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Browse Recent Calcasieu River Louisiana Fishing Reports

Lots of water on Calcasieu River by Joe Joslin (5/09/2009)
Calcasieu River regulars have had to scramble this week to catch bass on theis very swollen river. Local tournaments did produce some bass but conditions were tough.
Calcasieu River, High and Muddy by Joe Joslin (4/29/2009)
This is a report on mostly tournament anglers trying to adapt to very tough river conditions
Calcasieu River running high and fast by Joe Joslin (4/24/2009)
heavy rains have the Calcasieu River high and muddy but conditions are improving.
Calcasieu River patterns for high water by Joe Joslin (4/10/2009)
We have had some heavy rain and Calcasieu River is high, muddy and moving. See how local tournament anglers catch bass in tough, river conditions.
Calcasieu River is having a good Spring by Joe Joslin (4/02/2009)
This beautiful river system has endured two major hurricanes in the past few years and has made a super come back.
Calcasieu River Shows no sign of damage from Hurricane Ike by Joe Joslin (3/14/2009)
It is great to see this popular river system producing lots of bass again. Hurricane Rita in 2005 really took its toll on it.
Calcasieu levels fall by Joe Joslin (1/22/2009)
Currently, bass fishing is tough on Calcasieu River but with no more rain, the water should clear up and fishing will improve.
Calcasieu river gives up huge 5 bass stringer by Joe Joslin (12/23/2008)
Tournament fishing on Calcasieu River is going well as anglers are so thankful the river was spared from the hurricane season. Fishing has been super this fall and continues to be impressive.
Calcasieu spared by Ike by Joe Joslin (10/31/2008)
The Calcasieu River is alive and well and local anglers are relieved that Hurricane Ike did not produce large fish kills like Hurricane Rita in 2005.
CALCASIEU NOT HURT BY IKE by Joe Joslin (10/13/2008)
Local anglers are relieved...The Calcasieu River was not greatly impacted by Hurrican Ike and daily catches of 30 -40 bass are common.
Calcasieu River and summertime patterns by Joe Joslin (8/30/2008)
The Calcasieu has made a comback this year following a hard hit in 2005 by Hurricane Rita. A restocking effort by LA Game and Fish has helped to restore the fishery to again be a decent fishing hole.
Fun on the river by Joe Joslin (8/10/2008)
Calcasieu River is a very popular area for both fishing and boat in the Lake Charles area. Fishing has been decent even with changing water conditions.
River gets right by Joe Joslin (8/03/2008)
When heavy rains stop and the river clears, there is lots of action on The Calcasieu in the summertime
Rivers hot around Lake Charles by Joe Joslin (7/20/2008)
This report contains info on both The Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers and both water conditions are now excellent for great fishing.
River Fishing Heats Up by Joe Joslin (6/26/2008)
Report contains current report on two awesome river systems in south LA and Southeast TX. The Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers are favorite fishing holes of a lot of avid anglers.
Calcasieu River hanging tough by Joe Joslin (4/07/2008)
Local anglers are excited about what has been happening on Calcasieu River. Hurricane Rita in fall 2005 was hard on the river but a successful stocking program has the river up and running. Catch and release is strongly encouraged.
Rivers high but producing by Joe Joslin (3/18/2008)
A current report on both Calcasieu and Sabine Rivers
Rolling on The River by Joe Joslin (1/17/2008)
An update to winter fishing on two excellent rivers in southwest Louisiana. Both of these rivers have made a great comebacks following Hurricane Rita which greatly damaged these fisheries Sept 2005.