Report by (2010-10-28 00:02:55)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River With Captain Ed Bussard and Bass Challenger Guide Service. Over 30 Years of Guide Experience On The St Johns River.
    St Johns River Bass fishing w/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller by (2010-10-26 04:17:18)
    [St. Johns River] The bass were buried up under the vegatation but would come out to eat a frog
    Smith River salmon arrive, rain coming! by (2010-10-21 11:20:25)
    [Smith River] Salmon are stacking up in the Smith River tidewater, and with rain coming tonight through Sunday, fishing is expected to bust wide open next week.
    Fishing St Johns River for Bass & Specks w/Capt. Steve Niemoeller by (2010-10-19 20:54:31)
    [St. Johns River] Bass were hanging out on the channel edge and the specks were buried up under cover tight
    St. Johns river bass fishing W/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller by (2010-10-18 20:37:45)
    [St. Johns River] Bass are finiky on the St Johns river when the water cools down
    Chetco salmon arrive in big numbers by (2010-10-13 10:01:47)
    [Chetco River] Big king salmon are stacking up off the mouth of the Chetco, waiting for fall rains. ODFW's big run forecast is arriving.
    Cape Fear Redfish and Trout by (2010-10-11 11:14:29)
    [Cape Fear River] The Trout bite is definitely building as huge pods of maturing shrimp begin funneling out of the backwaters on a high falling tide. They aren't the sows we will see this fall, but if your looking for numbers, as well as some exciting topwater action now is the time.
    Salmon stack up off Chetco by (2010-10-08 10:48:42)
    [Chetco River] After a slow start, kings are being caught in the ocean off the mouth of the Chetco River. Fish are big.
    Upper Klamath salmon fishing hot by (2010-10-08 10:43:33)
    [Klamath River] Salmon are stacking up in upper Klamath River near Hornbrook and fishing is good. 8 to 10 fish a day.
    BIG FISH THIS SEASON by (2010-08-15 10:23:15)
    Salmon Fishing Reports from Ireland's Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery) by (2010-08-04 19:52:43)
    [Blackwater River] The Best Ever July Catch in terms of Fish Caught per Rod Day
    Summer trolling smorgesborg by (2010-08-02 14:03:42)
    [Salmon River] Summer fishing on Lake Ontario can provide lots of action for trout and salmon. You can target one and still cathc the other.
    St Johns River Bass Fishing Guide by (2010-07-23 22:25:48)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing On The St Johns River With Captain Ed Bussard and Bass Challenger Guide Service Fulltime Bass Guide On The St Johns River For 30 Years
    Washington Steelhead Fishing Report by (2010-07-12 15:21:49)
    [Cowlitz River] Once again we are back at it on the Cowlitz river chasing those fiesty summer run Steelhead!
    2010 AWESOME FISHING by (2010-06-29 09:01:34)
    Water is HOT , Shad are plentiful and Bass are Biting by (2010-06-18 20:28:38)
    [St. Johns River] Cranked and Flipped some bass into biting today on river
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