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King go April Fooled by James Stegall (4/03/2012)
[Port Lions,AK] King Salmon caught on April Fools day. Very nice fish.
2011 Salmon Run prediction by George Stek (2/07/2011)
[Soldotna,AK] King Salmon Average Red Salmon above average Silver Salmon above average
Gustavus halibut steady, coho action improves by Andy Martin (6/28/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] Fishing has been great for big halibut. Bright silver salmon are showing up in protected waters.
Utah man catches trophy Alaskan halibut by Andy Martin (6/21/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] Halibut fishing is excellent near Glacier Bay, with another 200-plus pounder caught last week. Salmon fishing continues to improve.
Big halibut begin to arrive in SE Alaska by Andy Martin (6/05/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] 235-pounder caught June 2, salmon showing up offshore, plenty fo 50- to 70-pound eater-size halibut
Opening Day by Fred Telleen (5/06/2010)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] The Kenai River opens to trout fishing on June 11. Waters from Kenai Lake to the Upper Killey River have been closed since May 1.
2009 Season Summary by James Lucas (11/03/2009)
[Ketchikan,AK] The 2009 season was a record breaker! Great fishing all year long with nice King Salmon available right through the entire season!
Beads flush out and flesh fills in by Aaron Cooper (10/27/2009)
[Kenai,AK] Hot Fall bead action has surpassed us, but not to fear as the stinky smell of fat fish feeding on decaying salmon is filling the air on the Kenai.
Alaska Season's Last Goodnews River Fishing Report by John Kumiski (9/04/2009)
[Goodnews River,AK] Silver Salmon still tearing it up on Alaska's Goodnews River
Excellent King Salmon in Goodnews River by John Kumiski (7/13/2009)
[Goodnews River,AK] Kings remain strong. Chums and sockeyes are thick. Rainbow trout and dolly varden also biting well.
2008 season summary by Dave Harman (11/29/2008)
[Southeast Alaska,AK] summary of the Tongass Charters Sportfishing Season
Liberal limits by Scott Eggemeyer (2/13/2008)
2008 season by Scott Sager (2/09/2008)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] Don't be left out, come and experience it for yourself
No Silver Lining Here! by Rick Serena (9/27/2007)
[Soldotna,AK] The silvers never really hit the lower rivers on the peninsula very hard this year. Only a few days of "good" fishing and a ton of "fair" days.
Fish were in but no fisherman! by Rick Serena (9/27/2007)
[Soldotna,AK] For the second year in a row the late sockeye run was late. Also for the second year in a row they seem to follow a different pattern.
Icy Straits & Lynn Canal Fishing Report by Ed Haney (9/05/2007)
[Icy Straits,AK] Another great day fishing for Halibut and Salmon. Beautiful weather and plenty of fish.
Gill Party Overnight Trip by James Stegall (8/17/2007)
[Seward,AK] Captain Jj, Captain James and Deckhand Brian took the Gill brothers, Ron, Rob and Rick and their dad Steve for a two day fishing trip with an overnight at the Port Ashton Lodge.
Ottums and Andersons by James Stegall (8/17/2007)
[Seward,AK] The crew of Seward Adventure Charters, Captain Jj, Captain James and Deckhand Brian took Bob Ottum and his boys Nick (11) and Noah (9) along with Eric Anderson and his dad Bob out for a day of deep sea fishing.
Running and Fishing in the Ping Pong Ball by James Stegall (8/08/2007)
[Seward,AK] Our 6 Passengers and Crew of Captain James Stegall and Deckhand Brian Stegall fished an entire day in extremely dense fog.
Humke 2nd Day by James Stegall (8/02/2007)
[Seward,AK] The Humpke group fished their second day with us and got limits on Halibut and Ling Cod along with a few Rock Fish.
Humke Family Fishing by James Stegall (8/01/2007)
[Seward,AK] Captain Jj and Justin have Leroy Humke and his family on the boat for two days of fishing.
Snotty Weather Doesn't Stop Captain Jj by James Stegall (7/26/2007)
[Seward,AK] Captain Jj and his lovely bride Annie spent three days this week fishing inside the bay due to Gale Force Winds and 14- 18 foot seas outside.
Waiting it Out by James Stegall (7/23/2007)
[Seward,AK] Saturday the 21rst of July was one of those days that start slow and turn out excellent.
Overnights at Port Ashton Lodge by James Stegall (7/18/2007)
[Seward,AK] Captain Jj and Justin have just returned from another awesome overnight trip at the Port Ashton Lodge.
Albuquerque and Alaska by James Stegall (7/18/2007)
[Seward,AK] The group from Albuquerque and Anchorage visited us again for the 2nd year in a row and we had a great time fishing with them.
Boot Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] These fish are hungry. I was expecting fish around 20 inches.
Long Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] This just amazes me. Just 3 days ago we were catching fish and today nothing. In fact the fish are not even jumping.
Big Leach Little Beaver by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I used the biggest ugliest Leach pattern I own.
The Way It's Supposed To Be by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] Today I used a Damsel Fly pattern. My arm got tired from the 18-20 inch fish. I lost count of the fish. Finally this is what fishing should be.
Winter Kill? by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] I fished this lake for 4 hours. I know that fish and game planted a thousand six inch fish in the lake. The only fish I saw were the six inch fish. I know that other lakes in the area winterkilled this year. My best guess is that Bruce Lake is a another.
Boot Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/12/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] I've had a tough year after the winterkill of my best lakes. This lake is proving to be a great consistent fishery
Nice Yellow Eye Rock-Fish by James Stegall (7/11/2007)
[Seward,AK] Crew catched load of Halibut and Rock-Fish with a nice Yellow Eye.
Crooked Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/11/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] Just when I thought fishing was getting better. I tried this lake.
Boot by Carlyle Telford (7/09/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] The fishing was excellent again. This lake is consistent.
Diamond Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/08/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I put an irresistible on my line and caught several Silver Salmon
Possible Record Bocaccio Rock Fish by James Stegall (7/06/2007)
[Seward,AK] 22.3 pound Bocaccio Rock Fish caught with Seward Adventure Charters. Crew- Captain Jj Robinson and his deckhand Justin Stegall.
Ling Season Opener by James Stegall (7/02/2007)
[Seward,AK] Today, July 1rst, the voracious Ling-Cod are now in season. The crew and clients of Seward Adventure Charters took advantage of the event.
Tournament Champions by James Stegall (7/02/2007)
[Seward,AK] Final Results. Seward Adventure Charters and Client David Hicks of Anchorage have won the Seward Alaska Jackpot Halibut Tournament.
Long Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/01/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] The fishing was good. Nice fish were jumping.
Overnight Trip Results by James Stegall (6/28/2007)
[Seward,AK] The two day fishing trip with overnight lodging at Port Ashton Lodge was spectacular.
Multi-day Trips with Overnight Lodging by James Stegall (6/27/2007)
[Seward,AK] Crew and Clients doing multi-day trip with overnight lodging at the Port Ashton Lodge on Evans Island in SE Prince William Sound
Variety by James Stegall (6/26/2007)
[Seward,AK] Limits of halibut, rock-fish and a few ocean caught pinks.
Leading the Seward Jackpot Halibut Tournament by James Stegall (6/25/2007)
[Seward,AK] Today the crew of Seward Adventure Charters, Captain Jj Robinson and Justin Stegall jumped on top of the leader board for the Seward Jackpot Halibut Tournament with a "HOG" of 251.7 pounds.
Weather Up, Bite Slow by James Stegall (6/24/2007)
[Seward,AK] The wind and the seas have picked back up again, just predicted for a couple of days this time, and the fishing has got a little tougher.
What Works Doesn't Work by Carlyle Telford (6/23/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] The Leach pattern that worked yesterday has quit today
Whales, Sea-Lions, Kings and Halibut by James Stegall (6/22/2007)
[Seward,AK] Another beatiful day on the water. The wildlife really gave a good show.
Kings, Halibut and Orcas by James Stegall (6/22/2007)
[Seward,AK] The King Salmon were being harrased by a couple of Orcas which slowed the fishing down but provided quite a display.
Halibut Fishing Outstanding by James Stegall (6/19/2007)
[Seward,AK] The Crew of Seward Adventure Charters have had 3 trip in the last week where they have caught 2 or more Halibut over 100 lbs.
King Salmon Trips Paying Off by James Stegall (6/19/2007)
[Seward,AK] The King Salmon charter trips at Seward Adventure Charters are working very well.
Finicky Fish by Carlyle Telford (6/19/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] The fish are poking fun at me today.
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