Fishing Reports by Captain Jeff Dauzat

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Company: Fin and Feather Guide Service

Area Reporting: Delacroix , Venice, and Hopedale LA

Bio: Captain Jeff J. Dauzat, is USCG licensed and insured and has been working these waters since 1988. Captain Dauzat has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Louisiana Tech University and an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene from Tulane University.

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Hot Delacroix trout on a windy day (5/31/2012)
[Delacroix,LA] Light winds early and trout on before winds drove us in.
Delacroix Report: (5/13/2012)
[Delacroix,LA] Small fishing window between strom fronts. Got out early and caught fish before the rain.
Delacroix Report: (5/06/2012)
[Delacroix,LA] Beautiful day in Delacroix. Good tides and good fishing.
Delacroix Report: (5/06/2012)
[Delacroix,LA] Delacroix is hot, both the fishing and the weather.
Hot trout actioin on a windy day (4/03/2012)
[Delacroix,LA] Good trout action today inspite of the strong winds.
Delacroix Report (3/05/2011)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy condition the last few days in Delacroix. Tough fishing conditions, but Louisiana is the fishing capital of the world!
Delacroix Report: (4/28/2010)
[Delacroix,LA] Tough day fishing in the Delacroiix marsh. The water was dirty and getting dirtier bu the minute.
Delacroix Report: (4/23/2010)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing in spite of the biting gnats and the wind.
Delacroix Report: (4/21/2010)
[Delacroix,LA] Great fishing in the Delacroix marsh. The trout redfish and flounder were really feeding today.
Delacroix Report: (9/17/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] No tidal movement today so we had to find wind driven water to catch fish. We worked a windward point to catch trout, redfish, flounder and black drum.
Trout Did Not Mind The Rain and Were Eating Live Shrimp - Delacroix marsh (9/07/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Rain around us an on top of us today. The trout did not mind and were eating up live shrimp.
Delacroix Report: - Great Trout Bite (8/20/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Good trout bite in Breton Sound. Plenty of rain around to make it interesting.
Delacroix Report - The trout really fed this morinig. (8/15/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Light rain on the way out this morning and all around us the rest of the day. The trout really fed this morinig.
The trout were swarming on a submerged reef. (8/14/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Great fishing today. The trout were swarming on a submerged reef.
Delacroix Fishing Both Inside and Outside - Good Trout Bites (8/08/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing both inside and outside in Delacroix, LA. We got on good trout bites in each area today.
Delacroix Report: (7/24/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing this week on trout and redfish. Get out and catch some!
Delacroix Report: (7/19/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing in spite of weather this weekend. Plenty of trout, redfish, flounder and black drum.
Delacroix Report: - catching speckled trout! (7/11/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Late cancellation last night so the wife and kids got the nod. Great day on the water with family catching speckled trout!
Delacroix Report: - Windy and Rain (7/08/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy and rain wreaked havoc with us today. Got on several dood trout bites, but ended up being shut down by the weather.
Delacroix Report (7/05/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Very consistent fishing out of Delacroix this weekend. Limits of trout have filled the ice chest.
Delacroix Report: (6/27/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Quick trout action this AM. Finished up the trout and toped off the box with redfish, black drum and flounder.
Delacroix Report: - Fishing is fast and easy now (6/26/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] The winds layed and the fishing is fast and easy right now.
Delacroix Report - Trout Limits (6/21/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy west wind this morning. Hit an inside spot for one stop shopping trout limits.
Delacroix Report: - Great Trout and Redfishing (6/20/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Great trout and redfishing action in Delacroix.
Delacroix Report - Great Fishing In Breton Sound (6/07/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Great weekend for fishing! Light winds and low humidity.
Delacroix Report: (5/22/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Rain and wind was the word for the day. Tough fishing conditions, but we got on several good trout bites.
Delacroix Fishing In Strong Winds (5/21/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy and rain this AM. The fish do not care because they are already wet!
Delacroix Report (5/16/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Wow was it crowded today. There were boats everywhere, but it did not bother the fish.
Delacroix Report: (5/15/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Light winds early, but they picked up before we could get outside. Decided to stay inside and work the protected waters for trout and reds.
Delacroix Marsh Fishing For Trout (5/13/2009)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing for speckled trout today in spite of the brisk winds.
Delacroix Report (12/07/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Great weekend fishing out of Delacroix. The trout are stacked up in the deep winter time holes.
Delacroix Report: (12/05/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Cold, wind and extremely low water out of Delacroix this AM. The fish did not mind, we cought limits of trout on plastics.
Excellent Trout Fishing Interior Marsh Delacroix (9/28/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Beautiful sunrise and excellent trout fishing. The black drum were thick along with redfish too!
Delacroix Report (9/26/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Hot fishing action in the Delacroix marsh. The trout and reds were feeding today.
Delacroix Report (7/26/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy was the word for the day. Strong west winds made it difficult to fish today.
Delacroix Report (7/25/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Smooth sailing with no wind or seas this AM. The fish action was fast this morning.
Delacroix Report (7/19/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] The hot trout action continues out of Delacroix. we hit the Bay before sunup and hit paydirt on the first wellhead.
Delacroix Report (7/13/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy weekend out of Delacroix. The fish did not mind. We picked up plenty of small trout.
Delacroix Report Fishing Black Bay (7/03/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] The big trout bite continues. Smooth sailing out this AM in calm seas.
Delacroix Report (6/30/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Thye rain was all around us this morning. We stopped short to test the waters whilw we watch a rain storm.
Delacroix Report (6/27/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Choppy seas this AM. The chop slowed the bite, but the fish were there.
Delacroix report: (6/17/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Great fishing out of Delacroix. Big trout action is here in full force.
Delacroix Report (6/16/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we worked on big trout, today we got into a mess of small trout.
Delacroix report (6/02/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Great fishing weather out of Delacroix. Light winds and partly clouds skies. The fish responded and we hit fish at most stops.
Delacroix report (5/25/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] No wind and no seas made for smooth ride out this AM. The trout and reds were slamming artificial lures around the islands.
Delacroix report (5/24/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Beautiful weather today and the fish responded well. Good action for trout, redfish and flounder.
Delacroix report (5/23/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Good redfish action today out of Delacroix. Too windy to get outside to chase trout, so we stayed inside the marsh.
Delacroix trout (5/19/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] The fish are on in Delacroix. The trout and redfish are ready to go.
Delacroix Report (4/13/2008)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy day fishing out of Delacroix. The water was dirty but the fish did not mind.
Delacroix Report (9/11/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing in Breton Sound in spite of having to repeatedly run from the rain. The fish were steady in between passing showers.
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