All New South Wales Australia Fishing Reports

Fishing off Sydney Australia by Ross Hunter (9/28/2008)
[Sydney,NSW] In between the gale winds and big seas We have caught some great tuna on Broadbill and Billfisher
Bermagui (Australia) Fishing Report Week End 14 April 08 by Darren Redman (4/13/2008)
[Bermagui,NSW] Lots of things have changed offshore on the Game scene, Tuna are starting to show in numbers, while Marlin are still present and Reef Fishing is proving difficult. The Estuaries are showing signs of change as are the Beaches and the Freshwater.
Bermagui (Australia) Fishing Report Week End 31 March 08 by Darren Redman (3/30/2008)
[Bermagui,NSW] Autumn is well and truly here and with it a change in fishing conditions. Sadly at present not for the best, but should improve in the near future in most forms of fishing.
Bermagui (Australia) Fishing Report Week End 10 March 08 by Darren Redman (3/10/2008)
[Bermagui,NSW] Offshore the Marlin have arrived in numbers, some Sharks, plenty of Kings at the Island and the bottom fishing is fair. The Estuaries are also firing as are the Bass in Brogo and the Trout in the mountains.
Great tuna and albies down under by Ross Hunter (12/02/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Both Broadbill and Billfisher have had great days with our clients catching albacore to 15kg and yellowfin to 40 kg
Albacore and yellowfin everywhere by Ross Hunter (11/07/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Broadbill and Billfisher have had wild action on albacore and yellowfin off Sydney Australia
Schools of small baitfish have hit along the coast line and following them have by Darren Redman (10/18/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Schools of small baitfish have hit along the coast line and following them have been plenty of Salmon and Tailor. Offshore there has been a couple of Yellowfin Tuna taken while the Bottom Fishing is excellent at present. The Estuaries are definitely on the improve.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 6th Oct. by Darren Redman (10/05/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Tides have slowed following the moon allowing fish to feed more regularly with good results for both the Reef fisherman and those fishing the Estuaries. There has been a whisper of Game fish in the form of Tuna and some early season Bass are now appearing in Brogo Dam.
276 kg bluefin by Ross Hunter (10/05/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] These giant tuna feed behind the hoake trawlers. They have been caught up to 800lb.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 14th Sept. 07 by Darren Redman (9/14/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] This week has seen some very nice Reef Fish with Flathead dominating captures. Still there is some very nice Luderick in the Estuaries and a few Flathead starting to show for the Lure enthusiasts. There has also been some exceptional catches on Trout in the Mountains.
A great weekend on the yellowfin by Ross Hunter (9/09/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The ozzie tuna scene is red hot..A graet caych on the weekend on Captin Ross and Glenn Hunter's boats
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 7 Sept. 07 by Darren Redman (9/06/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] There looks to be some warm water pushing down the coast which hopefully may hit our part of the world next full moon. This could bring along with it the start of some Game Fish, excellent Reef Fishing and start to really fire up the Estuaries.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 31st Aug 07 by Darren Redman (8/31/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Water temps have risen slightly on the full moon and the fishing has definitely picked up for the offshore reef fishing. There are lots of Morwong and big Tiger Flathead dominating the offshore catches. There is also Dusky Flathead starting to move in the Estuaries.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 23 August 07 by Darren Redman (8/22/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] It has all gone very cold. Offshore water temp is now down to 14 deg. and doesn't look like changing dramatically in the near future. For any one interested go to the new Blue Links site in the Bureau of meteorology website for the latest up to date water temps and currents. It is a very good accurate site.
Australia and some wild tuna action by Ross Hunter (8/19/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The Spring run of juvenile yellowfin tuna has arrived.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 10 Aug 07 by Darren Redman (8/10/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Again, good conditions over the past week has allowed anglers plenty of opportunities to pursue their sport. Offshore Reef and Bottom Fishing is producing plenty of fish while in the Bermagui River fish are congregating in large numbers around the bridge.
A great session on the blackfish by Ross Hunter (8/08/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Not sure wether these species are caught in the USA ... If they are I would be most interested to here back on email ...gamefishing@
Big bluefin still being caught off Sydney by Ross Hunter (8/04/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Some really spectacular fish have been caught in our waters
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 03 August 07 by Darren Redman (8/02/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Thankfully at last there has been some good weather allowing anglers to access most forms of fishing. Offshore Reef fishing is good. Most beaches have plenty of Salmon on them. Bermagui River is full of Blackfish, Bream and Trevally. Sadly no reports on the Game Fishing.
Big southern blues under the Southern Cross by Ross Hunter (7/31/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Giant bluefin being caught off Sydney Australia
Great week on the snapper and southern bluefin tuna to 130lb by Ross Hunter (7/30/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Big bluefin on the wide grounds and snapper in close Great fishing.
Great day on big snapper by Ross Hunter (7/24/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Captain Ross Hunter and his crew on his charter boat BROADBILL had a fabulous day catching some big Aussie snapper
Giant big eye tuna ,yellowfin and SB tuna caught off Sydney Australia by Ross Hunter (7/20/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The australian winter tuna season is going GOLD
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 14th July 2007 by Darren Redman (7/13/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Still poor weather conditions is limiting all forms of fishing. Some off shore fishing has been done resulting in some good Snapper and a few Tuna lost. There are Salmon off the beaches when conditions allow and a few fish in the Harbour for the kids.
180 pound yellowfin on 30 lb caught off Sydney by Ross Hunter (7/06/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] It is still very windy but in between fronts the yellowfin tuna fishing is seriously good.
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week End 5th July 07. by Darren Redman (7/04/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Rough seas out wide has virtually seen no Game Fishing during the past week. The offshore winds that have been occurring has allowed anglers to fish close in and the Snapper fishing is hot. Now the swells have subsided the Rock and Beach fishing is very interesting.
The yellowfin season is with us by Ross Hunter (7/01/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Windy conditions and rough seas hamper us Aussie fisherman
Bermagui (Aust.) Fishing Report Week Ending 29th June 07. by Darren Redman (6/28/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Another one of those weeks where very little fishing has been done, due again to the weather patterns. Some offshore fishing was done resulting in a couple of good captures of Southern Bluefin Tuna also there where plenty of Snapper caught on the reefs. Other forms of fishing along the coast have been virtually non existent. Check out the photo of Cuttagee Lake opening to the ocean.
The tuna run is just starting off Sydney Australia by Ross Hunter (6/25/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Wet day sloppy conditions but a good day on tuna and albacore
Fishing Report for the week 22nd June 07. by Darren Redman (6/22/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] For the past week there has only been 1 or 2 days where any sort of fishing has really been done. Water temps are still excellent out wide around the 19 deg mark, with plenty of Albacore and Yellowfin still in it. The best fish of the week being a 92 Kg Yellowfin, taken on a River to Sea bibless lure. Very little other fishing has been done due to the poor weather in the past week. Some of these reports may not have been changed due to the lack of being able to go fishing.
When saltys go to the sweetwater by Ross Hunter (6/18/2007)
[Thredbo River,NSW] A great few days were had fly fishing the magnificent Thredbo River.A total sea change for an Ozzie marlin Captain who spends 200 days on Mother Ocean a year.
Introduction To Ross Hunter's Game Fishing Charters by Ross Hunter (6/17/2007)
[Thredbo River,NSW] An Australian charter company who specialize in marlin fishing (blue, black, striped, sailfish and spearfish) yellowfin and mako sharks Father and son team Captains Ross and Glenn Hunter will report regularly from the land of OZ.
Fishing Report Bermagui River by Darren Redman (6/15/2007)
[Bermagui,NSW] Tuna are still around in very good numbers with water temps out over the 100 fathom line still maintaining 18 -19 deg. The best fish to come in this last week was a 72 Kg Yellowfin caught on a Laser Pro Lure. Beach Fishing could be interesting after the current weather and just in mentioning that, yes the weather at the moment is horrible.