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River Fishing Reports

Browse popular river fishing reports by professional fishing guides. Each river is listed by state/province and below the links are the most recent river fishing reports.

River Fishing Reports
    Maine Striper Fishing Report: Super Fly Charters; Sunday, July 5, 2009 by (2009-07-07 06:31:29)
    [St. George River] Summer has arrived in the midcoast and we should see a huge improvement in our Striper fishery. Bright skies and warm breezes will make our outings all that much more enjoyable. The early morning tides over the next few days should prove to be very good. Low light coupled with low water are two of the pieces of the puzzle that have been bringing it all together lately.
    Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery (Ireland). May/June Report by (2009-07-03 14:15:29)
    [Blackwater River] Report on the salmon fishing for the month of May & June
    East Central Florida Fishing Outlook by (2009-07-02 05:39:09)
    [Indian River] Light tackle fishing outlook for east central Florida.
    Cape Fear Guide Red Drum by (2009-06-27 18:17:39)
    [Cape Fear River] Found red drum scattered on shoreline,feeding hard!
    WIlsonís Miramichi River Report June 17th by (2009-06-21 08:38:30)
    [Miramichi River] Atlantic Salmon fly-fishing conditions for the Miramichi River near Wilsonís for June 17th . This picture shows a salmon from June 2008 , this is what you can expect this week on the Miramichi if you put your time in.
    KLICKITAT RIVER WA. State Drift Boat Fishing by (2009-06-17 09:14:57)
    [Klickitat River] Klickitat River receiving another great run.
    Maine Striper Fishing Blog Report: June 12th, by (2009-06-14 19:07:08)
    [St. George River] Maine Striper Fishing Blog Report: June 12th, 2009 Striper Fishing Just keeps Getting Better!!!
    Wilsonís Miramichi River Report June 14th by (2009-06-14 08:07:43)
    [Miramichi River] Miramichi Atlantic salmon starting to show, just a matter of days to see some great fishing.
    Keeper Sturgeon Time on the Columbia by (2009-06-12 12:20:53)
    [Columbia River] Keeper Sturgeon 25-60 pounds being landed on the Lower Columbia River out of Astoria with Pro Guide Val Perry
    Early Summer Walleyes on Lake Wisconsin by (2009-06-12 10:46:16)
    [Wisconsin River] The walleye & sauger bite here on Lake Wisconsin is continuing to improve as we slip further into the month of June, which is normally our best month of the year for catching numbers of walleyes & saugers.
    Still waiting on Atlantic Salmon by (2009-06-11 12:59:30)
    [Miramichi River] Few trout in the Miramichi & Cains river, the mighty Atlantic Salmon are expected soon.
    Speckle Trout & Flounder by (2009-06-09 09:11:54)
    [Cape Fear River] Rock Wall Jetty south of Fort Fisher hokding speckle trout & Flounder.
    Lake Wisconsin early summer walleyes by (2009-06-08 12:34:12)
    [Wisconsin River] The early summer trolling bite on Lake Wisconsin continues to improve. What we really need to get it going full swing though is some consistent, warm weather.
    Maine Striper Fishing Report June 6th, 2009 by (2009-06-06 07:03:48)
    [St. George River] Maine Striper fishing heats up this month. The Annual striper fishing migration has begun as fish invade Maine from the South coast to the mid coast regions
    Big Walleyes on Lake Wisconsin by (2009-06-02 13:49:35)
    [Wisconsin River] Overall numbers of walleyes caught per trip are going down but we are still managing to put some pretty big ones in the boat. Not on every trip but often enough to keep it interesting.
    Strugeon Fishing Is Getting Better by (2009-05-29 13:56:41)
    [Columbia River] After a slow start the Strugeon fishing is starting to get better. We are seeing a few limits of nice fat fish as the ocean fish have started to nose in the river as well as the river fish moving into the area.
    Small Trout Ponds are Producing by (2009-05-28 08:25:12)
    [Kennebec River] Small Trout Ponds in Central Maine are starting to produce well as water temperatures increase
    Lake Wisconsin multi-species fishing report by (2009-05-28 08:03:18)
    [Wisconsin River] Lake Wisconsin has continued to put out some very nice fish for us this past week. The walleyes have slowed down a little bit some other species are showing up in place of them. Other than walleyes & saugers, pike, catfish and crappies are the most common.
    Lake Wisconsin Walleye & Sauger Fishing Report by (2009-05-26 21:38:23)
    [Wisconsin River] Whats that saying you always hear about fishing under clear bluebird skies? I always hear the same thing about fishing in strong east winds. Today we had both and the fish didn't seem to notice. The bite was excellent!
    Lake Wisconsin late spring walleyes & saugers by (2009-05-25 14:53:39)
    [Wisconsin River] With the walleyes & saugers going on an absolute tear lately, I've had a hard time finding the time to sit down and write up a report. The bite was especially hot this past Sunday moring when Tim Roebens & I put twenty four walleyes & saugers in the boat, plus one 32" northern & five big crappies.
    Maine Striper Fishing Report: May 24th, 2009 The long wait is over!!! by (2009-05-25 04:41:20)
    [St. George River] The Greatest migration on earth quickly approaches...It's time to get out and fish!!!
    Lake Wisconsin Walleye & Sauger Fishing Report by (2009-05-20 05:53:32)
    [Wisconsin River] The walleye & sauger fishing on Lake Wisconsin is still hot! On an average five hour trip, we have been boating approximately twenty five walleyes & saugers ranging in size from 14-23" long.
    Blues but no Flounder by (2009-05-17 19:22:42)
    [Metedeconk River] Started out fishing for Winter Flopunder -- ended up catching Bluefish
    Trenton Stripers At night by (2009-05-17 15:58:32)
    [Delaware River] 9 Striped bass Caught at night late season
    Lake Wisconsin walleyes, saugers & pike by (2009-05-16 07:10:43)
    [Wisconsin River] Went out this past Monday (5-11-09) with a group of guys in search of more big walleyes. We found some of those but we also ended up with a pretty decent mixed bag of fish also.
    The streak continues by (2009-05-15 23:13:38)
    [Detroit River] As promised fished Friday morning 5-15 water was a little muddy with the high winds and rain from the night before..
    Lake Wisconsin late spring walleye fishing report by (2009-05-14 07:16:04)
    [Wisconsin River] The big walleyes are still biting here on Lake Wisconsin. Saturday was a bit slower for us but on Sunday, (5-10-09) we were back on them once again. Trolling crankbaits was the ticket once again.
    Now is the time to get out there!! by (2009-05-13 18:10:03)
    [Detroit River] Fish are going crazy all over the upper Detroit River limits are closes thing to being a gaurantee!!
    Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report by (2009-05-11 21:32:22)
    [Miramichi River] Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report Monday May 11th 2009, River conditions for the SW Miramichi River lower stretches from Quarryville to Doaktown. Water levels are perfect on the lower stretches of the river. We are still seeing fish jumping so
    Wausau/Central WI fishing report by (2009-05-11 19:10:03)
    [Wisconsin River] Fantastic fishing opportunities await those traveling to the Wausau, WI area!
    Delaware river Stripers by (2009-05-10 12:23:32)
    [Delaware River] The Delaware river is almost back to the clarity for fishing.
    Rock-N-Roll with more Roll by (2009-05-10 08:29:41)
    [Detroit River] Had a charter cancel due to expected wind.. But fishing reports from night before were so awesome..
    Lots of water on Calcasieu River by (2009-05-09 16:58:27)
    [Calcasieu River] Calcasieu River regulars have had to scramble this week to catch bass on theis very swollen river. Local tournaments did produce some bass but conditions were tough.
    Springer fishing on the Cowlitz by (2009-05-09 16:03:40)
    [Cowlitz River] It's been a good year on the Cowlitz River for Spring Chinook 'Springer' Fishing. Full boat and full fish boxes have made for a great Season.
    Early May Report by (2009-05-09 13:28:28)
    [San Juan River] The Spring Runoff Schedule is in. Check it here for the San Juan River of New Mexico.
    Weekend Looking Good for Miramichi River by (2009-05-08 18:06:12)
    [Miramichi River] Weekend Looking Good for Miramichi River Colfords Miramichi Salmon Fishing Reports from the South west Miramichi River by guide Rodney Colford. The last few days we are still seeing a lot of fish in the lower stretches of the river from Upper Blackville to Quarryville.
    Lake Wisconsin walleye fishing report by (2009-05-08 06:23:58)
    [Wisconsin River] With the bite being super good lately, my wife Nancy & I both took a day off work to enjoy some time in the boat together this past Tuesday. Turned out to be another great day on the water with 20 walleyes & saugers coming in the boat.
    Big carp on first outing by (2009-05-07 14:28:39)
    [St. Lawrence River] Caught this massive 32.5 lb carp on my first outing of the season, just after ice out.
    Lake Wisconsin late spring walleye fishing by (2009-05-07 06:06:27)
    [Wisconsin River] Mark Webb jumped aboard my boat last Saturday. He gave himself this guided fishing trip for his 48th birthday. Turned out to be one of his best birthdays ever. The walleyes bit from the time we started fishing until we quit five hours later.
    Had to make some moves by (2009-05-06 07:44:38)
    [Detroit River] Had to make a few moves until a nice school was located..
    Lake Wisconsin Monster Walleyes by (2009-05-06 05:58:49)
    [Wisconsin River] The past ten days of walleye fishing on Lake Wisconsin have been like none other that I have experienced anywhere on earth. Back in 2003 the new slot limit regulations on Lake Wisconsin took effect and now, not only are we seeing & enjoying the benefits of those limits but we are also just beginning to see the potential that Lake Wisconsins walleyes have always possessed.
    Walleye action very hot!! by (2009-05-04 10:25:21)
    [Detroit River] Started out kinda slow was picking away at them then found a nice school and pounded them...
    Colfords Miramichi Fishing Report by (2009-05-01 14:11:55)
    [Miramichi River] Friday, May 1, 2009 Fishing very good on the Miramichi River Miramichi Fishing Reports and Conditions for the lower stretches of the SW Miramichi River. Although there is heavy rain hitting
    Big post spawn walleyes on Lake Wisconsin by (2009-05-01 13:19:08)
    [Wisconsin River] Whenever I or a client has popped a big walleye in the past, I always try to get out and hit the area again. Many times it will pay off with another good one. That has been driving me nuts this week at work.
    Gamesters on the flats, cobia along the beaches. by (2009-04-30 12:56:20)
    [Indian River] Located less than an hour from Orlando and the theme parks is some of the best fishing on the planet! Inshore/nearshore action is heating up.
    East Central Florida Fishing Outlook, May 2009 by (2009-04-29 18:35:00)
    [Indian River] Fishing Forecast For May 2009, Light tackle flats and nearshore outlook on Florida's east coast.
    Calcasieu River, High and Muddy by (2009-04-29 15:38:05)
    [Calcasieu River] This is a report on mostly tournament anglers trying to adapt to very tough river conditions
    Lake Wisconsin post spawn walleye fishing by (2009-04-28 06:45:13)
    [Wisconsin River] Post spawn walleyes continue to filter down into Lake Wisconsin. We have not been finding large numbers of fish but the ones we have crossed paths with are pretty nice fish. On an average outing of four hours, we'll catch one or two small walleyes, a couple more eaters in that 15-20" range and a couple more over 20" long. Its not fast and furious yet, but it does seem to be getting better all the time. Get ready though, cause the best bite of the year is just around the corner.
    Foggy Morning walleye by (2009-04-26 23:35:33)
    [Detroit River] Got some table fare for myself.. Made for a very good supper..
    Blown off.. by (2009-04-25 15:33:45)
    [Detroit River] Fished from 7am until about 10am before the winds picked up
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